LOS ANGELES (CBS) — With Thanksgiving Day just days away and Black Friday approaching quickly, Los Angeles police want the public to remember to keep their purchases and their cars safe while shopping.

The department wants shoppers to stay safe with an easy-to-remember slogan – “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It.”

Shoppers should remember to lock their cars every time they leave them unattended and to take valuables along. They should also remember to hide valuables in the trunk, under seats, in the glove box or other compartments, if they can’t be taken along.

And the last portion of the message, “Keep It,” is simply a reminder that personal responsibility is the best prevention.

Shopping safety is not limited to cars, however. For the marathon shopping season, keep these tips in mind:

Shop during daylight hours whenever possible. If shopping at night, go with a buddy.
Dress casually and comfortably and avoid wearing expensive jewelry.
Stay alert to your surroundings.
Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
Keep valuables in your front pockets.
Avoid overloading yourself with bags and packages.
Beware of strangers approaching for any reason.

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  1. Jill Milligan says:

    Beyond preventing car breakins, how about garage break-ins? Homeowners aren’t as safe as they think. I saw news story out of Florida that showed how to break into a garage in 6 seconds, quietly. You can see this at http://www.thegarageshield.com. If I can help spread the word, please let me know.

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