LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The FBI tells CBS 2 and KCAL 9 that they investigated a potential threat sent to the Los Angeles offices of “Dancing With the Stars” Friday.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

A suspicious letter, allegedly making an unknown threat, contained white powder.

A field test on the powder said it was not anything hazardous, according to the FBI.

A spokesperson for the FBI said, however, the powder would be sent to a lab for futher testing.

The ABC reality show has been the source of controversy since singer/actress Brandy was booted off in favor of Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Governor and vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

Critics of the show charge tea party voters are keeping the younger Palin around in favor of some more talented dancers.

The FBI would not confirm if the recent controversy had anything to do with the suspicious letter or a threat contained inside.

CBS 2/KCAL 9 was first on the scene at the show’s offices — CBS Television City in Hollywood — where the letter, origin unknown, arrived.

Laura Eimiller, spokeswoman for the FBI, said “a joint investigation is continuing.”

She also said that the LAPD, LA City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials all responded to the call.

Late Friday, an ABC spokeswoman said that the LAFD told her the powder was talcum.

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  1. White powder?! Ooops. Was supposed to be sent to LIndsay Lohan’s room at Betty Ford.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Now that’s funny.

  2. JustMyStyle says:

    Did they say white powder or white power? One never knows these days. Could it be a protest against Bristol Palin, commonly known as slew foot sue? Maybe they should check with the guy that blasted his T.V. set apart because Brandy got stiffed. He seemed real serious about his preferences. Poor Bristol, first she has Sarah for a mother, then she has Levi for a boyfriend, then she has to convince young girls to listen to her preach about something she has absolutely no knowledge of, then she goes on DWTS and is forced to “dance” in front of millions of hysterical people who must watch this train wreck in progress week after miserable week, What next? Oh, I know, she will win the mirror ball and promptly drop it on the dance floor. However, I am sure the Tea Party and Mom will quickly replace it with one made of steel or something, so she can keep it always to remind herself that anything is possible in this crazy world.

    1. notmystyle says:

      your style sucks. too bad you dont know when to be kind. a young single mother is threatened and all you can do is be philosophical and hateful.

      1. JustMyStyle says:

        My style sucks? How unkind of you! Perhaps unkindness is only alright when you indulge yourself in it. In case you are too wrapped up in the Palins to recall, the Constitution allows every American their right to free speech, kindness is not mentioned in the Constitution. You have your opinion, and I have mine. If my opinion appears “hateful” to you, then so be it. Just remember, what you replied to my posting was likewise as hateful. One last note: What makes you think the white powder was directed solely at Bristol? Could it be you think someone else is just being hateful to the poor little unwed Mother? There are lots more people on that show, some that even deserve to be there.

  3. Fed Up says:

    The Palins are quickly becoming some of the most unliked people in the nation, and Sarah thinks she has a shot at the presidency? I don’t think so.

    1. Munecak says:

      I agree with you, all this problem Bristol dancing with the stars is going to hurt the Palin’s a lot, I don’t like Sarah and would never vote for her, I believe a lot of people out there dislike this women and wanting to run for President, I don’t think so. The viewers are dosgisted tp see whats going on with dancinign with the stars and Bristol is no star, the Tea Party and Repulbicans voting up to 300 times in 3 hours for Bristol is outragious! Makes one think of Bush and AL Gore when Gore lost his Presidency to Bush, I’m sure this is the same thing that happened to Al Gore, a Glich in Florida imagine how many votes came through in the computer for Bush, disgusting, nothing but cheaters.. I

      1. wayne says:

        you know this for a fact that tea party people are voting 300 times each. how do you know this. who keeps this type of information and how did you get a hold of it. then again, maybe its just your hate talking

  4. Michael C. Teniente says:

    Wow! Does the Tea Party have that much influence? That must be scaring the liberals pretty good. I mean if the letter was sent to Bristol, that is some pretty serious anger over a dance show.

    A free society votes for their choice. Why the anger?

    mike t.

  5. Michael C. Teniente says:


    If what they say is true, the Palins are very popular. If the theory is correct, it’s the Palin’s popularity that is keeping Bristol in the competition. Then a couple of extreme left people go off. That doesn’t mean they’re becoming the most “unliked” people in the Nation.

    Sarah got 5 million viewers for her new show. That is not “unliked.”

    mike t.

  6. Lee says:

    Sarah Palin’s show got 5 million viewers?
    America has 300 million people.
    By my estimation, that means 295 million actively chose NOT to watch.
    Oh yeah, Im on the extreme left and I dont know any Republicans who can even stomach this chick.
    If we’re lucky, she’ll quit half way through the eight episodes.

    1. wayne says:

      i am a 50 year old democrat that has voted for democrats hundreds of times an a republican only a few times. i dont hate her and i think the hate that the people on the left have for her is much worse then any thing she has ever done.

  7. Michael C. Teniente says:


    Well, here’s the thing. People are angry because Bristol is still on the show. She getting voted on to continue. That says something. Something extreme left people are angry about. A guy shooting his TV. Someone sending a white powder. That’s 2 people out of 300 million. How many votes is the girl getting? That’s says more people like Palin than who “can’t stomach” her.

    That’s logic man. When you liberal people come to terms with that type of logic then you might come to terms with unreasonable anger.

    mike t.

  8. Michael C. Teniente says:

    By the way, 5 million viewers is a lot for TV ratings. Especially since the show is on cable.

    People might talk bad about her but the midterms say something different. The Democrats got wiped out! That is being “unliked.” Again, come to terms with the logic.

    mike t.

    1. Lee says:

      5 million is a lot ONLY cause its on cable.
      Lets see the ratings slide week to week.
      The bear was the most interesting thing on the show…and I was pulling for him to eat the entire crazy clan of Palin nuts.
      But even the bear showed good taste to eat the salmon instead…he went for fishy but not slimy.
      The Democrats hardly got wiped out…if you understood history –and apparently you dont — you would know that the party in power pretty much always loses the house and Senate in the midterms. Guess what…dems didnt lose the Senate…I guess we’re more liked than you think!
      Palin couldnt even get her man to win in Alaska…her rival won in a WRITE-IN campaign and Murkowski aint easy to spell, pal!

  9. Jim says:

    God made people special for a reason. Palin is “special” in her own way. You wouldn’t laugh at a guy in a wheel chair, would you?

    1. JustMyStyle says:

      No, I would not laugh at a man in a wheelchair, unless of course he was competing on Dancing With The Stars. Maybe you could explain to me just how Palin is “special”. Having a child out of wedlock? Getting paid to preach to other teens not to do what she did? Having a Mother that is obsessed with guns, and killing defenseless animals? Having a Mother that is a quitter? Perhaps her justifying the unjust voting that keeps her on week after week even though she “dances” like a wounded duck? Which of these “special” things are you referring to Jim?

  10. Art C says:

    Who, what and how did Obama get elected? The voters made their choice for a person that had absolutely no talent or ability to be a leader of anything.

    At least Bristol is dancing in front of millions of viewers and not hiding behind closed doors, making deals with others to remain on DWTS. She has worked hard to better her abilities as a dancer.

    Obama, on the other hand, has not shown any advancement or improvement as a leader. However, with all the golf he has been playing, his golf score might be going down like his favorability as a world leader.

    1. tonytiger says:

      obama is doing a lot of dancing these days as well and stepping on a lot of people’s toes in the process.

    2. JustMyStyle says:

      You Obama haters are really getting on my nerves! Now I guess you want Bristol to be the next President. or maybe even her crazy Mother. Anyone who equates Bristol with Obama, in any respect is just not quite right in the head.Where do you people get this stuff? I am an Independent, not a liberal in anyway, but I try to at least keep things in prospective. Those that hate Obama are always going off the deep end, and your post is no exception. Get a grip!

  11. Cuate says:

    It was cocaine sent to Bristol!!!! Maybe she can dance better once she hits a few lines.

    1. The Mad Man says:

      Wish that would help her BUT what do you really think?

      1. Cuate says:

        I don’t know dude, probably some dumb kids that had nothing better to do.

  12. The Mad Man says:

    This show has really created too much controversary with Bristol so that is enough for me. NO MORE WATCHING ABC. They have finally burned me out.

  13. AJ says:

    How does Bristol Palin even qualify to be on this show? It’s called ‘Dancing With The Stars’ not ‘Dancing with the Poster Child Of Teenaage Pregnancy’.

    I can’t believe Brandy got booted off while this piece of nothing is still ont the show. The show has lost all credibility.

  14. Modesto says:

    An anthrax threat because someone you do not like is getting votes on a dance show which I have not watched since she has been on? This just proves how mentally unbalanced the radical leftst in our country are. We are living in pretty scary times when people go off over a dance competition and shoot up their televisions, try to threaten the show into taking her off the air, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. What if the Pallin family were part of such a mob of disturbed people? If they are connected to the Tea Party movement, as some people think, then at least it is a peaceful demonstration of protest and voting to sway the public, which is the American way of persuasion…not threating to blow up the opposition!

    1. JustMyStyle says:

      Hey Modesto~ If you never watched the show, and could care less who wins or loses, then your only reason for blogging must be to politically condemn the , as you call them, “mentally unbalanced radical leftists”, which you are assuming no doubt sent the white powder package to Palin. Correct? Then perhaps could you please explain to me what difference there is in your comments, sounding likewise as “mentally unbalanced right wing nutcase” comments to some people. What distinguishes you from the ones you are calling “mentally unbalanced radical leftists”? Nothing I can tell. You obviously like the Palins, others obviously do not. I believe that is their right, just as it is yours. Only narrow minded bigots would denounce a person for their opinion when it happens not to agree with their own. Surely your comment “if they are connected to the Tea Party movement” is almost laughable since Sarah Palin proudly calls herself the leader of the Tea Party, and supported every single tea party candidate running in the mid-tern elections. “If” you say? You have to be joking, or unwilling, to not know how tight the Tea Party and the Palins are, even the Palins do not shy away from that fact. I do agree with you on one point, we do indeed live in scary times. However, it is scary to me for different reasons. The reason I am frightened is that people like you obviously think guys who shoot their T.V.up, and those who complain about Bristosl lack of dancing talent to try to get her off the show are dangerous “leftists”. They are just foolish people unable to cope with what they see to be grossly unfair. You obviously don’t see the real scary people are perhaps the Palins,, and their supporters, that threaten the very fabric of this country. The Palins say they are just the family next door, they just love America, the Constitution and freedom. The facts are they love money and fame, and they use whatever avenue, and whatever people, necessary to reach their goals. Sarah Palin steps all over the Constitution, spews hatred every day, thinks clubbing fish and shooting defenseless animals from helicopters is fun, makes untrue and vicious claims about every political party and cause except her own, repaying the Alaskan people who elected her by quitting half way through her term because the money was better elsewhere, and last but not least, running for President in 2012, that is truly a very scary and sobering thought. I do not agree with you, but I will defend your right to express your opinions without calling you “crazy”, or “leftist” or “extremest” or “unbalanced” or anything derogatory. I state my opinion, you state yours, both are vastly different but both have the Constitutional right to expression our opinions without fear of retaliation or ridicule. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. John says:

    Liberals always have someone to HATE today it’s Sarah Palin. She’s in good company.

    1. JustMyStyle says:

      Liberals certainly have no corner on the market of hate. Political hate spewing is rampant on all sides and only people who dislike liberals try to lay all the hate and evil of today’s politics at their doorstep alone. If you cannot see the hatred Sarah Palin has for all those who disagree with her, for the President, for all Democrats, for the main stream media and Katie Couric in particular, and no doubt for the Alaskan people who voted for her, then you just do not wish to see it. The Alaskan people voted her in for four years, she quit in two because the money was better elsewhere. The mainstream media, especially talk radio, the right has liberals far outnumbered, but she is still ultra selective who she lets ask her questions. My guess is her distaste for intelligence in general turned her against the President, and all Democrats are just her “natural enemies” .

      Perhaps it would be a really good idea if she were to just go back to Alaska, go back to school, read something on occasion, stop talking long enough to listen for a change, stop being such a diva, get over her deep hunger for money and fame, stop killing animals, get over her gun fetish, lose her arrogance, get over herself, quit saying things like “you betcha” and “dang it”, and then perhaps more people would learn to take her seriously, and maybe even begin to like her. And maybe not! Whenever I see Sarah I always think of that old saying -“It is so much better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubt”. Of course, that does not apply to blogging, so we both are safe!

  16. T says:

    I guess the producers will do anything for ratings…

  17. Lizard of Ahaz says:

    I am betting they will find this is the Tea party trying to give her credibility .

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