WASHINGTON (AP) — Real estate mogul Donald Trump says he’s thinking about running for president, saying “everybody’s ripping off the United States.”

Trump tells ABC’s George Stephanopoulus in an interview he doesn’t actually want to run, but says he’s worried about the country’s future and thinks he could be the person to stand up to America’s rivals. He singled out China for criticism in the interview, accusing Beijing of manipulating its currency to gain unfair advantage of the United States in global trade competition.

He has shown interest in the past in running for president, in both 1988 and 2000. But in the interview, Trump said, “I am thinking about things.” He said he expects to decide by June and said he’d likely run as a Republican if he enters the race.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ron says:

    I vote for him in a heart beat. Anything is better than what we have now.

  2. Maria Rominova says:

    I like him. I could vote for him

  3. mister s says:

    Id need to hear about his take on forign policy and use of our military but yeah I could vote for him.

  4. All the sudden, Sarah Palin in 2012 doesn’t sound so bad.

    1. mister s says:

      Id vote Pee Wee Herman into the White House before her.

      1. Saber 1 says:

        LOL, good one.

  5. alan says:

    Better than what we have now….is working overtime to fix the mess the Republicans (hello Mr. Trump) put this country in in the first place. Right. President Trump. Whose Vice President …Randy from “American Idol.” The stupidity of my fellow Americans never ceases to amaze me.

  6. RLL says:

    For real ppl wake up. Bush 2 was bad enough now Palin an or Trump. Obama been in office 2 years and the world wants him to fix this mess overnight. Be carefuul what you ask for you just might get it. Americians I know are smarter than what hey type on these blgs. Get it together ppl…THINK

  7. Matt Kukowski says:

    Trump is a business man. America is a business. THe world is Globalizing and for the first time America is losing it’s edge. It doesn’t mean wars need to break out.

    But a solid policy on this new thing called FREE TRADE needs someone that understands business and TRUMP would be this man.

    This isnt about how many LIES a guy tells you or pormises you (obama has lied about everything and wants to be pro business but he is a LAWYER not a business man )

    Sad to say, the american economy will conitnue to tank until we get a president in that DEMANDS logical business policies to compete with CHINA. CHINA and America are at war when it comes to business.

    The world is changing and business is king. Economies are king. Dont matter what color they are we just need a president that sticks to his guns and provides GOD BUSINESS for america.

    So, ya i would vote for TRUMP, just because he is a good business man and that is what we need most right now to get jobs and the economy on track again.

    PALIN is business as well. But, Im worry about how she would react to all the terrible wars and things going on currently and make a decision based on her PERSONAL feelings and not on the greater good for the country.

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