Lakers center could have been arrested for reckless driving

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It looks like a bum knee isn’t enough to slow down Andrew Bynum. reports police clocked the Lakers center going 110 MPH in a 55 MPH zone in his customized 2010 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano on October 29.

Law enforcement sources say Bynum was ultimately cited for speeding, but was spared a trip to the slammer on a reckless driving charge because traffic was relatively light and he was not weaving in and out of lanes.

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Comments (18)
  1. steven says:

    No problem, that oversize cross on his chest will protect him and all the innocent bystanders.

    1. dfve says:

      if it was me, id be draggin a tin cup across the cell bars askin for the warden

      1. local says:


  2. d mexican says:

    let him be.. he’ll be broke in ten years and catching the bus..

  3. Blarson says:

    WOW!, AL GORE III was arrested in the O.C. for
    the same offense and need a $20,000 bond to get
    out of Jail. I had no idea anyone on the Lakers were

    1. JRich says:

      If I remember correctly, Al Gore III was drunk and riding with Xanax and oxycontin. Not quite the same crime…

  4. It doesn’t take a knee to go 110mph, just a foot.

  5. Saber 1 says:

    Well lets see… We have a rapist and now a driving school instructor. All we need now is a larcency wrap to round things out. What more do we need to say. I hope they won’t another title, the city can’t afford any more riots, fires and robberies.

  6. local says:

    customized customized…looks like CBS Los Angeles needs to do some editing before their reports are made public

  7. THE MAN says:

    If Bristol Palin, can get away with B.S. in front of all America, why can’t Andrew.

  8. Kobe says:

    As long as he helps us 3peat,he can do 120mph for all I care

  9. crazy says:

    The Lakers should of gotten rid of this big good for nothin cry baby looser and sent him to the clippers and kept Farmar? this guy sucks!

  10. R says:

    Maybe all the lead in his foot caused the knee problem.

  11. Michael Jackson says:


  12. dlk says:

    This is bull s***t. Just because it is Andrew Bynum it is ok to be driving 110 mph as he was not weaving in and out of traffic and traffic was light. Well, if he killed somebody, then would they put him in jail? The officers must have been so thrilled to meet Andrew. A plain old Joe would have been arrested and put in jail.

    1. Duh! says:

      @dlk – you obviously have no clue what the speed law or reckless driving law is in California. I suggest you go look it up. The CHP stations sell a CA Law book for motor vehicles at a fairly low cost (the last one I got was $3, but that was a while ago)

  13. rathokan says:

    I like Drew as a player, but he just keeps doing more and more dumb things that reflect poorly on his character. I know he’s a young guy, but I’d really like to see him grow up a bit and really dedicate himself, so he can realize his full potential on the court.

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