LOS ANGELES (AP) — A rookie Los Angeles police officer resigned after allegations arose that he accessed a law enforcement database on behalf of a murder convict and reputed gang member whose sister was his longtime girlfriend, a published report said Sunday.

Officer Gabriel Morales, 25, resigned on Sept. 2, the same day that investigators from Internal Affairs searched his house and found computer printouts with information on two witnesses in the murder trial of Matthew Turner, according to court records obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Turner, 18, had been convicted in August of killing a man in a drive-by shooting in Highland Park, and records said that two days later investigators listening in on a phone call heard his father Wayne Turner say Morales was going to seek information on the witnesses.

“I have Gabriel running their names,” Wayne Turner said, according to a transcript of the Aug. 8 call. “He supposed to
bring me their names today, where their locations at, so we can get a hold of them.”

The same day, according to the documents, Morales accessed the police database, which includes people’s personal information including home addresses.

Internal Affairs began listening to Matthew Turner’s phone calls after homicide detectives listening to his earlier calls had heard family members refer to Morales, prompting the investigation.

Wayne Turner told the Times he received no such information from Morales, whom he referred to as his son-in-law. He offered no further details.

Morales declined comment when reached by the Times, and attorneys representing both him and Matthew Turner did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Morales had dated Matthew Turner’s sister for several years and faced a situation police officials say can be common for officers forced to choose between the demands of their job and their loved ones.

“Every officer has the choice between making good decisions and bad decisions. They have to ask themselves, ‘Am I going to let something a family member has done jeopardize everything I’ve worked for or am I going to do what’s right?”‘ said Capt. Steven Zipperman, the commanding officer of Morales’s division.

Investigators will submit evidence to the district attorney for possible charges when the probe is completed.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Another cop doing dirty work.

  2. bb says:

    What’s done in the dark will ALWAYS be brought to light (like oil and water) — when will people ever learn they’ll get caught?? This story doesn’t shock me.

  3. jessica munoz says:

    ok maybe the cop was crocked but the worst part is that the father of the convict and the father in law of the cop that was involved with this is a EVANGLIST he leads a church he has a congoration of people that trust him can u believe this its crazy

    1. Wayne Turner says:

      I don’t know who you are Ms Munoz . However if you knew anything about this case you would not judge me . My son has been falsely accused a crime he did not commit. There is no physical evidence that points to my son. The first trial ended in a 10not guilty, 2 guilty deadlock. The LAPD and the DA’s office knows this but are determined to to send an innocent man to prison for something that everybody knows he didn’t do. Just go to Highland Park and start to ask about this and you will be surprised at who everybody says and know the shooter is. It’s just a matter of time before God reveals him too. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  4. matthew turner says:

    this is sad how people believe everything the media puts out. he was actually a good officer and was uncovering some information about the mans innocence. the bad cops, however , didnt wanna hear it. so what happens when a conspiracy occurs? they try to silence the truth . this is coming from someone that knows the whole story..and f.y.i…this isnt the first time the LAPD has convicted an innocent man….same story…different people….look what happened to the cop that tried to help an innocent man….

  5. Wayne Turner says:

    First of all I’m the Father of Matthew . Wayne Turner. My son is innocent. But The sad thing is that The DA’s office knows this. The first trial ended in a 10 not guilty 2 guilty verdict. The DA’s office and LAPD knows who the actual Killer is. And now that we have obtained High Profile Lawyers the truth is about to come out. And once again all we see the truth about the LAPD. So please before anyone starts to judge anyone wait until the end of this. Please look at the MARIO ROCHA case . Matthew’s case is almost the same., I can’t wait to talk to reporters to tell of how much I know. If you want to know the truth abpout the Matthew Tiurner case you can follow the whole story on Facebook. Search “Matthew Turner Restoration Project. Or better yet why don’t you show up in court. The court is hearing the motion for a retrial now. 210 W. Temple street. L.A ca. dept 105 , 9th fl next court date is March 17 at 8:30. Come out and see how many lies are being told about Matthew.

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