LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It used to be that no matter what kind of criticism we faced as a city —whether it be for hellish traffic or overpriced everything — Angelenos could always boast about the sunny weather.

Not anymore.

A new survey of “America’s Favorite Cities” from the magazine Travel + Leisure shows that Los Angeles has dropped five places when it comes to the nation’s best weather (Puerto Rico? really?), and ranks near the bottom of the barrel for intelligence, friendliness or affordability.

Executive Editor Rich Beattie of Travel + Leisure tells KNX 1070’s Tom Haule the City of Angels did well in only a few areas.

In fact, even local residents ranked L.A. second-to-last for friendliness, which is either a reflection of our honesty as a city or perhaps suggests some questionable survey methods from those who aren’t exactly our biggest fans.

So what locals think of the survey? KNX 1070’s John Brooks finds out.

For complete results of the survey, click here.

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Comments (39)
  1. bIGSTEW says:

    Intelligence? How shocking!

  2. JD says:

    I generally don’t have much contact with ‘illegals’.

    However, in Traffic, in Customer Service at retail stores, grocery stores, the General Public — YES — Scowling Faces, Smug Attitudes and Arrogance.

    Angelenos are SO IN LOVE with THEMSELVES and their CARS.

    The ONE THING that people in LA know how to do is SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.

    The only problem is — they do it on CREDIT.

    They BELIEVE what all the TV Commercials, Magazines & Internet tell them.

    Then, they run out with their CREDIT CARDS and, as instructed, BUY EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON…




    1. Krissy says:

      Ever notice a $90,000 car parked in front of a shack? yep, they put their money all to their fancy cars and nothing else! I can see why people that work retail look grumpy. I used to work retail and I liked it at first but then you get very irrate after putting up with all of the rude and violent customers. Plus, you get paid $8 to put up with that stuff! It’s not like the old days when cashier’s got paid $17 an hour with benefits and you hardly saw customers throw things at cashiers, threaten them, hit them ect..

      1. A.T. says:

        I’m with you on that; I’ve noticed the insane car culture that exists in Los Angeles and nearby. It has come to the point where a guy is not even considered to be a man unless he has some macho sports car or S.U.V. in his possession. I’m not brave enough to work in retail for the very reasons that you stated. I’m also very upset with the lack of English skills here in L.A., seems that the city is now owned by illegal aliens.

  3. Cesar says:

    If you don’t like LA get the $%@# out! i’m just saying..

    1. CodyWarlock says:

      Thats real friendly. I’m just saying.

    2. swhit says:

      There you go, real friendly!

    3. A.T. says:

      I wish that I could get out, but I’m too broke to move.

  4. rjsmitty says:

    Isn’t diversity great!

  5. Kev says:

    Wow…Do you mean L.A. isn’t the mecca of intellectual thinking? No new news here.

  6. ednagon macgill says:

    its sad but true. LA is a very unfriendly city with ZERO politeness. Nobody makes eye contact or smiles. I actually laugh my ass off pretty much everyday at how miserable everybody seems and looks:D

  7. d mexican says:

    the rudest are the blacks and mexicans who wanna be blacks..

    1. rumi says:

      If you can say something like that you must deserve it…

  8. Sean says:

    Sorry I don’t speak maid.!

  9. Thank god the comments on here clearly dispute the study!

  10. Victor (USA) says:

    So how does it rank with mental illness?

  11. sihab says:

    i have trouble make friends in Los Angles. mebbe I go back to Egypt

  12. kenmandu says:

    Most unfriendly place in the world with the rudest, most self-centered, stupidest, and ill-mannered people alive. It’s also very user-unfriendly. I pity tourists who wander about wide-eyed wondering what the hell to do here and if anyone will ever talk to them… We need a new government and a massive mental makeover to even get started.

  13. saa says:

    Of course LA is the least friendly city… This is where all the DB’s from other cites come to “make it.” How would you feel if you came here to be the next Meryl Streep, only to find your only TRUE talent is waiting tables?

  14. AllSmilezInLA says:

    This makes me so sad. I love LA and I also smile and try to be friendly, but whenever I am it’s like people are shocked. I came from a small town, went to UCLA, and work here now. I do notice that over some time I have gotten less friendly, living here changed me a little. Then again less friendly for me isn’t normal either, just the other day a delivery guy asked me for directions and I went a few miles out of my way to input the address in my GPS and give him directions. :o) Where I have been less friendly is with those that are mean to people especially when I see someone cuss out an elderly person…oooh heck no!! lol Well, something I always say if you if you let someone ruin your day you are giving that person power over you… If you see a friendly face here it could be me ;o)

    1. rjsmitty says:

      Shut the hell up ! Mr. Happy

      1. Diana says:

        ROFL that’s actually funny. Don’t worry I’ll still give you directions ;o)

      2. A.T says:

        Yeah, nobody likes a Pollyanna!
        Get with the spirit; we’re very sad here.

  15. aef says:

    For all the people who don’t like L.A., go back to the miserable little cities you came from!

  16. jip says:

    OH yeah, I agree. People are arrogant for no reason, selfish, and just plain ugly. What do you expect when 35% of the population has an arrest record?

  17. whiteyankee says:

    The problem with Los Angeles is Too Many ugly mexican unfriendly faces

  18. whiteyankee says:

    Just quick out all the illegal mexicans and blacks off L.A. and then it will become friendly place again

  19. SoCal Lifer says:

    What do you expect from a third world gang infested ceespool

  20. Big Dog says:

    I’ve lived in the LA area for 46 years, and traveled all other the US and out of the US. I’ve found La is the most freindly if you apply yourself, And I also agree if you don’t like it go back to “Billy Goat Acres”.

  21. L.A. says:

    You people are freakin funny. I have lived in L.A. my whole life and I’m extremely happy and so is everyone I know. Perhaps you are just in the wrong part of the city. Yes, it’s true if you go to the ghetto no one smiles or makes eye contact, mostly because they don’t wanna be shot at. However, if you had waited on your vacation and saved up a little more money maybe just maybe you could have seen all the wonderful places and people L.A. has.
    By the way yes, we “Angelinos” tend to want and strive for the finer things in life, and maybe that categorizes us as being so in love with ourselves but then again thousands of people from all over the world save up and run to L.A. the first opportunity they get. So, either they know something you people don’t…or it’s CUZ WE’RE BAAAAAALLLLLLLLLEEEERRRRRR! LMAO

  22. Stuck in CO says:

    You think L.A. is bad? Try moving to Colorado, where I now live, and telling any of the natives you’re from California. The yahoos here make the Crips and Bloods look like the Welcome Wagon. Give me L.A. any day!

    1. Karl says:

      there the same way in Oregon and Washington. They hate Californians. They believe that most californians are horrible.

      1. A.T says:

        Then the solution is simple, I’ll simply pretend that I’m from Boston (instead of C.A.), which makes sense anyway since I did live in Boston, Mass for about 2 years. Though Bostonians aren’t perfect, I certainly found them to be more educated and friendlier then Californians. The only problem was when a few prejudiced individuals mistook me for Puerto Rican, which doesn’t make any sense since I’m not Puerto Rican; I’m mixed (Anglo-Latin). 😉

  23. looks cool? says:

    the thing about L.A is that people here go through a lot to look cool.. they get the tattoos, 8 days a week in the gym, piercings and make sure that the mohawk is trimmed to perfection… they go trough all that just to walk right by you on the street without the slightest hello or good morning.. thats not cool. cool is in the heart.. not how you look.

  24. Krissy says:

    I hate it here in California! People drive like maniacs and the traffic is horrible! People have no respect for others! Just today, some chick almost plowed into me when she ran a stop sign and she confronted me in the store and asked what my problem was after I honked at her. I told her that she ran a stop and almost hit me. You know what her answer to that was? “So? I was in a hurry to get my kids somewhere!” The manager almost kicked me out of the store because I was so darn angry at her for saying that!

  25. bob says:

    JD hit it right on the head!!!!! amen to that!!!

  26. Heidi Fisher says:

    I am a Native-Southern Californian, and yes, people have definitely changed over time in this area. When a city just becomes way too crowded and everyone spends half their life driving like crazy on the freeways, people get a little grumpy!
    I say if we all simply give a smile here and here, be somewhat polite while driving (although, as my college-age daughter says, if you don’t drive very aggressive out here, you will get run over by some rude maniac!) and just treat each other with respect, then the Los Angeles area can be considered a nice place to live again! It all comes down to a choice with our attitudes in life….

  27. BillyMays says:

    You guys confirm that the only GOOD reason to move to cali is the weather. Other then that, sounds like I may as well hide in my house if I don’t want to be annoyed. Still though.. the weather is a great reason.

  28. supermonkey says:

    They come after you even if you hide in your house.

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