SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s nonpartisan legislative analyst says the state’s budget deficit has grown to $25.4 billion and is now more than a fifth of the general fund.

The gap reported Wednesday includes a $6 billion shortfall in the $86.6 billion general fund spending plan Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed on Oct. 8 and a $19 billion gap for the
upcoming year.

Jessica Levinson, director of the Center for Governmental Studies talks with KNX 1070

Newly elected Gov. Jerry Brown will be forced to confront the problem when he is sworn into office in January. He faces a constitutional deadline to present a budget just a week later.

Legislative analyst Mac Taylor said he expects California to face annual budget problems of about $20 billion each year through 2015-16.

The massive deficit comes after successive years of deep cuts to California government.

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Comments (13)
  1. Bill says:

    It was announced today public school enrollment in California has DECREASED therefore part of the budget deficit can be trimmed by cutting funding to public schools.

  2. Jerry Brown says:

    I don’t believe you, so we are going to increase the funding.

  3. wobbles says:

    He will tax us and tax us and tax us some more so that he can keeping sendng out welfare checks to ensure his party stays in power.

  4. wobbles says:

    That is why I wear a tin foil hat. It protects me from the gummint’s evil tax beams.

  5. FLF says:

    Old Moonbat will guide us right down the debt toilet – remember folks you had a chance to change this but you fell for the libs lies and deceit. Now I wonder if there will be any lifeboats on the Titanic as we spiral down the debt drain? The other states are telling congress and all in DC, IF Ca Ca land goes under as is predicted next year, the other 49 states are NOT going to bail us out for our foolishness of NOT balancing our budget or living within our means! So all you entitlement generation libs – help WILL NOT be on the way! So start whining and sniveling NOW!

  6. Yeh Ling-Ling says:

    No one should be surprised that he estimated state budget deficit reaches $25.4 billion.

    Being myself an immigrant, I am fully aware that some immigrants are great assets to the U.S. However, if political leaders of both parties in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. had heeded the advice I gave in my op-ed article published in the L.A. Times on 4/13/1994 entitled “The Welcome Mat Is Threadbare,” California would not have been in such a fiscal mess!

    In my article entitled “Advice on Immigration to the Immigrant Governor-Elect,” published on 11/16/2003 in the San Francisco Chronicle, I indicated that in 2002 alone, according to Census data, legal immigrant-headed households in California received welfare, cash and non-cash, costing $6 billion!

    Unless we take serious steps to stabilize our population by curbing immigration and teen pregnancies, voters’ anger will only grow. Teen births reportedly cost California $1.7 billion a year.


    Yeh Ling-Ling
    Executive Director
    Alliance for a Sustainable USA

    1. Citizens Advocate says:

      The combination of political sanctuary for massive millions of illegals plus rabid antibusiness regulatory climate plus gangster public service unions plus degenerate narcissist popular culture = Chronic social and economic collapse in West Wogistan… once the Golden State.

  7. Delaware Bob says:

    I don’t know, but could this $25 Billion have anything to do will all the illegal aliens you have there in California? They are a huge burden an the American taxpayers. Get rid of the illegal aliens and see how you are. You might be surprised.

  8. Mary says:

    Get rid of the illegals and their anchor babies. That will free up jobs for taxpaying Americans and get rid of the drain on social services that illegals are taking. We can’t exist like this anymore and Idiot Brown will only give illegals more. He wants taxpayers to help pay for their college education. If an illegal graduates from college how can he get a ‘legitimate’ job if he’s illegal? ENOUGH! These are tough times and we need to take care of OUR OWN before we take care of the rest of the world.

  9. Jimmy says:

    The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Californians focuses on three specific program areas because those were the costs examined by researchers from the Urban Institute in 1994. Looking at the costs of education, health care and incarceration for illegal aliens in 1994, the Urban Institute estimated that California was subsidizing illegal immigrants to the tune of about $1.1 billion. The enormous rise in the costs of illegal immigrants over the intervening ten years is due to the rapid growth in illegal residents. It is reasonable to expect those costs to continue to soar if action is not taken to turn the tide.
    Minus the cost of illegals from our 24 billion budget, and we’re looking at better times. No more WIC. No more free education. No more free social services and bankrupting our hospitals. And for pete’s sakes stop the propaganda about illegals doing jobs most Americans won’t do. It’s not true. There are plenty of Americans who can do these jobs if re-directed to the places illegals using fake social security numbers (almost every fast food chain) are now working. Look at Germany, they’ve started recruiting prositutes to work with elderly and disabled. Hey, now there’s an idea….

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