NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — One girl has died and another remains in critical condition after a car-into-pedestrian crash Tuesday evening in North Hollywood.

The girls — the one fatally wounded is 12, her friend, 10 — were walking in a marked crosswalk on Laurel Canyon Boulevard at Kittridge about 7:30 p.m..

Witnesses said a Jeep Wrangler struck the girls just after they entered the crosswalk. Witnesses also said the girls were thrown about 50 feet by the impact.

“I saw the two girls they fly, you know, they fly to there,” witness Ruben Canalis told KCAL 9. “That’s what I saw. And I stop and call 911.”

Local residents held a protest at the site of the accident saying they have been asking for a light for many years.

It is unknown whether any arrests have been made in the case.

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Comments (9)
  1. Starman007 says:

    Two people are at fault there…sadly enough……The girl for not looking before crossing…..and the driver for going to fast and not paying attention to the road in front of him/her.

    1. z says:

      Shame on you for blaming a dead 12 year old. Grow up! A traffic light is needed. The law is to blame.

  2. Samy Reyez says:

    So why was a 12 year old girl and a 10 year old little girl out @ nite alone??? where were the parents?? um, i know i wouldnt let neither my 12 year old son or my 9 year old daughter out alone @ nite w/ out me!!!! Especially if i was living in a high traffic neighborhood like that one. I just dont get it!!!!

    1. Sussie says:

      SHAME ON YOU SAMY!!!! Don´t judge.

      My heart goes out to the families.

  3. ronald says:

    You dont remember when you were a kid and had some sense of adventure?

  4. Robert says:

    Yep, where are the parents? They should share some blame here too.

  5. o c e a n says:

    pedestrians always have the right of way at marked intersections. faulting either party with such little info is premature and presumptuous. r.i.p.

  6. samy reyes says:

    TO SUSIE: no i am not ashamed of what i wrote. DO you have kids??? have you lived in this area??? well i have, and let me tell you, w that knowledge, its COMMON SENSE to not let out my babies,ALONE, AT NIGHT, WALIKNG IN THE DARK, IN THAT MINI FREEWAY. WOULD YOU SUSIE???? im am so sorry for the family, i honesty am. i have prayed for them! i just wish US parents would take more responsibility for our babies so that these horrible tragedies wouldnt happen.

  7. Susie says:

    I have live in this neighborhood for 10yrs and let me tell you, Laurel cyn is a busy street. I have seen people drive down Laurel as if it was a frwy. I have also crossed the same cross walk many time and came close to being hit by careless people. They are aware that there is someone crossing, but yet don’t care to fully stop to let us cross. I saw a hit and run about a year ago of a guy on a bike crossing the same crosswalk. So sad how many more have to die for wreckless people. I also think that parents have to be more responsible for their kids especially at this age . My daughter is in the same class as Angela the 10yr old who is in critical condition. This a very sad and devastating incident. My heart goes out to the family. My daughter misses her friend at school.

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