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A friend of mine from Colorado called to make fun of me for living in a state that’s put a marijuana legalization proposition on the ballot: you know, the boringly predictable “Only in California”- rant. My friend doesn’t do much homework: similar propositions were on Tuesday’s ballots in Arizona, Oregon, and South Dakota, so it’s not “Only in California;” but that’s not going to be my point.

My friend from Colorado failed to look to his own state capital, where voters in the city of Denver will be asked whether they should form a special commission to examine the comings and goings of space aliens, and whether we should reach out to make contact them.

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Now, I know the issue of arriving aliens is a controversial one — look what’s happening in Arizona — but I, for one, feel that if we’re going to track them, we should at least say hi to them as well. Imagine if visitors came to your house and you took pictures of their every move, but never said ‘howdy.’ That’d just be rude.  

But I get ahead of myself. the commission hasn’t even been approved yet, let alone office furniture picked, lobby art hung, etc. And I don’t know who they’d get to serve on this commission, but suddenly California’s own “Yes on 19′- crowd looks like a good place to look for candidates.

And to think there are naysayers out there who say the system is broken.

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