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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Democrat Jerry Brown was elected California governor on Tuesday in an extraordinary political encore, defeating billionaire Republican Meg Whitman and the $142 million she spent of her own fortune as he reclaimed the office he held a generation ago.

The victory by the 72-year-old state attorney general leaves him with the enormous task of lifting the state out of a recession and driving down a persistently high jobless rate. The former Jesuit seminary student said he would be up to it.

“I still carry with me my sense of that kind of missionary zeal to transform the world,” he said. “And I’m hoping and I’m praying that the breakdown that’s gone on for so many years in the state Capital — and we’re watching it in Washington — the breakdown paves the way for a breakthrough.”

Voters Return Jerry Brown To Governor’s Seat: KNX 1070’s John Baird reports.

Brown was California’s 34th governor during his previous tenure from 1975 to 1983, and now becomes its 39th.

“It looks like I’m going back again,” Brown said as he took the stage at the historic Fox Theater in Oakland to chants of “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.”

Whitman conceded and said she called Brown to wish him well.

“Tonight has not turned out quite as we had hoped. We’ve come up a little short, but certainly not for lack of hard work, determination and a clear vision for making our state better,” she told supporters at Universal City near Los Angeles. “We overcame great obstacles to get this far, and I could not be any prouder of the race we have ran. And I gave it my all, and so did you.”

Meg Whitman Concedes Election To Jerry Brown: KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports.

Brown’s victory over the former eBay chief executive brought the office back under Democratic control. Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s term will end in January after a little more than seven years in office.

Schwarzenegger congratulated Brown in a statement and praised him for his “lifetime of public service.” He pledged to work with Brown for a smooth transition.

The son of a former two-term governor, Brown has spent a lifetime in and out of politics that began when he was seated on the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees in 1969.

As the campaign entered its final days, Brown promoted his deep ties in California, with family roots stretching to the Gold Rush era, presenting an image of a native son deeply connected to the place he will oversee for a second time.

His win over Whitman in a governor’s race that set a campaign spending record came in a year when Republicans appeared to have the edge and were expected to win a majority of governor’s seats across the country. Including contributions from others, Whitman’s total spending was expected to exceed $162 million.

Brown, who has run for president three times and lost a run for U.S. Senate, returns to the governor’s office as a more mature but still unconventional politician, one who often speaks his mind and rarely relies on a script or notes when he goes before a crowd.

The campaign for governor turned increasingly negative in the final weeks, when the airwaves were filled with attack ads.

Whitman’s campaign was knocked off message when it was revealed that she had employed an illegal immigrant housekeeper for nine years, undermining her warnings that employers should be held responsible and fined if they hire illegal workers.

Brown faced his own controversy after a Los Angeles police union released an audio tape of a private conservation between Brown and his campaign staffers. A female aide was overheard calling Whitman a “whore” for currying favor with the union to win its endorsement.

The controversies at times overshadowed debates on more substantive issues such as job creation, the budget deficit, college costs and public education.

Brown’s prize for returning to the Capitol is trying to lead the troubled state out of high unemployment, a stagnant economy and political gridlock. He is expected to face a multibillion dollar budget deficit and has said he will start meeting with lawmakers as soon as December to find solutions.

Successive years of steep deficits have left the state’s general fund with $15 billion less than it had just three years ago, leading to severe cuts in many state programs and higher costs for college and university students.

When he is sworn in this January, Brown will be the second oldest governor to hold the office, after Gov. Frank Merriam, who turned 74 during his final weeks in office in 1939. Brown will be 76 at the end of his term in 2014.

Brown was eligible to run because his previous stint as governor came before voters enacted term limits.

Only one other California governor has served three terms, Republican Earl Warren, who became the 14th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Warren resigned the governor’s office with a little more than a year left in his final term.

Brown’s father, Gov. Pat Brown, lost his 1966 re-election attempt for a third term to Ronald Reagan.

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  1. ja says:

    this is really bad news for california. 🙁

  2. TB says:

    Time to move out of California

    1. Clopez says:

      Bye!!! Don’t come back

    2. Sam says:

      Goodbye. You won’t be missed.

  3. Ahraham says:

    Im glad Brown won.

  4. Brown supporters are going, “Deja Vu”…Whitman supporters are going, “Deja Boo!”

    All three of them.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Bye bye TB!

    1. TB says:

      All of you deserve everything you’re about to get with brown and boxer.
      heh, heh, heh
      Watch your wallets and I hope you’ve not unemployed.

      1. Duh! says:

        You know voting Brown into office just raised your taxes as there is no governor to stand in the way anymore.

        The revoking of Prop 13 is going to be Brown’s mission. So all the property taxes are going to be raised 10% a year (which is what caused Prop 13 to be enacted in the first place). And if you rent, guess what? Where do you think the money is going to come from when your landlord has to pay more in property taxes. Your rents will go up.

        It is amazing how many people can’t think that far ahead.
        Hope you can afford not to be evicted. The government doesn’t foreclose on you when you can’t pay taxes. They evict you and sell your home for the taxes due. And guess what, you are still liable for the mortgage on your home.

  6. Gaf says:

    Hope all most of you are happy – just remimber when you open the BrownBoxer next year, the cost will be going up – Sure make moving out of this state a ease now

  7. dean says:

    thank heavens, the voters saw through having the governor’s job purchased by big business. notice NO ONE from ebay supported her! would not you think that they would be like cheerleaders? plus, she would have been disasterous news for workers, judging from her personal and ebay handling of employees.

    1. Duh! says:

      So Dean, you opened all the eBay employee ballots to find out that NO ONE voted for Brown? Wow, I’d like to know how you managed to do that. This may be grounds for the election to be invalidated because someone can go in and see how people cast their votes.

  8. rick says:

    for those of us old enough to remember when this dude was gov before we know how bad he was thing is there is a ton of young people now voteing who didnt know him or didnt pay attention SO they now have to learn the hard way MAN I HATE WHEN MY PARENTS OLD WORDS COME BACK “YOU YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN THE HARD WAY!!!! WHY COULD YOU NOT LISTEN TO US OLDER ONES???” GUESS the old folks were right

  9. DW says:

    Thank goodness there is some good news for California’s future tonight! Congratulations to California voters!!!

    1. Al says:

      Congratulations? With this guy as governor combined with only a majority needed to pass a budget, deficits and taxes will explode. Say goodbye to businesses and the jobs they take with them.
      Gals I’m out of the craziest state in the union!

  10. la says:

    Will be a sad four years

  11. Too Bad says:

    Depressing night for Californians. A step backward for women. Shame on California NOW

  12. Brian Harrington says:

    run forest run bye bye CA time to pack up and leave by the hope all the jerry brown voters have lots of money say good bye to your bank account LOL I am MOving as soon as possible LOL maybe meg can run for president that will really win us over….

  13. BEF says:


      1. rjsmitty says:

        You guys wont be saying that for long …LOL ….Fools!

    1. Duh! says:

      Bef must have enough money to pay all the new taxes that Arnold kept blocking. Now that the Dems have their governor, there is no one to keep tax increases in check.

      It would have been STRONG and COURAGEOUS to elect a governor that would help fix the economy instead of going with the same old, same old. Or didn’t you look at Brown’s past record?

  14. JPT says:

    we’re almost 50 billion in debt, and you vote in the same idiots……TB is right….time to move…Florida looks good with Rubio…God do I hate Barbara Boxer…we lost more businesses during her term than anybody can imagine…Long Beach Naval Yard, and the Navy Base, Boeing, El Toro MCAS…and much more, so lets send her dumb butt back to DC…great.

    1. Duh! says:

      Yep. Don’t forget all the HP jobs that went overseas due to the taxes and regulations supported by Boxer.

      Funny how no one asked Fiorina why she had to lay off 30,000 HP employees. The answer is TAXES. HP couldn’t stay in business with the taxes and fees they had to pay to employ US workers.

  15. BADASBASS13 says:


  16. BADASBASS13 says:


  17. David says:

    The majority will get what they deserve. We’ll see if Brown ends up like Davis.

  18. FLF says:

    With babbles boxer, moonbeam, and the same corrupt legislature beholden to the worst unions in the nation, the state will go under in less than two years! Maybe sooner! This will lead to major disaster because they WILL NOT cut budgets because they will not hurt their corrupt unions so citizens will suffer with TONS of new taxes- it is only a matter of time! Bend over and spread wide folks you have done it to your selves!

    1. IndependentPerson says:

      Amen. I am skerd..

      1. rjsmitty says:

        Independent Fool- I dont think you will be scared or skerd? but I know you will have high unemmployment , higher taxes , and then you will remember what a fool you truly are !

  19. Rich Rodriguez says:

    As an independent who voted for Meg, I really hope that Jerry Brown really can make good on standing up to his own party now that he’s back. I abandoned all organized political parties this year because all they do is grandstand, attack the other party, and indulge in arrogant self-righteousness.

    The governor’s job is a thankless one no matter who holds it because the Legislature has degenerated into ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative ideologues who can push their pet agendas but can’t pass a budget. I fear we will be calling for Governor Brown’s head six months after he takes office because we’re expecting an instant-gratification quick fix. But let’s see what happens. It’ll be interesting.

  20. Clopez says:

    Thank god all of you are leaving because that means more jobs for all of us who are unemployed

  21. MPG says:

    CA is once again the laughingstock of the nation! Gov Moonbeam, Part 2 The Geriatric Years

  22. IndependentPerson says:

    God help us all… I remember when Jerry Brown was governor in the 70s and of course as mayor of Oakland.. unless he’s had a brain transplant, I’m not feeling very optimistic – and I cannot stand Boxer!!

  23. ET says:

    Good or bad?
    When was the last time when a governor left office and the majority of the people were satisfied with his work? Was there ever a time like that?

  24. ryan says:

    this is a good day for cali,,,,all u meg suporters are crazy,, i pray u all get out of cali and rid us of ignorance,, god help the poor states u guys go to u republican red necks

    1. Al says:

      We left last March and we are extremely happy – especially after this election!
      Good luck to CA- you will really need it.

    2. rjsmitty says:

      People didn’t like meg a whole lot , but they did remember what Ferry Clown was like as you will soon see … As for your “red neck’ statement i am greatly offended by it and do not support racist language like that . You should apologize

  25. JJ says:

    I hope if he truly is the winner he does a good job.

    I also hope Santillan gets deported.

  26. Lor says:

    I was around the first time Brown was governor, and contrary to the nay-saying rhetoric from the right wingers, he did a great job. He did more than balance the budget — he created a surplus. So yeah, all you folks who are threatening to back your bags and head off into the sunrise are welcome to do just that. Good bye and good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. FLF says:

      He won’t do it in this day and age nor the anti business climate here! What rock have you been living under? He and his dysfunctional legislature will destroy the state VERY FAST-bankruptsy of the state is on the horizon and SOON!

    2. rjsmitty says:

      Let me remember , Oh ya ” the last time we had unemployment this high it was during the last two years of Ferry Clowns stay in office ” so get used to the high unemployment and higher taxes hope that works out for you!

  27. 2958 says:

    Demacrats, republicans same garbage! They get richer and the average citizens get taxed left and right…. Time for a diferent kind of government….

  28. KPR says:

    We keep hearing how much money Meg spent of her OWN on her campaign, but how much money and who’s money did Brown spend?

  29. isis says:

    Yaay Im so glad he won!!!!

  30. blacspidey08 says:

    Jerry Brown is the best of 2 “evils”: Both were terrible choices but we have to live with one of them. Brown made terrible mistakes in the 80s, Whitman is the sleeziest of businessmen in the US (raped ebay for almost everything till she left!)

  31. D417 says:

    A host can only support a finite number of parasites before they suck the life out of it. California and the people who pay taxes to support everyone else are all being sucked dry. Enough said.

  32. Gary Gustafson says:

    Meg never should of said that she would mess with our pensions. This is a big win for organized labor.

    1. TB says:

      What are you talking about!
      The unions are part of the problem!
      I was waiting for yesterday to decide to move my business out of CA. This is along several other business owners I know.

      Once all business moves out of CA, there will only be “takers” and no “makers” then what is your union going to do when there’s not jobs to organize?

      Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

  33. RR says:

    Can we start the recall campaign already? So he got illegal aliens to vote in force for him. Big deal.

  34. g says:

    Yes! 70’s Flashback Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Republicans Got A Booty Whuppin says:

    Callifornia doesn’t want your rich, elitist garbage. Time to move out!

  36. pmoore says:

    voted all democrat. looks like we are going back the the same thing. rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. voters are being deceived again.

  37. upyours says:

    Wow, how long does it take for the morons to post a comment here?

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