LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police say a black BMW ran a red light, struck and killed a pedestrian, then broadsided a school bus, injuring dozens of people on the bus east of downtown Los Angeles.

UPDATED 6:19 PM: Black BMW ran red light, struck pedestrian; local construction worker detained two who fled on foot after crash

Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Steve Ruda says the bus driver was initially taken to a hospital in critical condition after the Monday afternoon crash, but is now listed in serious

Mayor Praises Emergency Response: KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens Reports

Nineteen students on the bus also were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Twenty-five other students on the bus were not hurt.

Police Chief Charlie Beck says two people in the BMW fled on foot after the crash and were detained by a local construction worker. They have been turned over to the CHP for questioning.

Parents seeking information on crash victims are urged to contact the LAPD Hollenbeck Station at 2111 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033 or call (323) 342-4100.

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Comments (39)
  1. Chirs says:

    Accident occurred at the top of the Metro Gold Line East Side Extension Soto Street Station (the trains run underground).

  2. CA562DUDE says:

    I work near the area.. you can hear the Helicopters over head 7th / Boyle

  3. Ann Sneeks says:

    When on earth are they going to make seat belts mandatory in school buses? During accidents, kids fly around inside the bus like rag dolls. Come on Antonio Villaraigosa, retrofit buses in Los Angeles- do something worthwhile for once.

    1. Rick says:

      Yes, Thank you Anne Sneeks

      1. Hayden says:

        The city and the LAUSD have no money to spend on anything. If you look at the amount of serious bus crashes in this city you will realize that it is not worth it to spend that kind of money when something like this rarely happens in this city. It may start to happen more though because many people in this city drive like they got their license at 7 Eleven.

    2. kimber says:

      And who is going to assist 80+ passengers (most likely children) out of thier seatbelts, and off the bus in an emergency. Especially if the driver is unable to.

      1. Pam says:

        Well, if they don’t survive the accident, that really won’t be a concern now will it!!

      2. dean says:

        do you really think those on school buses have never been inside a car or plane? even if they are from a different universe with no transportation, it takes about 60 seconds instruction to show and save lives.

      3. Josh says:

        Yeah that’s a good point. Lets say there are seat belts and this bus was on fire or something where time was critical. Maybe this bus could have been upside down. Those kids will need help to get out of their seat belts. But not having seat belts can be a danger too.

    3. luis says:

      lame jab. i don’t think you’d do any better in office.

  4. CA562DUDE says:

    Hey Ann Sneeks, its worst in Kentucky, soo many over there it’s unreal

    1. WIREGUY_BILL says:

      I think it is legal to drive while intoxicated in Kentucky. Or at least it’s expected!

  5. CLee says:

    I guess that’s the uninsured capital of illegalville

  6. Chewy says:

    Wow! This is something real scary! Saw this on my way home.

  7. kimber says:

    Yet another California driver who feels entitled to run a red light. People ought to be charged with attempted murder or murder when they run a RED light. I have driven most of the US and been in England, never seen so many run red lights.

    1. Roger R says:

      It’s shameful,
      During my daily drive to and from the Post Office I notice how many parents drive through yellow and red lights
      with kids in the car
      And many change lanes without signaling

  8. luis says:

    and how can you tell when someone runs a red light intentionally? i’ve accidentally run one. you may accidentally run one…should we charge you with murder?

    1. 2by4 says:

      Luis, That’s funny! You’ve accidentally ran through one?? How does that happen? so you also accidentally ran over the kid crossing the cross walk too? Perhaps you were making an important phone call on your cell??? to accidentally run a red light!!! give me a break! Pay attention to the damn road!!. NO one can accidentally run a red light unless it’s intentional !! Is that what you are going to tell a police officer…..that running the red light was an accident??? aaaahahahahahaha!

    2. kimber says:

      Running a RED light is never an accident, but driver negligence. If you cannot pay attention to what is going on around you while driving, maybe you should not be driving. If you are approaching a light, pay attention to the color, yellow does not mean floor it, and hope to get through. It means slow down and prepare to stop, it is about to turn red. If you are still in the intersection when it turns red, you ran a red light. Also applies to those who turn right on red without stopping, because heaven knows, you have the right of way and not the driver with the green who’s path you just pulled into with no consideration of the consequences.

      1. Cali123 says:

        Not True Kimber, as long as your back tire clears the limit line into the intersection you are good. Look it up in the CA DMV manual. Automated trafic light cameras work on this principle as well. Thats why it is wise to yield on a left turn even if it hits red and you are already in the intersection.

    3. C-los says:

      Mannn. Accidently sir you shouldn’t be driving so you mean to tell me you’ll accidently be on your phone and cause an accidently i wouldn’t like to share the same road with you. You’ll accidently side swipe me because you accidently weren’t paying attention and you kill some one pay attention.

    4. BEAR says:


  9. luis says:

    we know you’re not color blind, thonko.

  10. UNKNOWN says:


  11. beto says:

    Really what is going on people????? why is it that now people can’t wait to make anything about “MEXICANS’???? stick to the subject, good that the kids were not seriously injured, sad that one person died, and GREAT that someone was able to capture the people that ran out of the car….

    this has nothing to do with someone’s race or immigration status!!!!
    Im’ sure that many of you will not agree with me…

  12. Franchesca says:

    Bahahaha!!! THONKO, you poor ignorant person. Lets not let this happen to you now. Considering, you are a cold blooded person yourself.

    And poor innocent person who was killed ;( RIP

  13. Tsquared says:

    I know this intersection well. It has been redesigned to accommodate the METRO. I have lived in Boyle Heights for the past 30 years and I do not recall an accident of this magnitude ever taking place at this location. Perhaps there is a flaw in the current design.

  14. Ramon says:

    i love gricel thank god she wasnt on that bus!!!!!

  15. Freedomminute says:

    This wasn’t caused by someone who felt “entitled to run a red light”. I guarantee this accident occurred long after the light had turned red. The police are investigating this as a possible DUI. Apparently it was someone who felt entitled to drive while impaired.

    By the way, traffic engineers do divide red light running into intentional and unintentional violations. Unintentional violations are caused by such things as too short yellow signals, sun glare, poor visibility, driver distraction, etc. Enforcement has no effect on these types of violations (no matter how steep the penalty). The best way to deal with accidents caused by these types of violations is to improve the signal timing and visibility. Even with that, though, you will never eliminate the kind of accident that occurred today as long as people choose to drive while impared.

  16. Josh says:

    Seriously? You were one of the kids on the bus?

  17. Josh says:

    Why do BMW drivers think they own the road? Yeah, Yeah, everyone in LA who drives think they own the road and can drive how ever they want but I see it so much more with BMW drivers. They can afford a pricey car like that and they probably think everyone should get the F out of their way. So Sad!

    1. BEAR says:


  18. FLF says:

    Where in the heck do underage teenagers get a Beamer? I would be quite sure they DIDN’T pay for it BY ANY MEANS! And drunk on top of it! Can we say drugs were involved somewhere either with purchase or using the car! OR very very dumb parents! But in East LA Boyle Heights what else is new?

    1. Hayden says:

      You live in Los Angeles FLF. If you haven’t noticed A LOT OF RICH PEOPLE LIVE HERE. Their parents buy them nice cars BECAUSE THEY CAN. Sure the accident happened in Boyle Heights but did you see how old that BMW was. Is it wrong for people to have nice cars or are you angry that you can’t get a beamer. Life isn’t fair FLF DEAL WITH IT! I have an 2007 AUDI A4 and I am 17 years old. Are you saying my parents were drunk or high when they bought it? Think about it.

  19. FLF says:

    Where in the heck do underage teenagers get a Beamer? I would be quite sure they DIDN’T pay for it BY ANY MEANS! And drunk on top of it! Can we say drugs were involved somewhere either with purchase or using the car! OR very very dumb parents!

  20. Boyle Heights Baby says:

    Please pronounce HOLLENBECK correctly. It’s not HollenBACK. I’m a native Angelino, 3rd generation born in Boyle Heights.

    1. Unknown says:

      Good for you being a native third generation Angelino. You want a candy bar no one cares.

  21. g says:

    allways someone in a beamer running lights…AGAIN…

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