LONG BEACH (AP) — Port of Long Beach businesses have been cleared to use their water again, two days after routine tests revealed water contaminated with black crude.

The contamination was discovered Wednesday in the water main as port workers opened and flushed fire hydrants to make sure they were working.

Various businesses including restaurants and hotels were advised not to allow their employees or guests come in contact with the contaminated water.

Port spokesman John Pope says water at the port’s administrative office building will remain shut off as officials continue to investigate the cause.

No health complaints have been reported.

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Comments (2)
  1. William Joseph Miller says:

    This is just a preview of what’s to come if California’s vote Yes on Proposition 23 and if Californian’s put Republicans in power.
    Proposition 23, sponsored by Valero Oil, will give oil companies a green light to poison California’s water supplies. The Republicans will abolish the EPA, so that oil and natural gas companies will be free to pump toxic substances into water supplies across the country.
    If California’s value their future, they need to vote No on Proposition 23, and they need to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

  2. Ulises says:

    I hope that the DEMOCRATIC witch hunt against businesses which EMPLOY thousands will finally end when Californians vote the Democrats out this November. Voting “Yes” on Proposition 23 will allow MORE private money to be spent on cleaning this oil seepage up. Meanwhile, Let’s focus on finding & stopping the leaks!

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