NEW YORK (AP) — A judge has set a June start date for a lawsuit that says an airline and several security companies are liable for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks.

The case stems from the death of 31-year-old Mark Bavis. He was a West Newton, Mass., scout for the Los Angeles Kings who was aboard United Flight 175 when it struck the World Trade Center.

Lawyers for the family have blamed lax security measures for allowing terrorists to board the United Airlines flight. The airline and security companies are expected to argue they properly
followed government security directives issued prior to the attacks.

Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein set the trial to begin June 13. He says it should be completed by July 22.

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Comments (3)
  1. CA562DUDE says:

    Is this for REAL, then they better go after all the Airports in the Past including PAN-AM etc.. This is a TOTAL JOKE!!!!

  2. logelly says:

    this is stupid we have a tragedy like 911 happen and we sue our own people in our own country. we should stick together and fight as 1 not go after someone for money. Sue the terrorists for boarding the planes and planning this. I want to know who the hell the lawyers are.

  3. Eric Olsen says:

    It originated with a bunch of sleazy greedy lawyers. They are al vultures getting
    fat off the dead. As if the 9/11 families haven’t gotten enough money already.
    My dad was murdered in 1958 and none of his kids ever got a dime.

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