LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two firefighters who died when their truck plunged off a road during last year’s massive wildfire in Los Angeles County will receive posthumous medals of valor.

They’re among 27 firefighters, law enforcement officials and civilians who’ll be honored Friday night in Sacramento by the California State Firefighters’ Association.

County fire Capt. Tedmund Hall and Spec. Arnaldo Quinones died in August 2009 after their truck plunged 800 feet off a dirt road near their firefighting camp in Angeles National Forest.

They were the only firefighters killed battling the 250-square-mile Station Fire, which burned 89 homes in the foothills northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

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Comments (3)
  1. rh9y says:

    Los Angeles hands out medals to it’s workers like candy. Just drive your truck off a cliff and suddenly you get the medal of valor. Thousands of soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet fewer than 20 have been cited for valor. Handing out medals for bad driving is really silly. Hey, I’m sorry these city employees died but the standard for valor should be a little higher, don’cha think?

    1. wog says:

      read up on the facts before you go and dishonor the men who did die in a valiant, heroic, and successful attempt to save the lives of some 70+ people. Before you discount their “driving off of a cliff”, as if its an everyday occurance, live a little, go outside of your comfortable cynical bubble. Step away from the bitter life, and look into making your life and those around you better.
      The City isnt giving the awards away, this is a state-wide honor! These men are also up for national awards. SO step off and apologize to the men and women who do put their lives on the line for ungrateful people such as yourselves. While your at it, apologize to the widows, and the child that never got to see her dad as well as the kids who lost the one they knew and loved.
      So to answer your question- NO! I DONT THINK YOU ARE RIGHT!

  2. J@T says:

    rh9y, your comment sickens me. I can tell by your post that you have no idea what it takes to earn a Medal never the less a Medal of Valor. It is sad that there are still people out there that still think and have the same judgmental views such as your self. I have served in the current wars over seas and I am now serving Los Angeles. Being a Solider and now a Firefighter I see things from both sides. You on the other hand have probably done neither yet you have the audacity to make a comment such as the one you did. I believe people earn medals for what they sacrificed and not where they sacrificed. There is nothing less heroic about a solider who jumped on a grenade to save his platoon in Afghanistan then a Firefighter who sacrificed his life to save his Battalion in Los Angeles. Bottom line is they both did what YOU would have never even considered.
    I agree with wog, you do need to take a step back and get your facts straight and do what these people do for a day. So next time please think before you speak and take a minute to thank the Soldiers and Firefighters for all they have done to keep people like you safe weather it is here or overseas. I know this was only your opinion and I do not fault you for having a blindfold on but hopefully my comment would make you think a little.

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