LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is facing pension troubles.

The city utility says it can’t afford retirement costs for 1,600 workers transferred from other city agencies to help the city avoid layoffs and furloughs. The transfers created a $183 million pension burden for the DWP.

The Los Angeles Times says the utility’s board voted last month to suspend full pension coverage for new employees hired by the DWP from other city departments. The City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to veto that decision.

Budget woes could lead to future layoffs of city employees and Councilman Richard Alarcon says the city needs the Department of Water and Power to provide jobs for displaced workers.

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  1. Roger- says:

    Are they to just Make up jiobs? They have 5 or 6 men to dig one hole already. This is not the WPA of years past !

  2. resident says:

    so tired of the dwp being the scapegoat for every financial problem the city faces. find a new punching bag. dwp is the only financially stable department in the city and it does what it is supposed to do. provide power and water service with reliability to the residents of la.

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