RIALTO (AP) — Teamsters union drivers and warehouse workers have overwhelmingly approved a five-year deal with Southern California’s major supermarket chains.

Workers get hikes in pay with no raises in medical costs.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 63 business manager Randy Korgan says about 5,000 union workers at Albertson, Ralphs, Stater Bros., Vons and several smaller chains ratified the contract. Negotiations started in August.

Korgan told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that the combined increases in pay and pension contributions exceed a $2.40 per hour pay raise reached five years ago. But he wouldn’t give details of the pact approved by 98 percent of voting union members.

He says the new contract keeps the medical plan intact with no employee out-of-pocket expenses.

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Comments (3)
  1. S Boynton says:

    They got a raise – what for? At $20.00 per hour, that’s 10+%, at $40.00 per, that’s 5%.That raises grocery prices 5-10%. Is this what consumers want/need during hard times? Big headlines right now – no raise in Social Security for second year. Looks like we’ll all be going to the Dollar store or WalMart!

    1. Rojo says:

      Or you could move to Texas where they are not union, If you cant take the heat get the heck outta the kitchen…. Dude

    2. Mark R says:

      Read the article: “combined increases in pay and pension contributions exceed a $2.40 per hour pay raise” that is over the full five years. That factors around 2% a year (with some being pension), less than inflation, so not really a raise anyways. Food prices are going up because gas prices are going up. Gas on average was $1.00 ten years ago and now is at over $3.50, about 350% or 35% per year. That who you should be mad at. You enjoy that lead tainted toothpaste at the dollar store.

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