LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say a fugitive suspected of killing a woman during a burglary and setting her house on fire has been apprehended in Mexico.

The LAPD said in a statement that Baja State Police arrested 34-year-old Omar Armando Loera in Mexicali on Tuesday.

Police say Loera could be transferred to U.S. authorities as soon as Tuesday night.

Loera, a transient parolee, was wanted in the killing of Chere Osmanhodzic, who was found stabbed to death July 24 in her burned home in North Hollywood.

Police had issued an arrest warrant for Loera on Sept. 16.

The statement says homicide detectives had used several leads to determine Loera was in Mexico, and U.S. marshals and Mexican authorities had been seeking him there.

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Comments (13)
  1. rankin says:

    psthetic cowards always running to mexico.macho?what a laugh.

    1. loretta says:

      Well said, he is a coward!

  2. loretta says:

    @rankin. I agree, what a coward!

  3. Maurice Williams says:

    Maybe we should try harder to keep, some poeople in Mexico, get it.

  4. Mikey says:

    This is going to keep happening untill we put the right people in office.

  5. Nick says:

    I hope he spend a life of misery being assaulted in prison. JUSTICE!

  6. robyn says:

    This miserable turd needs to be raped, beaten, and then hung by the neck w/a bedsheet once he is in a US prison cell.

  7. Tony says:

    Let’s continue to leave the U.S./Mexico border porous. Let’s continue to encourage and allow more illegals to flow into California. After all, they are just honest people looking for work. They wouldn’t dream of being gang members, bleeding social services dry, or even — can you imagine? — killing someone and setting their house on fire. I AM TIRED OF THE BLIGHT AND THE CRIME AND THE ECONOMIC DEVASTATION THESE PEOPLE BRING TO MY COUNTRY!!!

    1. Just Me says:

      I know people are naturally cognitively lazy, but come on Tony, you’re just too much. Americans have been blaming everything on the immigrants, and of course, the communists!

      I would highly recommend that you look into crime rats. You’d be surprised how many Americans (you know, the nice fair skinned ones) commit homicides. If you did a little more research, and a little less American Idol, The Jersey Shore, and Fox News, you’d probably come off as an educated adult, not some red neck inbred idiot whose lusting over his sister.

  8. shannon says:

    Tony how old are you, your comments are so ignorant, you speak like your country is perfect, don’t judge but find a solution! you pinpoint to a country only because a person committed a murder?? you speak like your country is perfect!! I do agree that this man deserves the worse for committing this crime, but it doesn’t mean that all Mexicans are murders!!

    1. Evan says:

      And he wasn’t an illegal
      He’s on Parole

  9. alfred says:

    if i were in his shoes, i would desperately try to fight it out with the cops regardless if someone gets shot including him, or just simply commit suicide and not give authorities the joy of getting captured sent to jail and face the death penalty.

  10. Lawman76 says:

    Regardless of all your views on border issue, a precious life was lost and my family and I pray that this is the guy who did it. My wife will hopefully get some proper sleep knowing her BF family might get some much needed justice.

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