WILMINGTON (CBS) — Convicted sex offenders now face severe restrictions on where they can live, which is forcing them to communities like Wilmington.

Detective Diane Webb with the Los Angeles Police Department says it’s because the area is considered a safe haven where offenders can comply with Jessica’s Law, living 2,000 feet away from schools or any other place kids may hang out. With that, though, there’s been a spike in transient offenders.

“Every 30th day they have to register where they are at that point in time,” Webb says. “So if an individual is passing through Los Angeles or is here for the day and it’s that 30th day and they’re due to register that they would register with Los Angeles, though it doesn’t mean they’ll be here tomorrow.”

Detective Webb says of the almost 5,000 registered offenders, almost 600 are homeless and that number will continue to grow since neighboring cities are enforcing strict rules. It’s also a growing problem for families.

“I don’t feel safe if my kids are outside,” one resident told CBS 2’s Rita Garcia.

There are state-funded housing options, but offenders will often have to pay rent, which many aren’t willing to do.

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  1. ron1 says:

    People need a place to stay? Can some one stand up and help with housing? Would you like help e.mail me for more info.

  2. Buck says:

    Out side of Barstow in the desert they could easily comply. Get their gr and whatever and just be easy solution just move there

  3. RW says:

    The invention of the SEX OFFENDER label has been the greatest example of POLITICS OF FEAR since the fall of communism. The biggest winners have been politicians, law enforcement, district attorneys, judges, prison guards, parole officers, psychiatrists, state hospitals and feminists. All of these people have gained visibility and EXTRA FUNDING for their departments or politics through the MISINFORMATION presented to the public. The lives of many young, naive men have had their and their family’s lives destroyed by the “winners”.
    Except for a few extreme examples, sex offenders generally have the LOWEST RECIDIVISM RATE for the same crime compared with other crimes. This is contrary to the claim by politicians and district attorneys that they have the highest rate. Finally, statistics for this nation – which has 25% of the WORLD POPULATION FO INMATES – indicate that one out of 30 Americans are or have been incarcerated. Neglecting the small number of females in this class, this means that one in 15 males in this country have been or are incarcerated. Check it out on the web.

    1. TC says:

      Please site sources for the information you provided. I would like to look into it.

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