LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles schools superintendent says the district faces a $268 million budget deficit for the next academic year that could affect up to 3,300 jobs.

Superintendent Ramon Cortines said in a statement Tuesday that he proposes partially covering the shortfall by using $103 million in federal jobs funding and reducing expenses by $5 million at central headquarters and district offices.

The rest will have to come from employee givebacks. Cortines says the district will discuss several options with unions to avoid layoffs: pay cuts, seven furlough days, or a combination of furloughs and salary freezes.

He notes the deficit could widen if the district loses special education and other federal funding for low income students.

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  1. notlovinLA says:

    Hmmm…. And that want to implement a costly fingerprint system for kids on free lunches??? Where did all our smart people go?

  2. Oscar says:

    Didnt they just spend 500 million on a new school!!!!!!!! Fire all theses SOB!!!!!!!!

  3. Tina Ferrer says:

    Didn’t the California taxpayer just pay the CTA and CSEA an additional $36 billion a few years back for education of which fight took the fight out of Arnold? And what did we get with this money besides that $500 million school in Los Angeles not to mention the $18 million for Moreno Valley’s School Administrative offices? The finest building in Moreno Valley? IMHO not one more dime until we the taxpayer have seen the use of proceeds from the last “think of the kids” campaign. So I say to the LAUSD, stop the grotesque salaries, the pensions, payments to unions and start thinking about our kids for once. California currently has a $500 billion unfunded pension liability brick wall that the State is about to hit. Time to clean house, time to get the unions out of education and if that means firing and renegotiating pension packages so be it. Let’s hire new teachers with clear hearts as to their purpose which is educating our kids as apposed to filling the pockets of unions hence administrators. This has not worked and is not working at all and we’re not Arnold. Do what the rest of society has no choice but to do and that is protect what resources you currently have and make due. Don’t look at us, look at your school boards and unions. No mo money!!!!

  4. Jared Moya says:

    FTA: “…or a combination of furloughs and salary freezes.”

    Why arent salary freezes ALREADY on the table?

  5. Kara says:

    It all comes down to the voter. School budges are compartmentalized — they cannot take from one department to give to another. The people of L.A. county VOTED for the new construction when times were better. The sad side of it is if you remove that compartmentalization it opens up the possibility of those moneys being taken for administrative salaries — even though we all hope it would go toward things that would benefit the kids. I think at this point no one trusts our corrupt government and school officials to do the right thing. The unions are just trying to protect the employees from further cuts — administrators are not allowed in unions. The union members are custodians making $25k a year & teachers getting $60k a year. Look into your school board and educate yourselves — use your VOTE to change things!

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