If I Have To Have Out Of Town Leeches, I Might As Well Have Fun

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Can somebody help me? I need to know the scariest Halloween spooky place place to take the out-of-towners. (The ‘Leechers,’ as I do not call them to their faces, but can call them that here, because they don’t know I write this thing.)

It used to be easy: there was only Knott’s Berry Farm. Or as they retitle it each year, Knott’s Scary Farm.  I finally went to Knott’s Halloween Haunt for the first time ever, last week. The mazes were awesome; especially the ‘Virus Z’  and ‘Doll Factory.’ 13 mazes in all: go early (7-ish), or prepare to stand in line. I managed to find time, to eat Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken. Dang.

But now there’s Universal… Disney redoes the Haunted Mansion… the Queen Mary has a nautically themed maze and creep show.  And there are others.  The Leechers only have time to go to one. Tell me your fav., in Comments, below.


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