RIVERSIDE (AP) — A woman who was 16 when she ambushed and killed her former pimp in a Southern California motel room has asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for clemency.

Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for the 1994 shooting death of George Gilbert Howard.

Prosecutors said Kruzan was no longer working for Howard when she killed him.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says the petition for release cites years of abuse she suffered at the hands of Howard. Psychologists now say Kruzan was suffering battered women’s syndrome after years of sexual trafficking.

Last year, San Francisco state Sen. Leland Yee made the Kruzan case a centerpiece of his proposed law allowing the courts to reduce life sentences for minors. In August, the Assembly killed his Fair Sentencing for Youth Act.

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Comments (6)
  1. john Brown says:

    Yes! Give her a break. Regardless whether she was still working for him or not! She needs a 2nd chance.

  2. Willard says:

    I am a strong advocate for appropriate sentences for criminal acts. Murder should be life or death. This case, however, bespeaks more for self defense than murder. Certainly a woman trying to change her life and jettison a pimp who has abused her for years deserves better than a life sentence for her actions.

  3. me says:

    I pray that she gets out, She was a little girl, and her life was taken away by a grown man. What does this tell us? Its ok for men to take little girls, and use them for what they want?

  4. og says:

    they should let her out. this sshole was abuseing her in many ways…..

  5. Justice says:

    There should be exceptions to the death penalty or a lifetime imprisionment. She was this mans pray and his victim. She eliminated her source of agony from the planet and took an abusing criminal off the streets and shut down his business. She has not earned this harsh penalty.
    Please write Gov. Schwarzenegger and ask him to reconsider his harsh action on this victim. Thank you.

  6. John says:

    she was 16 & she did what needed to be done. 16 & no one to protect her. 16 & this is what we let them do to her. the people who put her in there for life should be the ones to do the sentence. lets see if they think it is right then.

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