LOS ANGELES (AP) — California’s blistering fall heat wave sent temperatures to an all-time record high of 113 degrees Monday in downtown Los Angeles.

Officials Warn Power Grid Faces Testing: Cal ISO Manager Greg Fishman Joins KNX 1070

The National Weather Service says downtown hit 113 degrees for a few minutes at about 12:15 p.m., breaking the old all-time record of 112 degrees set on June 26, 1990.

The historic mark was part of an onslaught of temperatures well over 100 degrees in many cities ranging from Anaheim, home of Disneyland, to San Luis Obispo on the usually balmy Central Coast.

Electrical demand was much higher than normal for this time of year but no problems or shortages were expected on the state grid.

Los Angeles County lifeguard Capt. Angus Alexander said Monday was one of the best beach days of the year, with clear visibility all the way to Santa Catalina Island, the popular tourist destination about 20 miles off the mainland coast.

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Comments (23)
  1. Sean says:

    Where is the freaking RAIN??????

    1. Alex says:

      OMG !! IKR i wish i wuz in Seattle cuz there’s RAIN!!!

  2. Rich Rodriguez says:

    Wow! Hot enough for ya? My car nearly overheated driving home from work this afternoon because I have to crisscross the Puente Hills in heavy traffic. And it actually did overheat and shut down yesterday. I’m staying hydrated, indoors with the windows and blinds closed, and taking a siesta like our South American friends. It’s too hot to do anything else. 😛

  3. fristy says:

    It’s a nice 63 degrees in the office today

  4. vudu says:

    I work outside…….

  5. Lee says:

    It so hot today I swear I saw a cute little squrial slurping a ice tea on the corner of wilshire and western!

  6. Buck says:

    I work outside also. Pretty nice day for sprinkler tests and tune ups.

  7. Neal says:

    Interesting that on the 2pm KCAL9 broadcast, everyone knew it was 113 degrees outside, an all-time record, except the weather man. Good job Henry D.! 🙁

  8. Sully says:

    Like Ella says, “It’s too darn hot!”

  9. Paul says:

    Maybe we should all stay at work and use their air conditioner?

    1. marisol says:

      that’s kinda mean

  10. George Kirkhill says:

    But climate change is a myth, right? …

  11. rescueme says:

    its the only time i dont complaint being at work..ahhh…

  12. TOO HOT says:

    Ahh . . . air conditioner decided that today was the day it would go out. 115 outside. HHHEEELLLPPPP!

    1. Jack says:

      Suck it up, quit wineing go to the beach or a motel with a pool!!

  13. Jack says:

    I’m in Butte Montana and the high 2day was 67 and sunny, but I’ll be back next week!!!

  14. Vlad says:

    Power transformer exploded near the intersection of Fulton Ave. and Moorpark St. in Sherman Oaks. Now we have no electricity and we don’t know when DWP will fix it.

    1. Buck says:

      Typical for a temp brought in is 5-12 hrs. Happens in my hood 4x a year.

  15. TheatreGladys says:

    I’m visiting Carlsbad and less than a mile from the beach. It was 108 here!

  16. J says:

    Once the power goes out the heat related deaths start. Heat is a silent killer you fall asleep and never wake up.

  17. Gerry says:

    We still have no power here in Northridge (my entire block/street is on 18600 Dearborn street – nearest cross streets Reseda Blvd and Nordhoff Streer). We have had no power since 6pm yesterday (Mon 9/27). We have had no power now for almost half a day.

    Please contact LA DWP for our residents, as they have not yet restored our power (they know but supposedly still working on it).

    It will be a very hot day again, and I have a 4-month old baby and 2 toddlers in the house.

    thank you very much.
    9/28 4:53am

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