SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California’s largest labor union is endorsing a November ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana.

The state’s Service Employees International Union and its 700,000 members endorsed Proposition 19 on Tuesday, though it remains unclear how much time or money it will donate.

An endorsement letter from Bill Lloyd, president of SEIU California, says most of the union’s resources will go toward the governor’s race, but also vows to help Prop. 19 “in any way we can.”

Lloyd says the measure’s revenue will help the state preserve jobs and “avoid cuts to health care, home care, education and other services.”

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  1. Duh! says:

    Does this mean that we can sue the union for restitution due to deaths caused by people while under the influence of pot?

    1. R Hatfield says:

      to DUH like suing gun makers for deaths caused by guns? Or suing the liquor industry for drunk driver driver deaths.this nation is stupidly sue crazy!

    2. Walmart says:

      There have been no deaths while under the influence of pot. You cant sue because you have no merit into anything.

    3. DUH=ignorance says:

      This isn’t even about choosing to smoke or not- your statement seems incredibly ignorant. In 2006, Donald Tashkin, a medical professor at UCLA who has studied marijuana for over 30 years (and is NOT PRO MARIJUANA!), completed the largest study of its kind @ UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine on the link between cancer and marijuana-it was funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse. This would be a good starting point for you to educate yourself since you’re probably not aware of all the groundbreaking research that has been completed in recent years. In April of 2007, Harvard University researchers released the results of a major groundbreaking study that concluded THC cuts tumor growth in common lung cancers and reduces the ability of the cancer to spread. I urge you to follow the link below as it mentions several of these groundbreaking health studies. At the very least educate yourself so you don’t sound like such an idiot. Remember, Ignorance isn’t bliss-it’s just plain stupid.

    4. Jeff says:

      Can you give me one instance where a cause of death is attributed to pot? Let me guess, you’re the type of person who thinks alcohol and tobacco are fine, but marijuana isn’t. Can we sue any unions or organizations in support of alcohol and/or tobacco for due to the deaths caused by people under the influence to alcohol and addicted to the latter? In a nutshell, your comment is borderline idiotic.

  2. Duh squared says:

    Yeah, once you find a death related to the use of marijuana. Oh, wait- there are nonee noted!

  3. Doug says:

    Great!!! The voice of the people, the voice of reason, the SEIU. Whats next? They going to publicly support gang membership as an after school program?

  4. CarmaDogma says:

    I would guess what DUH was trying to attribute is deaths caused BY people under the influence of pot. Like driving, operating heavy machinery, smoking pot with a pre-existing psychotic condition, that sort of thing. Just like alcohol and guns, in a free society we are expected to use these things responsibly… not sue people because we didn’t.

    As to the link provided by one commenter about research findings, they are all promising in their results but not a single study independently verified. If you read between the lines you’ll see they are all saying different things while there is no follow-up study on any single report. They often publish such findings in medical journals not necessarily because they have merit on their own, but in the hopes that someone else will follow up and substantiate it with their own research, or through favorable, documentable treatment outcomes. It was also an editorial, not a news story. Sorry to rain on your parade.

  5. Dodgers! says:

    very well said Carma Dogman … that nigga was over there just talking _ _ _T
    to homeboi lol but good way of bursting someones bubble.. priceless

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