SANTA MONICA (CBS) — The skies over Santa Monica will be relatively quiet this week, with the city’s airport shutting down for more than four days as work continues on a runway/taxiway improvement project.

Flight operations will be grounded beginning Sunday night at 9 p.m. and ending 7 a.m. Friday, Sept. 24.

The temporary closure is being hailed by some residents of Venice and West Los Angeles who have been regularly complaining about the noise generated by aircraft above their homes.

Members of the “Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution” will stage a “Santa Monica Airport Peace and Quiet Vigil” Monday night.

“We want to give residents in the neighborhoods surrounding Santa Monica Airport the opportunity to celebrate the peace that is possible when we’re free of airport pollution and noise,” said Martin Rubin, the group’s co-founder. “We want residents to imagine a future for the Westside where peace, quiet and cleaner air is possible, not just for a few days, but permanently.”

The vigil will be held at 5 p.m. Monday at the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Rose Avenue in Venice.

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  1. Michael G. says:

    Let’s all move near the airport and then complain about the noise!

    1. ap says:

      the SM Airport was never supposed to allow jets…this is one reason your comment is stupid. The neighborhood existed long before the private jets…another reason…

      1. SMO Pilot says:

        The argument the airport was never designed to accommodate jets is ridiculous. By that logic we should close down LAX and hundreds of other airports around the country because they were never designed to accommodate jets either and I’m sure nearby residents of those airports don’t like the noise any more than Santa Monica residents. Civilian jets have been flying into Santa Monica since the early sixties, I wonder how many current residents who live in the area were there before jet operations started.

  2. leroybrown says:

    Screw the weenies that live near the airport


    The airport recently changed its flight path to now fly across the heart of Santa Monica. Imagine making the biggest purchase of your lifetime, your home, and then Santa Monica Airport decides to fly jets and propeller planes very low and loudly over your home, not to mention the jet fumes that stink. I am extremely angry to have six flight schools circling my home and those disgustingly loud jets ripping my head off at 7 and 8 AM every morning. The airport needs to be closed permanently.

    1. SMO Pilot says:

      Santa Monica airport has no say in departure procedures, that is the work of the FAA. The recent change in departure procedures only affects small piston aircraft on an instrument flight so that they have less of an impact on traffic departing LAX. Jet traffic still departs straight out toward Venice and does not turn anywhere near Santa Monica and visual departures still have to make a turn to fly over the golf course near the airport. As for the airplanes “circling your house”, they couldn’t care less about your house, they are flying the standard traffic pattern of the airport to land and have been doing so since the airport has existed. So unless you bought your house 90 years ago, you should have known they were there when you moved in.

      1. Mishka says:

        SMO Pilot,

        I wish that were true, but, I have photos to the contrary. I have record, via Flight Trak of outgoing jets and IFR flights flying directly over my house as low as 500 feet, and I am close to the beach near Pico. The folks on Ashland, and Highland are closer to the airport and higher up. During the flight test we all counted as many as 30 planes an hour going overhead, most outgoing.

  4. Brent says:

    This airport is too important to close all day long.

    I don’t know what to say about people who move next to an airport and then complain about it. Buy a plane and enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, living close to your plane and the freedom it provides would be great.

  5. Mishka says:


    You’ve got to be kidding. What an arrogant comment. Ocean Park has always been without planes and is not close to the airport. And the rest of the neighborhoods existed before the damn airport, as well. When we succeed in closing this airport we will be happy to see you and your plane move elsewhere!

  6. Jack says:

    The only people who have a right to complain is anyone who lived by the airport before 1922. Anyone who moved there after 1922 knew that the airport was there and are complete fools to complain about the noise. The airport is actuality quieter now than in the heydays of the the McDonald Douglas Co. During WWII there would be fleets of DC-3’s lined up along the Ocean Park side breaking in their engines at full speed for 24 hours. Talk about noise, my mother used to work at the plant

  7. Peter says:

    The point is that the FAA has redirected the flight path so that the planes, jets, single engine, all, are routed over Ocean Park and Santa Monica homes, and along the parks an beach. In effect moving the communities directly into the flight path of the airport. All the while claiming that the alteration has a minimal impact upon the communities. This with no environmental study and a rejection of a tremendous reaction for effected neighborhoods.

  8. Rebecca says:

    The Santa Monica Airport dates back to before the 1920’s. Clearly it was here before any of you whom are complaining about it. It is rich with history going back to WWI. Back then, there were very few homes near it. It was around before LAX. The congestion of houses came long after the airport was already there. So quit complaining or move.

  9. Me says:

    I’m leaving work early to fly over these morons tomorrow.

    Go look at how much money Santa Monica would lose if you closed the airport.

    1. Mishka says:

      Dear Me,

      Santa Monica doesn’t make any money on the airport. Look at the budget.


  10. Justina says:

    I lived there for 12 years. At first the prop planes were fine and weekend flights were manageable. After 9/11, big jets moved in, attitudes changed, and cessnas were dwarfed by idling jets ( can you imagine running your car for 45 minutes? Yeah, right!). Flight paths changed, neighborhoods were gassed and people got angry. It’s not fair to ask residents who came into the area when things were good to stand by and watch their neighborhood and health deteriorate. Cocky airport “staffers” always say, “then move away”. But we don’t move because of earthquakes when our East Coast cousins say we’re insane to live here. Why do we have to move because a select few don’t want to wait in line at LAX, and take a private jet? This is West LA and Santa Monica. These are great places to live. There needs to be a balance, and it’s so tipped in the way of the people who can afford the 10k ticket and the FAA.

    We moved because of the school system. I wish all the people of our old hood well. Breathe easy this week.

  11. Wildncraz8 says:

    This is so stupid…EVERYONE who lives near the Santa Monica Airport knew it was there…..but now they bitch about the noise. Don’t like the noise?? MOVE and shut up.

  12. Heidi says:

    Santa Monica Airport is closed EVERY DAY from 11:00 P.M. T o 7:00 A.M. This news story was telecast at 6:38 a.m. it is ALWAYS quiet at this time.

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