BELL GARDENS (CBS) — Authorities are investigating a shooting that killed two men and wounded a woman at a backyard party in Bell Gardens.

One man died at the scene and the other was pronounced dead at a hospital. A 28-year-old woman was treated for a gunshot wound to one of her limbs and is now in stable condition, sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said.

At least 20 people were at a party in the 6900 block of Adamson Avenue, when a fight broke out about 2 a.m.

“Several shots were then fired from what appears to have been multiple weapons,” said sheriff’s homicide Lt. Pat Nelson. “Two of the victims lost their lives at that party, and more were injured.”

Another man was found badly beaten and was in “life-threatening condition,” Parker said.

Two men were detained in connection with the shooting.

Anyone with information on the shooting can contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

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Comments (25)
  1. Nothing ever seems to go right at parties around 2am.

    1. Bob White says:

      Especially in that part of town.

      1. Mathew says:

        whats that suppose to mean? where u grow up at disneyland?

  2. True Lies says:

    Gee fighting at parties at 2AM? Who’d have thought that this would happen ESPECIALLY in Bell Gardens. Do ya think machismo, booze, and drugs played a part? Duhhh-

    1. angiegar says:

      and whats wronge with bell gardens???????????????????

  3. leroybrown says:

    A party if illegals acting like illegals.

    1. cloud says:

      what do you mean? Tragic things happen everywhere not just at an area you seem to think it’s normal! It’s no suprise how ignorante people are.

    2. missA says:

      you were NOT there. you DIDNT know anyone present. therefore keep your comments to yourself. it had nothing to do with immigration status. the fact is that a LOVING HUMANBEING was murdered.

  4. angiegar says:

    i live right down the street and it was very sad i know his uncle very well, RIP! My heart truley gose out to the mom!!!!!

  5. angiegar says:

    the news needs to get the story right,there were two bodies removed from the home were the shooting took place,i was right in front when the corner got there!!!

  6. Happy says:

    look, I saw this kid grow up, his brother and sister are very close to me, and I know his family as well.. if u people don’t know, just shut ur mouth and don’t comment.. ignorance is such a problem in this world… illegal or legal its a human… r.I.p rick

    1. vudu says:

      People are allowed to comment. If only people who knew hose in articles commented…. this would be a very quiet news site. That said……, certain people like leroybrown or others who think every crime is related to illegal immigrants need to find somehing else to do wih their time…… people like that are what’s wrong with society.

    2. missA says:

      AMEN. it is a major problem specially when people talk out of their behinds. RIP RICARDO ROJAS. he will be missed by all that knew him.

  7. gonzalo says:

    i feel really bad for the mom

  8. sarcastic 1 says:

    Freedom of speech! We are in America! What’s wrong with American society is illegal aliens and all the people glorifying gangs and drugs.

  9. Steve A says:

    I’ve Never felt a NEED to go ARMED to a party my friends have.
    I suppose it could be proper in their country of origin for everyone at the party to be heavily armed and Old Habits are hard to break.
    Maybe when you hang around with the TYPE of People that carry guns to parties, you should not be surprised when you or your family members end up dead.

  10. happinessstar says:

    May they both rest in paradise and god bless their families
    From what some people are saying the news is wrong what they reported?
    Were both bodies already dead and 1 did not die in the hospital?

    1. mr.d says:

      I live on adamson almost 45 yrs and this is nothing new to me. Tragic yes, but not new.

  11. THETRUTH says:

    People like leroybrown & Steve A amaze me. How can people comment a subject that they know NOTHING about so ignorantly? Do you really have to bring race into this? It was a party celebrating a young man who had turned 21 earlier that week. Those who attended were high school friends and family members. Three UNINVITED “gangsters” went to start trouble. These party goers weren’t involved in any gangs. Just friends having a good time. Yes, alcohol could have been involved. I think its part of our American culture to celebrate our 21st Birthdays with a couple drinks. And yes, I know Bell Gardens isn’t the best neighborhood. There are only a few gangs there that think they own the streets so they crash parties to make themselves known. It could happen to anyone. I seen it happen to a little 15 year old boy who was persuaded by an older man well into his 50’s to sell drugs for him on one of the most known drug blocks in Bell Gardens, Gotham street. The residents of Bell Gardens must come together if they want these crimes to stop. Report a gang member, report any suspicious cars. BE PRO ACTIVE! Do something instead of sitting there complaining about the problems. Don’t be afraid of being a “rat”. You could potentially save a life.

  12. Connie says:

    RIP primo Sebastian Avila. And for the record he was not a gang member and was an invited guest. So please do not comment unless you know the facts of the story. dont judge.

  13. vicmon says:

    everyone needs to let it be sebs was my friend and a good one at that. I lost a soldier in battle but the war aint over love you sebastian

  14. Sad says:

    And today, four months later his friend is killed. So sad!

  15. Pepito says:

    a la verga con todos

  16. Pepito says:

    pinche ninos que no saben que asen poreso muere jente inocente



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