LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A chase suspect that led authorities on a high-speed pursuit has been taken into custody after stopping on the side of 101 Freeway near Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

The driver was allegedly being sought for multiple burglaries.

Authorities pursued the driver on the northbound 405 Freeway in the Westchester/LAX area.

No other information was immediately available.

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Comments (8)
  1. Gary Shanklin says:

    Who decides that a car chase is breaking news worthy of interrupting regular programing? Don’t you realize that your audience has time invested in the ongoing program? This interruption was a poor decision by someone at the station. Are you so desperate to keep the audience for your news program that you are willing to cheat the audience of the finish to the previous program. Very sad!

    1. vudu says:

      I love watching chases……, waiting for that big crash.

  2. victoria says:

    watched it happen above me in sherman oaks! police and NEWS on her tail. flights leaving van nuys had to divert as they were clearly in the VN “taking off” space. trip out. crazy stealing girl.

  3. Why’d she get the “kid gloves” by police before the arrest…is she a celebrity? Must be. She claims the chase wasn’t hers.

  4. GC1008 says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the CHP (as they well know), but the ongoing commentary seemed a bit erroneous and misleading to the public. Like they’d think officer (any officer, any department) would go easier on a woman. And it’s not a matter of “bravery” in the sense that the commentator appeared to be thinking they’d stick their necks out the less caution because it was a woman. They do face risks every day, but they do it with professional caution based on the facts and conditions. When the officer on the driver’s side approached he was getting a look at whom and what were inside the car. If he only saw one person and the person’s hands were visible then he probably felt he could move in closer and try to de-escalate the situation, making it safer for his fellow officers and the woman. The disturbing party may have been on a cell with dispatchers and they had some kind of communication going. But you had another officer on the passenger side and another officer at the back window covering the officer communicating with the woman. If the negotiator saw the DP’s hands move he could have backed out and if need be the person would have been shot by the other two. I don’t like these guys, but they are not taking stupid risks. They want to and absolutely should go home safe to their families. They just lost five officers in a very short span of time. What you saw was experienced professionals doing their jobs, not officers thinking, oh it’s a woman we can go easier on her. It’s not a good mindset to get the public in. Women and be very, very dangerous.

  5. Nicholas Abbitt says:

    Woman or not. The CHP should have put her face in the cement to teach her a simple lesson.. DONT RUN FROM THE POLICE! ITS FRIVILOUS AND CAUSES UNNECISSARY TRAFFIC IN AN ALREADY TRAFFIC PRONE CITY.

  6. David Huffman says:

    YEAH!!! You go CHP!!!

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