BELL, Calif. (AP) — One of the four City Council members targeted for recall in the scandal-plagued Southern California city of Bell says he supports the effort but won’t resign — at least not for now.

Councilman Luis Artiga said Tuesday he won’t give up his office unless the other three do. If he leaves office now, Artiga says, the others could simply appoint his successor.

So Artiga says he plans to work with those supporting the recall and will sign a petition himself.

Artiga, who joined the council only two years ago, says he never voted in favor of the huge salaries council members paid themselves and others. But he says he let the city down by not paying closer attention.

The salary issue triggered the recall.

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  1. viri123 says:

    this ppl have no respect for the poor. just bcuz theyre some what educated feel they can take from the poor and naive..

    1. VOTE 4 PEDRO says:


      VOTE 4 PEDRO

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