LOS ANGELES (CBS 2) — “Homeboy’s Soul: Pride, Terror and Street Justice in America” is the true — and gritty — story of Don Armijo’s rise to power, downfall, and resurrection in one of East LA’s most deadly street gangs.

The book is written by Armijo and Fred Stawitz and has received rave reviews from Hollywood star, Danny De La Paz.

Armijo understands the attraction the gangbanger lifestyle has for kids in the barrios and hopes by exposing the deadly lifestyle, he might transform the lives of Chicano youth at risk – showing them that sometimes the only way out is death.

Stawitz was an in-studio guest on the KCAL 9 News at 2PM Friday and he talked about his unlikely collaboration with Armijo, what he hopes the book will accomplish and why it’s a must-read for anyone at risk.

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  1. TL says:

    Wow, I really am disappointed that there was not more said about this book. I am really interested in reading it. I think it also in poor taste to have jumped to the gas explosion issue while discussing this book. The gas explosion is a tragedy however it had nothing to do with the book or gangs in LA so that was a poor choice for a lead in….shame on you guys!

  2. Joe says:

    Danny De La Paz?? This guy hasn’t done anything since Blvd Nights in the 70’s. Ha-Ha , what a joke. Couldnt they get someone else like Danny Trejo??

  3. Joe says:

    FYI, Pomona has nothing to do with East L.A.

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