Ron Artest is never shy, especially through his Twitter. Now Artest has responded with some tweets after Doc Rivers said the Lakers, “still have not beaten our starting five. Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. Tell them, don’t forget that. We’ll be back strong and Perk will be here next year if there’s a Game 7.”

Artest tweets, “Boston lost to Lakers because of Kendrick Perkins injury. What about in 08 when Bynum was injured. What about this year Bynum was injured…

“What about Kobe played with a broke finger…What about Ron artest defense When the Boston staff said Ron artest was too slow…

“Doc got one million excuses…

“The lakers with Bynum in the playoffs healthy has not lost…

“Let’s see if my defense is less effective this year…

“So Boston is going to championship right past Miami?”

Comments (4)
  1. td says:

    Yes, I love it. i was thinking the same thing when I heard about Doc comments!!!

  2. TUFELE says:


    1. nobodysakobestopper says:

      HAHA, Whatever he is smoking has to be good! Man I am starting to hate the EAST

  3. Ultimate Lakers Fan says:

    Doc Wimpers said that because it really hurt them to lose to the Lakers. In 2008 Bynum & Ariza were out with injuries so in reality Boston never beat the LAkers Starting 5. They say if you win the NBA Championship once you got lucky but only true Champions repeat!

    Check out this vid –

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