More Students Speak Out About Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant After It Goes Viral

COSTA MESA (  —  More students are speaking out about an Orange Coast College professor’s anti-Trump comments recorded in a human sexuality class without her permission.

Olga Perez Stable Cox called Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

She also criticized his cabinet picks, referring to adviser Steve Bannon as a white supremacist and saying Vice President-elect Mike Pence is the most anti-gay politician in the United Stated.

After the video of her rant viral, the school’s Young Republicans club filed a formal complaint and is seeking an apology.

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As a follow-up Friday, CBS2’s Stacey Butler also talked to union representatives who support the teacher as well as two more students who were in the class and are outraged.

Neither student said they have serious political leanings.

“It was kind of just shocking,” said Tanner Webb.

“Students shouldn’t be shamed for their political beliefs,” said Noah Ferber, “or who they vote for.”

Both said they kept quiet for weeks to protect their grades. The two students said they also felt they needed to come forward when the student who shot the video was threatened with suspension or expulsion.

The president of the teacher’s union called the video a set-up. He says it was edited to make the professor look worse.

Webb said what happened after the video was turned off that had him squirming in his seat.

He said the professor asked Trump supporters to stand up.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“She was saying dehumanizing things about Trump supporters,” Webb says, “and nobody felt like they could stand up. Me, in fear of my grade. And then she said, ‘I bet none of you will stand up because you’re embarrassed for yourselves. The rest of the class should look out for them and know who to protect themselves from.'”

Webb added, “Nobody wants to stand up and be publicly humiliated by a teacher who holds the power in the classroom like that.”

The teacher’s union stands by the professor and said the student who shot the video could face legal action.

“We think it was unethical of the student to do what they did,” said the union president. He says the popular teacher was simply using hyperbole and exaggeration. “The faculty of Orange Coast College don’t believe that students are these fragile individuals that cannot hear hyperbole and that they need to be coddled.”

The students Butler spoke to said it’s not about being coddled. It’s about feeling bullied.

“If I fail this class because I spoke out on something I believe in,” said Webb, “then I could care less.”

The dean of students will now determine the fate of the student who shot the video, Butler reported.


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  1. Alan House says:

    This is the kind of teacher we really need to get rid of. She actually is the terrorist and the racist. There didn’t seem to be any mention of improper recording in the case of Trump and Sterling….and THEY had a reasonable expectation of privacy. The teacher was in a public forum and therefore no expectation of privacy exists. Just reinstate the hero whistleblower and get that libturd teacher outta there.

  2. Orange Coast College may “encourage discourse”, but this was downright proseltyzing and bullying on the professor’s part and that has no place in the classroom.

  3. Kevin Enkell says:

    Wow so according to the teacher’s union recording and sharing a professor’s lecture is now reason for expulsion. Who’s embarrassed themselves?

  4. Joe Cortese says:

    She should be fired and lose her pension. If this was 4 years ago and a teacher went on a rant about Obama they would have already been dismissed by now.
    A teacher shouldn’t even rant like this in a poli-sci class.

  5. Golden Rudy says:

    Teacher and all public unions. Thank you JFK. NOT! Even FDR thought the idea of public employees being unionized was a bad idea for America. Another long lasting stench on America from the Kennedy Klan.

  6. Brian Newman says:

    “The fate of the student that recorded it” should be a medal for exposing the hypocrisy in these institutions of free thinking. Then he should get a scholarship to a school that truly believes in freedom of speech.

  7. Bill Sims says:

    The professor can feel any way they want but to do this in class is grounds for firing.

  8. Frank Joyce says:

    Olga Perez Stable Cox is a sicko.

  9. Tom Maleta says:

    This is another example of why the teachers union is not good for student education.

  10. And the teachers union supports the teacher.Go figure,leftists supporting leftists.Do people expect anything different. In the real world that teacher should be fired or be sent to a deprogramming camp.

  11. Jns Eq says:

    Parents, this is what’s happening to your kids and the icing on the cake is that they’ll be saddled with six-figure debt if they get the full dose.

  12. Ralph Evans says:

    “We think it was unethical of the student to do what they did,”
    But you have no problem with someone in a position of power using it to denigrate and bully?
    Would you feel the same if the target were a gay, latino, or a black?
    Of course not, your selective rage is part of what cost you this election, that you can’t or won’t see it pleases us deplorables to no end.

  13. Jns Eq says:

    “The president of the teacher’s union called the video a set-up.”

    Problem #1.

  14. Teachers need unions because they suck at life. Get a real job.

  15. Colleges are indoctrination camps that dissidents still feel a need to attend. The Soviets would have been envious.

  16. Teacher should be fired. The student is a hero. Administration should also be fired.

  17. It’s SOP too record lectures!

  18. So the student who shot the video may be suspended or expelled? Are you kidding me? You have a professor acting like a nazi and bullying students, but the whistle blower student is the bad one in this scenario? This professor and the union punks should all be fired and then prosecuted for bullying…

  19. “The teacher’s union stands by the professor and said the student who shot the video could face legal action.”

    More hyperbole???

  20. If this occurred as reported, then it is terrible. On another note, this article is terribly written. Do you all actually pay people to write these things? Do you even have editors? If so, please fire them. There is no excuse for this. I’m assuming someone went to journalism school or has some sort of English or liberal arts degree if they write news articles for a living, which is just sad to think about after reading this.

  21. What is a “Human Sexuality” class? In college?!?!?! Dumb class…dumb teacher and this is an “accredited” class? WHY?

  22. David Frank says:

    I would expect nothing less from an anchor baby “teacher” in Mexifornia.

  23. How ironic. The head of the teacher’s union complaining about a Conservative student’s “need to be coddled”. Surprised that that this phony came out of his “safe space” long enough to make this statement.

  24. I think I need to go to my safe space now….

  25. Don Graves says:

    Who needs a course in human sexuality in college?

  26. craniumlogos says:

    How would the union react if a professor made anyone who was in favor of same-sex marriage stand up? Would that simply be using “hyperbole and exaggeration”?

  27. This professor is part of the problem in America. It’s obvious she is a Liberal Marxist Socialist Communist Fascist Progressive Racist Democrat. When one says Drain the swamp, the colleges, universities and public schools ( indoctrination centers) need to be cleansed of such people.

  28. This is what is wrong with unions today, they feel they must defend their members no matter what their member does…. not action is bad enough for the union to not defend.

  29. I’m thinking that if a conservative professor (they do exist, don’t they?) had Hillary supporters singled out and ridiculed, they’d have zero union support and be fired already.

  30. Doug Forbes says:

    Hillary ran to the right of Trump on several issues; including but not limited to, NAFTA, TPP, Outsourcing American jobs, and indentured labor (H-1B and H-1B). Hillary and Obama hold views on “guest worker” policies that are illiberal even by 19th century standards. This professor and other Trump critics are political illiterates.

  31. James Murphy says:

    The teacher is no more than a facist, thug bully. I also teach at a university. But I was taught never to use my position of authority to intimidate my students. This so-called educator must have cut class.

  32. Bud Sage says:

    The kindly teacher was just kidding, eh? Now the WHISTLEBLOWER may face expulsion? Things seem completely backward here. College isn’t what it used to be; apparently there are no standards anymore.

  33. Porky Pug says:

    Are you sure her name isn’t Olga Perez UnStable C–t?

  34. Pat Kinnick says:

    Professor is in dire need of diversity training – diverse views such as “conservatism” exist even on the West Coast

  35. edwatts1969 says:

    “Kill the messenger!”

  36. Merin Lukose says:

    Its Californica, what do y’all expect? The student will be expelled and deported to Alabama while the ‘professor’ will get a promotion and bonus salary increase.

  37. This teacher needs to be fired ASAP! I can not believe the approach the teachers union is taking….disgusting! This is bullying plain and simple

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