Orange Coast College Student Threatened With Expulsion After Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Tirade

COSTA MESA (  —  A political discussion in a college class touched off a firestorm.

A college professor went off on president-elect Donald Trump in her Orange Coast College class.

There are now threats of expulsion and threats of legal action.

CBS2’s Stacey Butler listened to the controversial rant. The human sexuality teacher — Olga Perez Stable Cox — called Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

“Our nation is divided. We have been assaulted. It is an act of terrorism,” she told the students.

She added, “One of the most frightening things for me, and most people in my life, is that the people who are committing the assault are among us.”

That was part of the teacher’s rant about Trump.

One student was so offended by the speech, he recorded it with his cellphone.

She also criticized Trump’s cabinet picks, advisers and the vice president-elect.

“A white supremacist and a vice president that is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country,” she said.

“At this point it’s not even education anymore, its indoctrination,” said Josh Recalde-Martinez, a member of the school’s Young Republicans Club.

The group filed a formal complaint about the professor’s rant. Another student complained about the teacher on

“I felt censored and bullied if I did not agree with her opinions,” the student wrote.

Political opinions she shared in-depth with the class.

“We are way beyond Republicans and Democrats, and we’re really back to being in a civil war,” she said, “and I don’t mean it in a fighting way, but our nation is divided as clearly as it was in civil war times.”

Recalde-Martinez posted the teacher’s rant on his Facebook page. It has 18,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Thursday night, the professor’s union posted a warning on its page. It condemned the student who recorded the video saying, “This is an illegal recording without the permission of the instructor. The student will be identified and may be facing legal action.”

“They wanted it to be known so that maybe we would get scared and take down the video. But to the union I want to say we are not gonna be doing that,” said Recalde-Martinez.

“The unions are acting like thugs, like bullies themselves,” said attorney Shawn Steel.

The attorney is also the Republican National Committeeman from California. He volunteered to represent the Young Republicans.

He said the student who shot the video is afraid he may be suspended or expelled with only a week left in the semester.

“Every student knows it. If you stand up to your professor, 90 percent of the time the professor’s going to punish you,” said Steel.

Butler also spoke to the president of the college who chose not to go on camera because the incident is still under investigation. He did tell her the college encourages a discourse on current events between students and faculty when it’s in context.

Butler also reached out to the teacher and her union for a comment and did not hear back from either one.


One Comment

  1. John Oakman says:

    The Proff needs to be taught a lesson.

    1. A fairly painful one. 🙂

    2. Isn’t it funny, these so called professors want to rant, rave and spread their liberalism but when they are caught like a rabid dog in their acts they want their safe spaces. When are our so called institutes of higher learning going to clean house and at least have a balanced staff of both liberals and conservatives?

      1. Because to be a profession you need to be able to read and understand things a more than 3rd grade level. Most conservatives lack those abilities.

      2. Yo, Brian! If you are going to insult the intelligence of other people, you should probably thoroughly check your spelling. It’s “professor”, not “profession”.

      3. dt60093 says:

        Political harassment ranks right up there with sexual harassment when a professor uses their authority to intimidate students into letting a professor have their way with the student. We needa political harassment law similar to the sexual harassment law already on the books.

      4. @ Brian Scoliosis: I’ll bump IQs with you and any of your sister Regressives, you non-spelling nitwit sissy. Let me know, you gender-fluid boy-girl.

      5. The drag is privatization of college and universities. They are then “persons” who have all rights to who gets to say what and do in order to reveal what paid teachers are lecturing about. This professor’s speech is the Hillary Clinton campaign line, propaganda because it’s opinion as fact and the facts are contrary to what this women, acting in a position of authority, is blathering. I stand with the student. But this “illegal to record” business, we the people have had enough of these communists.

    3. Ian Elliott says:

      This is a gross violation of the reason tenure exists. And a lazy excuse for intellectual exercise. It is a retreat from critical thought. Those who would defend the rightful use of tenure should decry this. Especially if they stand on the side of her beliefs. It is disgusting…

    4. “Those who cannot do, teach. Those who cannot teach, teach gym class”

    5. Hao De says:

      why would the instructor fear recording its lecture made in public among the students ?

    6. Jack Flash says:

      She should be fired – professors are not to take a political position and is supposed to present all sides not just the Socialist’s

  2. Ron Gallat says:

    How about instead of going after the student they fire the teacher for intimidating and bullying students?

    1. John Dendy says:

      That’s not the liberal way.

  3. Orange Coast College ?

    1. Frank Gresik says:

      Its a third rate community college. They teach you stuff you should have learned in high school.

      1. High school with ashtrays.

  4. David Kramer says:

    Ooooops! You’re on Drudge now. Liberals are such tolerant people, aren’t they?

  5. Ron Gallat says:

    How about instead of threatening the student with discipline and expulsion they censure the teacher for hate speech?

  6. Golden Rudy says:

    The true value of a college education in America on display. “Stable Cox”? Really?

  7. Greg Windsor says:

    So the human sexuality teacher’s name is Stable Cox ? Classic …

  8. This “teacher” wasn’t teaching anything and was merely using the school-provided platform to foment her own twisted political views. And then the teacher’s union had the nerve to threaten the student? She should be fired and blacklisted. She is utterly unfit to say ANYTHING to students!

  9. we need to expose these communists!!!,…we do not want them in America!!…get that teacher out in the clear so we all can see !!!…i hope the school knows what to do!!…our schools are no grounds for politics!!!

  10. If a professor is ashamed of their lecture perhaps they should have thought better than to use it. The professor is a coward and the school should rethink their need for her. The student showed initiative. Liberals cannot stand the light of day when it shines upon them. OHJ, and , yes, I am a retired university professor!

  11. The liberals “teachers” are protected by the liberal administrators. Face it. They feel invulnerable and superior when they are in their classroom, free to spread their vitriol.

  12. Mida Jim says:


  13. Craig Book says:

    On the rare occasion I encounter a liberal like this, I just tell them I refuse to sit here and listen to such racist and hateful speech, and excuse myself.
    Their head explodes.

  14. doggeatdogg says:

    Oh please try to throw him out. Let’s go to court. The teacher is a bully and the students’ writing and opinions must be rank and file or else. It’s a tyranny and something needs to be done about this once and for all. I will say the current student handbook needs to be checked about recording lectures. If there are restrictions, he might be in hot water regardless of where you sit on this argument.

  15. Louis Latour says:

    Both the nitwit teacher and the student should enjoy equal protection under the first amendment. The student paid for the class content and video notes are hardly unusual these days. Should be a non-issue.

  16. “We are way beyond Republicans and Democrats, and we’re really back to being in a civil war,” she said, “and I don’t mean it in a fighting way, but our nation is divided as clearly as it was in civil war times.”

    So it’s like the Civil War, only not in a fighting way… In other words – not at all like the Civil War.

  17. Osama Bedead says:

    The teacher was right about one thing. She was right that we are experiencing a civil war and, just like last time, it is the liberals and Democrats who demand slavery continue while the Conservatives and Republicans see how unfair it is for one elite group to impose their will on another. 150 years ago it was the color of your skin that determined whether you could get an education and today it is your political views. If you don’t do what the mass’a says in the classroom, then you are banished. And, in both cases it is Democrats promoting slavery and Republicans promoting equality.

    1. Excellent analogy. If that was used in a political debate, leftist heads would explode. It would be a mess. An image I’m enjoying quite liberally. lol

  18. Fred Doe says:

    These subversive, anti American propagandists not only want to be paid to indoctrinate the young with their cr@p, but they demand to do it in private with no one being permitted to expose them!

  19. The Teacher should be expelled. But, unfortunately, we know that she won’t because this is the prevalent thinking among those whom we pay to educate our children.

  20. Admin-c says:

    The fascist authoritarian teacher here doesn’t like that the dream of controlling everyone at every moment is crumbling before her eyes. We want to be free, not controlled by anyone of her ilk.

  21. David Puddy says:

    This is pure GOLD and everyone should congratulate this brave young student. The best way to expose these far leftest liberal instructors is show their ignorance and hate to the world. Good for this kid and I hope more young college kids will do the same.

  22. A course in human sexuality will have only kook teachers. It is a make-work subject to expand college curriculum to give the false appearance of having broad academic standards. And to hire and support a certain level of unqualified teachers that would otherwise not be employable at the university level. In other words, a bloated education system.

  23. Teacher’s a misinformed, bullying jerk. Trump is on video waving a rainbow flag on stage during one of his rallies, and has hired an openly gay man as his tech guru: Peter Thiel. I agree the nation is divided, but I blame Obummer for that. Thank goodness there are still some kids with their heads on straight.

  24. South Mike says:

    Liberals are nothing but human excrement.

  25. Louis Friend says:

    Teacher offered zero facts just opinion,she is supposed to be teaching her discipline ,not blast ing marxist ideology.facts would support Obama as setting race relations back to pre civil rights era

  26. Camera need to be installed in every School, University and College class in order to
    show the parents and public the garbage these morons preach.

  27. Jose Jimenez says:

    In Cuba the Castro regime forces Professors to indoctrinate students,,,,,in the USA “professors” indoctrinate students without even getting direct orders from the Hussein regime.

  28. This is the ignorant filth we entrust the education of our children to…..this moron SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED WITH EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN. He is thier, and many moe like him because of our fetid education institutions.
    Eliminate dept of ed
    Eliminate tenure.
    Eliminate the teachers union.

    Three simple things, no tax dollars, and in 5 years yo will see dramatic improvements in the quality of education.

  29. Betty Owens says:

    These people are fear based and depend on the government to earn a living, knowing unions will protect them and keep their jobs. Cowards who hide behind the security and bully others. Eliminate tenure and i guarantee they will change their manner of speaking. Let anyone who works, stand or fall on their own merit.

  30. Fire the teacher: The student should get an “A”.

  31. Chris Beyer says:

    It is hard to go through a week without reading an article like this. Radical liberal indoctrination is so rampant on campuses and public schools that every feature article on drudge on a given day could provide more expamples of this nonsense.

    Sadly, noting will happen to this leftist indoctrinating, radical, racial hate spewing teacher. Her behaviour is not the norm.

    1. Therese Rose says:

      Having worked in a university, I can say that unfortunately, there are many Liberal professors who tout their Marxist propaganda with a fascist attitude, demanding that their students follow suit or else. Just take a look at the Millennials who are incapable of listening to an opposing view. This is because instead of being taught critical thinking, they are groomed to spout the professors’ ideology. Thus, leaving them unqualified to live in the real world. Glad to see at least one student has critical intelligence. Kudos to his parents!

  32. Jns Eq says:

    “The human sexuality teacher…”

    There’s the REAL problem. W T F?

  33. The Human Sexuality teacher name is Stable Cox……


  34. Jim Speers says:

    It appears “Professor” Olga Perez STABLE Cox is very UN-STABLE. Typical Librul. Heh.

  35. Steve Hollar says:

    I agree with her about one thing, we are in a civil war. What she doesn’t quite get yet is that she and the rest of the pathetic liberal/progressive fools are losing and will continue to lose until they are thrown on the trash heap of history. Fire her and be done with it.

  36. Robert Denis says:

    Hate speech from the lefties

  37. That classroom doesn’t seem to be a very safe space

  38. Article headline should say “Student records Professors hate speech.”

  39. Keep recording and posting the viciousness of these so called “educators”.

  40. The fact that the teacher and the Union wants her statements pulled from Facebook says it all. I will never forget the look on one of my professor’s face when I reminded him that as a paying student and taxpayer he worked for me.

  41. Henry Crum says:

    Wonder if the prof had given permission to be recorded. It is pretty common in most Universities. That does not mean you can post it, though. I think it legal to post excerpts if the original permission was there.

  42. “…The human sexuality teacher — Olga Perez Stable Cox…,” tell me again how this is, “…in context”? The teacher is off-topic, and should be punished, not the student. #ORANGECOASTCOLLEGE

  43. BUCKLE up. . .the war to end all wars has begun. . ..

  44. That is one UGLY teacher – and I’m not just talking about her looks – she is a hateful ugly person inside.
    She has no place speaking her political views in a classroom. She needs to be fired and stripped of her teaching credentials so she can never do this again.

  45. timefortrump says:

    We need to purge these political hacks from our education system. Our schools have become communist brainwashing hives /spit on that professor

  46. JayJay Green says:

    “The Human Sexuality Teacher”

    This says it all. There’s really not a place for this subject in a school setting. When I went to college, there was a part of the physical education class that taught how all the parts worked and warned about STDs. That was plenty.

    This is a waste of students’ money, a complete waste of economic resources, and is likely simply an affirmative action program for otherwise unemployable “professors”.

    She’s one in a long line of liberal degenerates who can’t imagine someone disagreeing with liberal politics without also being a “white supremacist” or a “racist”. That’s intellectual dishonesty, and should qualify her for dismissal from the college.

    Fire her NOW.

  47. Get over yourself lady. Are you afraid of winning all the time?

  48. Is this what the radical left in the education establishment consider “free speech?” The professor gets to mouth off with far left hate speech but the student cannot reply with a measured, rational response? Something is badly out of whack and our country’s traditions are under attack by communists.

  49. Paull Cudak says:

    Where were the Protests back in 08 or in 12 when BHO won the election? Where was the Arson? the Looting?
    Conservative across the USA HATED BHO with a passion not because he is Black but his SOCIALIST IDOLOGY.
    Where were the Protests?
    Get over it you limp wristed snow flakes and ignorant cupcakes.
    As BHO said back in 08.
    “Elections have consequences, WE WON GET OVER IT!”

  50. Troy Dynes says:

    The fascist left is spreading fake news and becomes aggressive when they are exposed whereas they are intolerant of opposing thought.

  51. Guy Hurd says:

    This is what is wrong in America. The Professor was out of line slamming Trump. She should be terminated. I had a Prof in 1972 threaten me after I called him on his political ranting in class. He told me I should withdraw from his class or I would get an F. I filed complaint with College but heard nothing more. Oh, I did withdraw.

  52. Carl Quick says:

    Ha, ha, stupid “pro” fessor. Keep your mouths shut and you won’t lose your govt funded, taxpayer paid, tax slave job.
    WHAT IS TAXED d ot c om

  53. Phil Cohen says:

    The “professor” is an intellectual PEDOPHILE and has no business abusing students.

  54. Whack job leftists should not be teaching.

    1. This attack on Conservative perceived White Christians is ongoing in California Junior and Community Colleges the Faculty does bully and assault the Student, if they don’t then the Islamic Jihadists do, they perpetuate hate crime charges against the isolated students whose opinions they detest and pursue academic charges against said conservative student until they are Academically Challenged or Charged and suspended or expelled, my own son is a perfect example of this Lying Leftist Islamic Jihad against truth and conservatism. If you want another story contact me.
      Best Regards,
      PS in process of contacting attorney and establishing a gofundme site.

  55. Neuro Mancer says:

    The teacher is the problem.

  56. Doug Day says:

    Anyone who made it to college without exposure to “Kids, Condoms and Cukes” throughout their K-12 years I take my hat off to…well done!

  57. I”m a conservative teacher at a Christian For-Profit college, and since I teach philosophy and ethics, I cross over into the subject of Marxism, atheism, and (for balance) hedonistic consumerism. To my knowledge, the only time I’ve been recorded in class was when I sing and dance instructions on assignments for emphasis. Apparently, students don’t understand instructions for assignments unless I sing and dance them.

  58. Dan Higgins says:

    The “teacher” should be fired ASAP… should be about different opinions not fascist left leaning rants….

  59. Hmmmm… Professor gave a political speech which turned the context into a public forum, not an educational context.

    Is she ashamed of her political position and what she said? If not, then what is the objection to someone posting a video of her stating her political views?

    Students post thousands of videos taken within schools every day with no objection from the left. Why should this one be different?

  60. “He did tell her the college encourages a discourse on current events between students and faculty when it’s in context.”

    Next question: at your school, what is an acceptable context for the ignorant partisan hate speech of the ‘professor’?

  61. Calm down everyone. They were covering the chapter on Abstinence. The first section is about focusing the mind and there’s not much that kills the mood more than discussing politics. They were learning a lesson in a way.

  62. Don’t know about Calif. law, but I would think there would be no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public university. Anything said by a public employee on the job should be open for public scrutiny.

  63. Isn’t it interesting that the college doesn’t mind one of their professors saying something like this, but they are concerned about the general public finding out about it?

    OK, maybe it’s not that interesting or even that surprising, but remember these are taxpayer dollars and parent paid tuition dollars that are underwriting all of this.

  64. How does one make a career out of taking a class called “Human Sexuality”….?
    …..taught by a fat fock sow?
    California should be thoroughly NUKED!

  65. Matt McCann says:

    The student is not the one that should be in trouble. It is overboard even if it were a political science class … a sex ed class? No way. The professor should be disciplined

  66. Safe to say the prof won’t be invited to Trump Tower…

  67. Sadly, to our Nation’s detriment, colleges have become microphones for the altLeft and warehouses for leftist extremists. This is NOT a teacher but rather a propagandist for all that is wrong with our country. Add to that, she’s mean and ugly — I feel for the students but taxpayers should not be footing the bill.

  68. Keep recording, but post these videos after your class grade! Liberals are vindictive.

  69. Of course the “teachers” behaviour is disgusting but what does one expect when they pay good money for a course as fatuous as HUMAN SEXUALITY? I could see this being of value if it was at the graduate level but I bet it is some useless elective course for freshmen.

    One wonders why anyone wastes their time with this nonsense.

  70. Ra Williams says:

    That entitled person is teaching a puff class like Human Sexuality and just had to go into politics. FIRE HER!

  71. Don’t think the teacher should be protected from being recorded when she is not teaching.

  72. How about teachers simply teaching their subjects? Isn’t this teacher stealing time from her students education? The teacher can rant all she wants – on her own time. It’s been a while since I visited a college campus, but it used to be that many of them had a small stage or area where anyone could go and spout off on any subject they wanted to. That seems to be a better place for rants that obviously rather unhinged.

  73. Timmy Sims says:

    Just wondering, is the classroom considered a private place, especially with students 18 years of age and above. I wonder it this same teacher is all gung-ho about wanting police to wear body cams that will record private innocent citizens!!!!

  74. Ron Egan says:

    I wonder how many conservative students ran crying from the room looking for their safe spaces? That’s right, none. Only kids whose parents abused them by raising them as “tolerant, open-minded”, liberals are weak minded enough to believe in or need safe spaces.

  75. Kelley Eidem says:

    To put her remarks in the proper context, Cox called Trump and his supporters sexist racist terrorists but only in the most friendly loving way. As a strong Trump supporter I felt all warm and fuzzy inside due to her inclusive remarks.

    I want to give the union rep a big hug, too.

    Anyway, Miss Cox was talking about human sexuality and that reminded her of President-Elect Trump. It’s understandable.

  76. The Congress should pass a law banning institutions that receive Federal funds of any kind, even through students loans and tuition assistance, from indoctrinating and proselytisation of students, included the recruitment of students for protests. Furthermore, there should be a requirement that there is a balanced and unbiased presentation of all political views and political-economic systems. As someone who emigrated from the Soviet bloc, I am appalled that college students are not being taught about the evils committed in the name of Soviet, Chinese and Cuban collectivism and it is about time that changes.

  77. The vile, vulgar and violent left melting down. Some of the most hateful people are the militant gay and transgender movements. Small minority getting way to old much attention. People are sick of them.

  78. Diane Dina says:

    This university is a fraud as are its ‘degrees’.

  79. What is a human sexuality teacher and why does that even have a place in a public school?
    Also, where was the outrage as teachers led our kids out of classrooms to protest for Socialism and against Trump?
    Welcome to a Leftist world. Disagree with them and its “zero tolerance.”

  80. SUCH DISGUSTING HYPOCRITES. If a white male professor had made scathing comments about Shillary or Obama, or any “special” group (which includes everyone except straight white males), and the video had been posted by a “student of color, the idiots in the professor’s union would be lauding the student’s “courage!”

  81. no doubt she was influenced by the conditions described by Kid Rock’s “_onald Trump” shirt.

  82. I’m sick and tired of these ignorant professors and administrators spewing their vitriol…my daughter is in college and we talk, the first time I hear she has a pinhead professor advocating nonsense…I’m going to meet with them.

  83. Rick Boc says:

    Professor ,like that need to be removed, now parents know where all the hates being taught from,and our kids are now being manipulated,at college.

  84. Max Branaum says:

    Student should sue the school for breach of contract (he paid for education, not political indoctrination) and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    1. Lou Anthony says:

      Exactly my thoughts. The students pay good money to be taught and not to be subjected to rants by leftist/extremist teachers. As far as the union supporting her, they are just as bad.

  85. Chris Phelps says:

    Public official and /or public meeting exceptions to CA wiretap law will apply. They can’t do a thing to that student, except give him an F.

  86. ““Every student knows it. If you stand up to your professor, 90 percent of the time the professor’s going to punish you,” said Steel.”

    Well, we have FOUND the source of BULLYING on Campus !

  87. David Alster says:

    “He did tell her the college encourages a discourse on current events between students and faculty when it’s in context.” Haha ha ha ha . Yeh right! Discourse in a one way street.

  88. bvikay says:

    Fake professor should be fired immediately. The video was not fake news, it was factual.

  89. It’s not illegal to record a lecture. Students do it all the time for study purposes.

  90. Enough of this injustice. Anyone who gets a position as an instructor, feels a sort of totalitarian impunity, and can spew any sort of venom they wish. An “illegal” recording. The “professors’ union” is avoiding any sort of accountability. Enough. Fire them, and put balances in place to prevent monolithic perverse indoctrination posing as education.

  91. Democrats have always been fascists. They scream like stuck pigs when they are exposed.

  92. You would think this guy along with the other lefties would realize that going directly to the name calling; Trump’s election “was an act of terrorism” and Trump’s supporters are terrorists and he’s a Nazi, doesn’t have any more influence than a two year old having a tantrum. Where do they go now after calling out the most hateful insults? They just have to keep screaming the same things. And it is already tiresome to most of us. It will be to everyone soon enough.

  93. Rick LaBonte says:

    Does this marxist fascist organization receive any taxpayer money? Shut it off. Shut them down. Get these liberal fascists out of our naiton’s institutions

  94. Liberal college professors are the gift that keeps on giving. This is so typical that EVERY student should record, where legal, their nutty professors rants and ideological tirades. A free election being described as an “act of terror” need to be addressed by the college Administration.
    This moron needs to be fired or at interviewed for mental illness. She seems to be a danger to the students. What if she goes off the rails and hurts a student. They are on notice so maybe a BIG law suit could wake them the F*** up.

  95. Oh My God! After seeing that ugly cow I may never have a stable cox again! Why are ALL liberal women hideously ugly?!?!?!?!?

  96. Idiot Marxist Prof should be fired. Student should get an automatic A+

  97. What right to privacy does a college teacher have speaking in front of a class full of students?

  98. If you’re interested in why these indoctrinated leftwits act this way then watch this video:

  99. Universities are defacto forms of our government, and and such, are bound by the First Amendment. I know, because I am a university employee. I would dearly love to see the professor attempt legal action against this kid. Of course she’d lose, and hopefully lose a ton of money in the resultant counter-suit.
    Ironic, isn’t it, that professors hide behind the First Amendment and the “academic freedom” that comes with tenure, but will deny those same protections in a heartbeat to others who dare to disagree with them. I recently heard a radio commentator state that “racism is the final refuge of liberalism”. OH HOW TRUE!

  100. Paul King says:

    Huh oh, this is a PC class. No truth or discussions allowed.

  101. Don Graves says:

    Find a new school.

  102. It will depend on the state laws and the colleges policy on recording on if it was illegal or not. Usually, if one party is aware of it, then it is fine. Now, from what I have seen and read, the teacher was way out of line! Her rant was unacceptable and beyond the scope of teaching. As a professional, she should know what the definition of terrorism is and be more apt to research facts. A lot of labels she put on the President elect and his VP do not carry legitimacy and are fact propaganda by fake news outlets such as MSNBC and CNN. I can agree with her that there is a divide though. The liberals mental illness has spread like a cancer in our country and needs to be cut out. She is obviously infected with it.

  103. It’s always the community colleges that have the most wacko/extremist professors/instructors.

  104. Another Loony Tunes sewer sipping libby! God Bless that student!

  105. Hugh Tjardon says:

    Heads should roll over this. Hers first.

  106. Stay strong young Republican students – resist the nutty neo-fascist teachers and their administrators…their tired, failed ideology will only harm you…

  107. Roger Scott says:

    What has political science have to do with human sexuality. It’s like one of the Hollywood “pseudo celebrities” telling us how we should think. Stick with the job you were hired for.

  108. Jim Thompson says:

    The classroom/Teacher commentary is not protected, it’s public speech and this teacher is reprehensible.

  109. Since Trump’s election liberals have shown nothing but their true colors. I find this fantastic. With digital media these anti AMericans will be exposed over and over for their anti democratic views. Keep it up, liberals. I love it. Keep saying anti American stuff. Just adds to the pile we already have on you. The evidence of your anti American anti God views and actions continue non stop. Keep making our case by showing who you are, UN Americans. F U!

  110. Exactly. Where is the “safe space” for conservative kids here?

  111. ” He did tell her the college encourages a discourse on current events between students and faculty when it’s in context.”

    If the above is true,then the student should feel comfortable challenging the Prof. in class as a matter is adult discussion. Bet the Prof. wouldn’t let that happen.

  112. Clegg Jensen says:

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

  113. Carl Ball says:

    that was not discourse that was a rant telling students if you are against me i am against you! meaning don’t hand anything in you fail!

  114. Jill Pol says:

    Feckless, goofy, ugly profs. can say anything in calif., hard to fire them.

  115. If the college receives any funding through grants, even through osmosis- they should LOSE THAT FUNDING same way places of worship do: for bringing up political topics and recommending votes for a specific party or person. Her first name “Olga” I suspect she originally may come from one of those Marxist states like Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador or Venezuela. The students do NOT need nor want to hear her tirades. NO one wants to hear their professors tirades, nor those from celebrities for that matter.

  116. Ed Jenkins says:

    I’d demand a full refund and punitive damages from the college for breach of contract and morbid stupidity on the college’s part for hiring incompetent professors.

  117. It is a public school. The professor has no privacy rights. We the taxpayers deserve to know what is going on in our PUBLIC schools.

  118. Where was these students “Safe Place” to avoid the BS hatred this so-called professor was throwing out?

    Why would any college, even a no rate college like Orange Coast, keep this clearly damaged creature on staff? Fire her!!

  119. Mark Wothe says:

    I’m curious how the union thinks that it can expel or discipline a student. More proof that education unions do not give a lick about students or education.

  120. I would say “you can’t make this sh1t up” except her name is “Olga Perez Stable Cox”. Seriously.

    1. Ty Ginger says:

      Her name is hilarious, what a pretentious beeotch.

  121. Free Speech 1 / Marxist Puppy Mill Thug 0

  122. Jewish transvestite is hysteric and believes this is the worst thing ever. Who would have thought?

    The real issue is the fact that these freaks have power! Why these mentally ill, bigoted and anti-western people have this much power. The issue is jewish nepotism in academia.

  123. Can you imagine if a professor had spouted a similar rant against Obama? That professor would be without a job in a matter of days. There would be protests outside the college and petitions condemning the professor and the college for hiring her. Liberals are so hypocritical!

  124. Ever notice..that the biggest losers in life work in education and are teachers….this crazy lady would never survive in the real private work world

  125. Gitsy Nomore says:

    Perez Stable Cox, Olga
    Instructor – Psychology
    (714) 432-5613

  126. Kim A Kirk says:

    Why is it nearly every professor on sexuality is completely unf****ble?……

  127. Since when is anything said in a classroom classified as a private conversation and therefore protected? Get out of the way, union. CONSTITUTIONAL REALITY IS ABOUT TO HIT YOU IN THE FACE.

  128. Sherry Lee says:

    I no longer wonder what the F is wrong with young people.

  129. John McElroy says:

    From kindergarten to post graduate schools, one is more likely to find a person with a rational thought process in a residential mental health facility than you are to find such a person in the halls of any educational institution.

  130. CBS and the mass media are as much to blame for this as the socialist universities…..DEFUND THE UNIVERSITIES……BOYCOTT CBS…..done.

  131. This hateful and totally wrong professor needs to be disciplined NOT the student.

  132. Perhaps the professor should be sued for slander. Seems only fair.

  133. Thank you for identifying Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox. She will now be added to the list of extreme left wing professors so parents and the students have a choice knowing who and where not to go to prepare these kids in becoming positive, functioning members of our society. The list you’re now on, in perpetuity, is much more expansive than simply Parents need to be aware so I thank you Mr. Recalde-Martinez for your application of your first amendment rights with this unequivocal video. We’ll be following carefully any blowback or retribution Ms. Olga Perez Stable Cox may take. She is contaminated as all can see to the point of clinical IMO. At the very least you made the list Ms. Cox, congrats……

  134. Perverted minds do not like honesty. It exposes their wickedness and acts of darkness.

  135. David Shaw says:

    I don’t get it. The professor doesn’t stand by her comments? Shouldn’t she be happy the world gets to hear them? The fact she’s acting defensive shows she knows she’s in the wrong.

  136. Leave it to the political left to prove they hate students who think for themselves and who are willing to speak about it. This teacher should be severely disciplined and the union embarrassed publicly for threatening the free speech rights of this student.

  137. I can only judge based on the professors words. She seems to be a heterophobic, anti-American hate monger. She did seem to indicate the President and VP are terrorists, or that their election was a terrorist act. This would make most of middle America terrorists. Calling a US service veteran a gay hater based on nothing seems to make her heterophobic at best and pure evil at worst. The US election followed all applicable US laws. This brings into question the professors allegiance to US law. She is certainly anti-American on this point. She tells the students a civil war exists in this country. To what end? What is she trying to teach her students? What was she hired to teach? I think the students have a pretty good case that the college is not providing the service that has been paid for by the students.

    1. Great comment. Seems the persons who are most guilty of hate mongering are the ones who are the loudest accusing others.

  138. Seems to me that the professor is way out of bounds and should be held accountable for his bullying and intimidation of the student under the same rules that are applicable to liberal students. Perhaps the college should be sued for traumatizing the student, and as a minimum providing counseling and a safe space.

  139. Let me see if I understand this.
    Olga Perez Stable Cox – What a name. Oh well. check
    Human sexuality class – Discussing politics. check.
    Orange Coast Community College – Check. another government run brain washing center
    Southern California – Check. Got that one for certain.
    An unrealistic expectation that college lectures don’t get recorded since it’s been going on for decades now. Check
    A butt hurt obese white woman with a teaching credential accusing others of terrorism when her diatribe itself is an act of emotional terrorism against those who foster a different belief. Not teaching but indoctrination. Brainwashing if you will. Check and double check.
    An unrealistic expectation to a right to privacy since she was speaking openly to many students who no doubt heard and possibly recorded the same thing. Ergo, the classroom was a public place. Was attendance checked to ensure others from the public were not sitting in those seats when they shouldn’t have been? Check
    Lawyers and school administrators threatening to sue the student for recording something he had a right to record in a public place where anyone could have done the same. Check

    The student should sue all of them for the terrorist threat leveled against him.

    Most students are aware, as I became aware, that if you challenge a teacher you will get a lower grade simply for challenging them. It’s the type of extortion teachers of this type use.

    I do hope this goes to court and I do hope that she looses her cherished job over it.

    In this day and age you have to be pretty stupid to think you can say anything you want to say to a group of people and not have it come back to haunt you.

    By the way I’m white but do understand the demographics and races who attend these community colleges while attempting to get an education instead of a brainwashing.

    We don’t need stupid educators working in the public grist school mill to brainwash people.

  140. Joe Schmoes says:

    Uh, Ms. Harvey, That’s “President-Elect Trump”, not “Trump”. Try not to let unconscious biases get in the way of your “reporting”.

  141. Bruce Smith says:

    V. I. Lenin, the founder of Russian communism said: “Give me your children and in 4 years the seeds I have sown will never be uprooted.” That has been a central strategy for the left for 30 years.

  142. And the prof’s political rant had exactly what to do with the class subject matter?

  143. I’m not an attorney but I can’t see how a public employee, making comments on public property can have an expectation of privacy. The threats of legal action against the student are weak and typical of leftists, who above all things, love using the power of the government to silence their detractors. Clearly this woman is a left wing ideologue. And yes, we are divided as a nation and that’s largely in part because of the past 8 years of a President and his party using every opportunity to make that happen along racial and gender (whatever that means today) lines. But this doesn’t hold a candle to the civil war. That comparison alone exposes her ignorance and makes her unfit to instruct anything but a kindergarten class.

  144. “human sexuality teacher — Olga Perez Stable Cox” Talk about a name freak! You can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, prepare for more liberal heads to explode as they attempt to deal with their utter defeat and the continued marginalization of their pathetic political lives.

  145. Olga Perez Stable Cox (talk about pretentious overly long naming) needs to be fired. She is a horribly poor excuse for an educator and needs to find another line of work more suiting to someone with her hate. She’s getting paid to spew her hate to students instead of teaching them? What an intolerant POS. She is unfit to be in the education field.

  146. craniumlogos says:

    No, the professor and her union didn’t act like bullies – they ARE bullies!
    An election is an act of terrorism?

  147. A classroom is a public forum and should be allowed to be recorded.

  148. The Professor was not teaching but was giving her opinion on the election. There is a time and place for that. The student had the insight and courage to provide America with her “Ideological” far left remarks to demonstrate what is happing in our colleges and universities.

  149. Olga Perez Stable Cox = Liberal Jackasz

  150. Gil Vietor says:

    Some serious irony that this stupid prof wants expulsion when in the tirade that Trump is against free speech…

    Fire her.

  151. You can record a person as long as the person has no reasonable expectancy of privacy. So yes, you can record a professor in front of a classroom freaking out. Time to pull federal funding from all the colleges, and throw the perverted communist propagandists out on their ears.

  152. Tomas Cruz says:

    Did this “professor” protest the Iran deal? They execute every gay they can find, even teens. Did this champion of gays protest Obama and Governor Cuomo visit to occupied Cuba who oppress and torture gays? Fake-phoney-fraud hypocrite.

  153. Olga Perez Stable Cox – Take your meds. ASAP!

  154. While everyone else concerns themselves about the social and constitutional ramifications of this, I will get a crass juvenile chuckle out of the fact someone with the last name Stable Cox is teaching a human sexuality class.

  155. Grizz Mann says:

    Did the professor instruct the students on the Democrat role with the KKK? Just speaking of the aftermath of the real Civil War.

  156. This is like a Jesse Water’s episode. Nothing here but stupid behavior that serves no purpose other than comforting readers who will feel superior to all involved.

  157. Adam Mind says:

    Perez Stable Cox, Olga
    Instructor – Psychology
    (714) 432-5613

  158. Will this school be buying carbon credits to offset there planned book burnings ?

  159. Cut off all Taxpayer funds to the “school” and her.

  160. This professor needs to go!

  161. Buddy Thomas says:

    Is her name Stable Cox – for real?? Does she swallow? LOL

  162. Gary Hoffman says:

    After listening to the fragment of Olga Cox’s lecture provided on a link by The Coast Report, it is clear that the Shawn Steel law firm mischaracterizes Cox’s comments as “hate speech and bullying tactics.” First of all Cox’s tone is conciliatory, remarking that despite a badly divided nation, she feels “we will get past it.” Secondly, knowing the country has elected a team with a vice president who has difficulty separating church from state and is proudly anti-gay, Cox suggests gender freedoms are under assault and uses “terrorism from within” as a metaphor for expressing that fear. That is not hate speech. Thirdly, there is no evidence on the tape that Cox shut down students from disagreeing with her. Where’s the bullying? Watching the tape, what disturbs me the most, is that the student taping Cox—instead of having a civil disagreement with her in class—went behind her back to stir up a lawyer and a social media mob.

    Gary Hoffman
    Co-chair English department

  163. Reed Smith says:

    The advance of academic fascism is inexorable….political indoctrination in secular academia is every bit as insidious and toxic as religious indoctrination

  164. Ignorant woman. This is why the Bible says a woman should never be over a man. Also why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  165. icansayitnow says:

    I suppose that teacher also wants to get rid of the 1st amendment, and has no idea what the Constitution actually says…in her behalf. But threatening anyone for what they believe, or say is one of the Rules she is violating. If the Union stands behind, and supports her. They should also be sued for violating the Rights of Americans.

Comments are closed.

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