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Pinging Phone Helps Locate Woman Who Survived 700-Foot Fall After Veering Off Mountain RoadThe woman managed to call emergency crews after falling down the side of the mountain but could not pinpoint where she was. Authorities used the phone's ping to approximate her location. Tina Patel reports.
Because Science: Men Have Better Sense Of Direction Than Women, Study FindsThe findings didn't seem to jibe with the Angelenos CBS2 spoke to Thursday night. Stacey Butler reports.
'Homelessness Is Not A Crime,' Say Residents In Trendy LA Enclave Who Want Violence, Crime At Encampment AddressedIn a video posted to YouTube, a nighttime fight can be seen breaking out along an encampment next to Poinsettia Park in L.A.'s Fairfax District, just one more sign of what neighbors say has become a dangerous, violent situation in the area. Tom Wait reports.
Trump Calls Off Summit With North KoreaPresident cited remarks about Vice President Mike Pence as well as other factors in backing out of June meeting. Dave Bryan reports.
9-Year-Old Social Media Star Lil Tay Has Some Parents Concerned Over Her Big MouthThe internet sensation has made a name for herself by showing off wads of cash and her $250K cars to her "haters." Whether or not it's a shtick, some people who spoke to CBS2 said there's a concern about what will happen to the tiny web starlet when her 15 minutes of fame are up. Lisa Sigell reports.
Carjacking Suspect Leads To Wild Chase, 5 WrecksFortunately none of the innocent people were hurt badly. Michele Gile reports.

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