Lakers Free Agent/Trade Rumors

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Former Boston Celtic Rasheed Wallace intends to come out of retirement and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a report from A. Sherrod Blakely of

Wallace has been out of the league since losing Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Lakers.

Gallery: Lakers Classic – Game 7 Vs. Portland 6-4-2000

Blakely, appearing on the Mason and Ireland show on ESPN 710 to clarify his report, indicated Wallace hasn’t been offered a job, but  has been in contact with the team.

The Lakers have an open roster  spot  after they cut Derrick Caracter earlier in the month.

Wallace, 37, has appeared in four All-Star games,  and averaged 14 points and 6.7 rebounds per game over his career.



Comments (13)
  1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

    Rasheed Wallace SUCKS!!!!!

  2. Mavey says:

    He’s a weed head…..the positive thing for the Lakers opponents is that they will be shooting numerous technical foul shots…he’s a hothead as well.

  3. Neal./ says:

    Really, this is all we could get? Jim Buss running the franchise into the ground!!

    1. david taylor says:

      next they might sign odoms wife LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. msladygee says:

    we can’t be this desperate!!? who’s next? I know, hey Jim let’s bring Dennis Rodman out of retirement too!!

  5. joeswanson says:

    While other teams can pick up players like JR Smith to Knicks and Kenyon Martin to Clips, Lakers can only get Rasheed Wallace???

  6. pricky pepe says:

    What an absolute waste of money on this bozo wallace

  7. Big Jue says:

    We can use a shooter too, Reggie Miller!!!

  8. Lorenzo says:

    Let’s get Allen inversion since we are so desperate. He is broke and need a job and knows how to shoot.

  9. Raymond says:

    What? Arvydas Sabonis wasn’t available.

  10. david taylor says:

    Rasheed Wallce?!!!!!!!! Is this some kind of joke????!!!!!!! Might aswell sign Rasheed Green.

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