HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Authorities have recovered evidence from the home of a man whose head, hands and feet were discovered in Bronson Canyon Park early last week.

On Saturday, detectives searched the third-floor apartment (#319) of murder victim Hervey Medellin in Hollywood.

Police would not disclose what evidence was collected although several large bags could be seen being removed from the location.

Detectives have been examining if any of Medellin’s relationships led to the murder.

Sunday, CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Louisa Hodge spoke to Medellin’s roommate, albeit through a closed door.

He told her “It’s kind of hard for me right now.” And he added, “Can you respect that?”

Medellin’s head was found by two dogwalkers on Tuesday near the Hollywood sign.

A police search of the area turned up his hands and feet a day later.

Detectives believe the body parts were dumped in the park and the murder happened somewhere else.

No arrests have been made in the case and police have not named a person of interest.

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Comments (6)
  1. jim says:

    probably was suicide

  2. Frank says:

    Yes because suicide victims typically chop their own hands and feet off first before proceeding to chop their own heads off next all while somehow managing to litter themselves across a hiking path in the Hollywood Hills. (eyes rolling, head shaking in disbelief). I really hope you’re kidding Jim.

  3. greg says:

    Jim, I think you may be correct, it’s a way to make sure his spouse collects 2x the insurance money as suicide sometimes isn’t paid and “accidental” death pays double, but he had to do leg,leg, hand, 1/2 way through neck, 1/2 way through hand, almost thru neck, complete hand, shake head very hard till it becomes detached. Do you agree?

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