LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Photos of a grisly human head found on a hiking trail in the Hollywood Hills are being offered for sale, but news outlets and blogs have been saying no thanks.

A massive search of Bronson Canyon Park ensued after two dog walkers found a man’s severed head in a plastic bag Tuesday afternoon. The next day, police found two hands and two feet in shallow graves in the same area.

Lauren Kornberg and her mother made the discovery when one of the dogs they were walking led them to the severed head. Kornberg said she flagged down a passersby to use his cell phone to call 911.

The photos being shopped around were presumably taken by that man, who is now asking $5,000 for the set of eight photos. In at least one of the photos, which does not depict the head, Kornberg is seen holding the leashes of her dogs, gesturing in one direction, and smiling.

The photos have been offered to Gawker, CBS2/KCAL9 and TMZ.com, among other news outlets. Gawker offered $42, which was declined, and CBS2/KCAL9 and TMZ both declined.

Los Angeles police officials said they were aware the photos had been circulating and may speak to the owner of the cellphone about what was witnessed at the scene, according to the LA Times, but selling the pictures is not a crime.


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Comments (5)
  1. greg says:

    The ad said “Anybody want to buy a little head” $5k

  2. Denise says:

    Chances are that is someones loved one. A husband, maybe a father. Selling the photos is beyond greedy. Disgusting that they were even taken in the first place and I hope this guy ends up looking like a fool.

  3. rich says:

    gestureing and smiling anyone want to take bets that the cops will find out the dog walkers are somehow involved in this crime

  4. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    I hike Bronson frequently, and that area is infested with wannabe movie-star types as well as other workers in the entertainment field, so it doesn’t surprise me that someone would try to cash in on this tragedy. That hiking path is ground zero for stuck-up entertainment-industry folks as well as wanna-bes.

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