IRWINDALE (CBS) — Authorities Saturday released the identities of those fatally struck in a shooting rampage at a Southern California Edison office in Irwindale.

A coroner’s official identified the deceased as 56-year-old Henry Serrano of Walnut and 53-year-old Robert Scott Lindsay of Chino.

Two other employees were critically wounded in the Friday afternoon shooting rampage inside an office complex at 4900 block of Rivergrade Road before the alleged gunman, identified as 48-year-old Andre Turner of Norco, took his own life.

SCE employee Angela Alvarez, 46, from Glendale, and contractor Abhay Pimpale, 38, of Montebello, were critically injured during the rampage.

pimpalefamily1 Victims Of Shooting Rampage At Irwindale Edison Identified

Abhay Pimpale (credit: the Pimpale family)

Pimpale is being released from the hospital Saturday and should be home by Saturday evening.

“This has been one of the most horrific days in the 125-year history of Southern California Edison,” said Gil Alexander of SoCal Edison.

Sources tell CBS2 that before to the shooting, the gunman went into a room and said, “Not you. Not you. Not you,” essentially telling some employees to get out of the room before taking aim at four managers.

According to sources, Turner was a disgruntled employee who learned Friday that he wouldn’t receive a year-end bonus and was allegedly having financial trouble.

CBS2’s Serene Branson reported that investigators are using some of the security video from inside the building to gather more information.

Other SoCal Edison employees told CBS2 that the gunman was at work Friday morning and used his key card to gain access to the building.

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Comments (29)
  1. Monica says:

    How sad – all over a year end bonus, that he worked for all year long! I bet the executives got their year end bonuses!!!!!!

    1. blu says:

      You work all year long for your pay!! Bonuses are added perks, therefore, you shouldn’t assume you’ll receive one! Earlier reports stated he was recently disciplined. This had nothing to do with anyone else receiving bonuses and is no excuse to murder people!!!

    2. LaLo says:

      That he worked for all year long??? How do you know? Maybe he didn’t get his bonus because he was a bad employee, ever thought of that? Sad yes, for the victims and their families. As for the shooter, he was a coward and a nut.

    3. suzy says:

      I wondered what really did set off this employee? I don’t think it had to do with a bonus.

    4. Sam says:

      Yeah, the CEO made over $9,000,000 last year.

    5. jj says:

      No SCE employees get their bonuses in March. It had nothing to do with this story that the media announced.

    6. belle says:

      I read a different story on cbs news that his daughter had recently been laid off from Edison and that they had a meeting with employees that there were going to be more cuts. There is no excuse to take a persons life no matter how bad your financial situtation is, but to Edison a word of advise, ” Stop laying people off during the holidays”!!!!!!!, have a heart !!!! Edison continues to raise rates, how can they have layoffs. I grieve for the victioms family and the shooters family.

  2. Belinda says:

    My husband works for this same department at SCE and they do not get a year end bonus! Their bonuses are given at the end of their fiscal year which is in March. This is the media’s simple excuse for why this sick individual snapped but we will find out that it went miuch deeper than that.

    1. uhoh says:

      Actually they do get a year end bonus. Nice try…

      1. Michael says:


        Bonuses are paid at the end of March. I know this as a fact. Try to think before posting. DOn’t repeat the untested dogma.

      2. Tami says:

        Bonuses are in March.. Michael and Belinda are correct.. The media is trying to develop their version of what made the man snap.

      3. Sue says:

        Although this isn’t the time of year for bonuses, they are currently going through performance appraisals – might be he got a bad review, that would impact his bonus (or lack thereof) come March.

      4. I Know says:

        Non-executive management employees at Edison do not receive bonuses. Instead they are eligible for “Results Sharing.” Results Sharing pay outs are not bonuses. Many years ago the pay structure was changed and employees pay was ratcheted down 10-15% and a new incentive component was added. If multiple company goals are met, the employees could gain back all or some of what they used to be paid before the two-part pay method. Base Pay + Results Sharing (or variable pay component) = Total Pay. Also if an employee’s individual performance overall is “Needs Improvement,” under a questionable new 3-tier system, results sharing payout is withheld or reduced. An employee may know now that their performance appraisal status will dictate no results sharing payout in the future (March).

      5. maestro says:

        no they dont i work there they get quarterly nice try to you i am his friend it also had nothing to do with his house because he was making more money than when he first bought the house thw truth will be revealed so save yourassupmtions and try praying for all they victims instead of posting rumors

  3. Robert S. says:

    So sad! Why do people “go off the deepend” over work related issues, etc. Surely there is not that much money involved. May God bless all the famly members that are directly involved in this situation.

  4. art says:

    edison has ALWAYS given a bonus it has never had to do with how good of an employee you are just on the fact of DID YOU WORK THERE people come to depend on these things to pay bills and at this time of year to buy christmas for their familys if in deed the company was stiffing him then they are the guilty ones along with the shooter yes he has more guilt but in tough times like this if your going to give a bonus to one person you had best give it to everyone

    1. Really?? says:

      No, they have not ALWAYS given bonuses. I went years without bonuses, and other years receiving partial bonuses. It’s based on personal performance, dept performance, and overall company performance. And as noted below, the dept employees’ were just informed NO ONE in the dept would be getting a bonus in March. It may be that people have become used to getting bonuses, because in past years the dept was performing well enough, but that’s no excuse to become used to getting a bonus.

    2. blu says:

      People who depend on a bonus to pay bills and to buy Christmas gifts are simply STUPID! They need to learn to budget so as to NOT rely on the ADDED perk/income a that company is NOT required to provide. That said, there must be more to this story other than the assumption of the “bonus” issue!

  5. SCE Customer says:

    Great, now my rates will be going up again.

  6. . says:

    Andre Turner failed even with affirmative action.

  7. WhatUp says:

    No one knows anything about their ‘bonuses’ until the first part of the following year (~jan 2012 in this case). Period. This is nothing more than media bs. Period. Just like all the WRONG facts (eg 1M, 1F dead) in the ensuing hours after the event yesterday. Period!

  8. jcartwright says:

    Actually, there was a meeting the previous day where workers were told there will be no bonuses based on 2011 performance which are paid in March 2012—like most companies who pay out bonuses. Also—people were told to belt-tighten.

  9. scarystuff says:

    WRONG, SCE awardds Bonuses are in March. Performance appraisals are not even due until the first week of January. Edison has a history of racial discrimination, why not look into that. There is currently a class action suit going on. They actually settled in the past for racial discrimination, for over looking well qualified employees for promotions and what not.

  10. teeny pumper says:

    Let’s see the picture of this donkey

  11. JS says:

    When they take their own life, it’s their way of robbing anyone of the pleasure of taking them in. They think everyone is against them. When they finally have a break down, they have made up their mind not take guff from anyone anymore, even if it means they have to shoot themselves to keep us from having the pleasure of taking him to jail. On the one hand, you have to feel sad for someone who is that unstable, but on the other hand, people like that are dangerous.

  12. mammibadd says:

    sce needs to learn from this you cannot treat people any kind a way .RACIST company always has been..unfair practices not enough blacks no common courtesy among ranks..people need to think about it

  13. joe fido says:

    What Human Sewage!! Who cares what the CEO of a company makes or if you’re getting a bonus or not. No one is putting a gun to his head and making him work there. How selfish to think if things don’t go his way, he has a right to just kill everyone. I guess that is easier than actually trying to make yourself better. The entitlement mentality. They should bury this garbage of a human being in a Cesspool!!

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