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Texts Between A Husband And Wife As She Is Caught Inside Edison Shooting Location

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IRWINDALE (CBS)  — A CBS2/KCAL9 viewer named Bryan sent us a copy of texts he sent back and forth with his wife who works inside the building where a deadly shooting took place Friday afternoon. Fortunately, their story has a happy ending.

Wife – 1:35: Lots of sirens and now helicopters. Can you see there is anything going on in the Irwindale area?

Me – 1:37: Okay…

Me – 1:38: Nothing on SigAlert

Wife – 1:39: There has been a shooting

Me – 1:39: What??? Where?

> Wife – 1:40: We can’t leave the building

Wife – 1:40: Someone has a gun in or around our building

Wife – 1:40: They have not got the person

Me – 1:40: Can you get to a bathroom? Pull your feet up on a stall and hide! If not, stay low in your cubicle, under your desk! DON’T GO WANDERING AROUND!!

Wife – 1:41: Ok…I love you

Me – 1:41: I love you too…you will be safe…stay sharp…stay low!

Wife – 1:42: Please let me know if you hear anything at all…you need to pick up the girl too **(our daughter)**

Me – 1:43: Of course and don’t worry about her…stay safe babe

Wife – 1:49: We haven’t heard anything more yet…anything out there?

Me – 1:50: Nothing yet, I tried contacting the news to see but it was hard to call…sent email

Wife – 1:52: K, keep me updated…please…I’m scared

Me – 1:52: I know…I’m sorry. Stay sharp and you will be safe. And I will let you know. I love you.

Wife – 1:53: I love you too…tell the kids…

Me – 1:53: Hush…you tell them.

Wife – 1:55: I just saw at least 5 ambulances pull up :-(

Wife – 1:55: Anything on TV yet? Any news?

Me – 1:56: No, nothing. Are you in a safe place?

Wife – 1:57: They have us all huddled together, yeah…I think so.

Me – 1:58: Good.

Wife – 2:04: People are saying 4 shot…

Wife – 2:05: May be dead :-(

Me – 2:06: Don’t think about that right now. It’s horrible, but you need to stay sharp.

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