IRWINDALE (CBS)  — A CBS2/KCAL9 viewer named Bryan sent us a copy of texts he sent back and forth with his wife who works inside the building where a deadly shooting took place Friday afternoon. Fortunately, their story has a happy ending.

Wife – 1:35: Lots of sirens and now helicopters. Can you see there is anything going on in the Irwindale area?

Me – 1:37: Okay…

Me – 1:38: Nothing on SigAlert

Wife – 1:39: There has been a shooting

Me – 1:39: What??? Where?

> Wife – 1:40: We can’t leave the building

Wife – 1:40: Someone has a gun in or around our building

Wife – 1:40: They have not got the person

Me – 1:40: Can you get to a bathroom? Pull your feet up on a stall and hide! If not, stay low in your cubicle, under your desk! DON’T GO WANDERING AROUND!!

Wife – 1:41: Ok…I love you

Me – 1:41: I love you too…you will be safe…stay sharp…stay low!

Wife – 1:42: Please let me know if you hear anything at all…you need to pick up the girl too **(our daughter)**

Me – 1:43: Of course and don’t worry about her…stay safe babe

Wife – 1:49: We haven’t heard anything more yet…anything out there?

Me – 1:50: Nothing yet, I tried contacting the news to see but it was hard to call…sent email

Wife – 1:52: K, keep me updated…please…I’m scared

Me – 1:52: I know…I’m sorry. Stay sharp and you will be safe. And I will let you know. I love you.

Wife – 1:53: I love you too…tell the kids…

Me – 1:53: Hush…you tell them.

Wife – 1:55: I just saw at least 5 ambulances pull up 😦

Wife – 1:55: Anything on TV yet? Any news?

Me – 1:56: No, nothing. Are you in a safe place?

Wife – 1:57: They have us all huddled together, yeah…I think so.

Me – 1:58: Good.

Wife – 2:04: People are saying 4 shot…

Wife – 2:05: May be dead 😦

Me – 2:06: Don’t think about that right now. It’s horrible, but you need to stay sharp.

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  1. carlos vasa says:

    if the woman was huddled with her co workers, exactly how did she know 5 ambulances pulled up? i smell bullshi=

  2. Lynn says:

    @carlos vasa

    I’m going to guess that everyone who works there, including managerial staff, were texting each other with the little information that they had while in their various locations in the building. That being said, it’s not unreasonable to assume that some of those locations had WINDOWS, making it possible for the information regarding how many ambulances arrived at the scene to be shared amongst them all.

    I happened to be watching the news when this incident had just turned into ‘breaking news’ – when they broadcast the phone call with the Irwindale chief of police, who very specifically addressed that he had limited information and at the time was on his way to the scene – even I found the way that the anchors kept rephrasing their questions as if saying it a different way would ‘open the floodgates of information’ a little bit off-putting and tedious. I know that it’s a big deal to report on incidents such as this one with the goal being to go on air with it before the other news outlets, but when it’s become a situation where they have so few details that it can’t even constitute as a full news story yet they still have to ‘bring it to the public first’….it’s deviating from what actual news was meant to be.

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