HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A suspected gunman killed Friday by police in a Hollywood shootout has been identified as 26-year-old Tyler Brehm. The information was released by the L.A. County Coroner’s office.

Public records list Brehm’s last known address on Cahuenga Boulevard, less than one mile from the intersection where he was killed by LAPD gunfire.

Police responded Friday morning around 10:30 a.m. to the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street, where Brehm was reportedly seen shooting randomly at motorists and yelling phrases such as “Is this the end of the world?” and “Kill me…I’m gonna die.”

Up to ten cars were hit by Brehm’s gunfire before he ran out of ammunition and brandished a knife.

Witnesses reported officers instructed Brehm repeatedly to drop his weapons before finally opening fire, shooting the suspect four to five times.

Bhrem died at the scene.

A total of three motorists were injured by Bhrem’s gunfire. Two victims were treated and released.

A man in his 40’s who was shot in the neck or the face was transported to a hospital in critical condition. The Los Angeles Times Saturday identified the victim as John Atterberry, a music industry executive.

A Facebook search Saturday morning turned up the profile of a man presumed to be Brehm. The profile information indicates that Brehm had recently ended a romantic relationship.

Officials have not yet announced a motive for the shooting rampage. Police are still investigating, but initially called the incident a case of “Suicide by Police,” wherein a despondent individual wishes to die, and provokes law enforcement to take him down by lethal force.

The LAPD initially withheld Brehm’s identity after his mother, who is on the east coast, requested time to notify relatives.

The Pasadena Star News  reports Azusa police say Brehm had moved from an Arrow Highway apartment complex several months ago.

Los Angeles police said Friday Bhrehm had no relatives in the Los Angeles area.


Comments (16)
  1. Xen says:

    The corpse was in the street too long. It was stiff as a board when coroner workers removed it.

    1. AJ says:

      and you know this how?? i highly doubt they let you close enough to see how stiff it was or was not

  2. joy says:

    Xen it only takes 3 hours for rigor to start to set 12 hours for it to reach its peek so the police or who ever really have ZERO ability to move a body in a case like this before some form of rigor has set in

  3. Eddie Sour says:

    Wow! This is exciting. Los Angeles get its very own FAKE SHOOTING STORY, just like our neighbors in Arizona, with their Gabby Giffords shooting hoax b.s. Naturally this happened in the middle of Hollywood. “It looked like a movie! It was so surreal!” says the bystanders. That’s because it wasn’t real. Fake. A hoax. Don’t believe it. We’re being lied to.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      The movie is gonna be like… soooo kewell…
      And like, I already know who’s gonna be in it…

  4. Michael J. McDermott says:

    And like, you can connect with Tyler through his facebook page.

  5. daniel boon says:

    no motive yet, you think ? the suspect is dead cops will never know his motive.

  6. rankin1 says:

    always carry a gun with you, never know, crazybwhite boy can even ruin your life or end it.

  7. ketracel says:

    I never understand why, *in a situation like this*, ONE cop can’t be the designated shooter and stop after one or two bullets.

    1. RJ says:

      you serious?? designated shooter?? this is not someone driving their drunk friends home this is life and death and you DO NOT stop shooting till the THREAT IS OVER what are they suppose to do shot the guy twice then say ARE YOU DONE NOW BAD GUY?? NO?? WELL OK then shoot him a few more times get real you shoot till the dirt bag stops moving

  8. Johnny Johnstone says:

    http://images.smh.com.au/2011/12/12/2833166/art-hollywood-420×0.jpg At which point was he shot dead? Looks very alive in this pic.Did they shoot him when he was on the ground with no weapon?

    1. rich says:

      story says he was declaired dead at the sceen DID NOT say he died instantly by time EMS GOT THERE he had died

  9. Null says:

    Tell me that I’m not the only one who feels an unavoidable, breathtaking situational irony that the shooting victim, a DEATH ROW RECORDS “executive” got shot by a millennial, his target audience, the generation brought up on gangstarap, thuggery, violence glorification, hip hop blunt culture.

    Its like some violence loving script made up for a The LA Film School student or graduate Hollywood movie.

    Live and create by and for the sword…

  10. A says:

    Funny how whenever a white person commits a terrible crime like this, the comments are never racist. However had this been a black, hispanic, asian or God forbid middle eastern the comments would have been riddled with nasty remarks. Yay white people! Feels good dosent’ it?

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