IRVINE (CBS) — A planned rally held by a controversial Florida pastor who presided over a torching of the Koran last year was canceled Thursday after suspicious activity was detected near the event.

Terry Jones, who sparked a national debate over free speech with his highly-publicized burning of the Islamic holy book, was initially scheduled to speak at 11:30 a.m. despite being denied permission to hold the rally at a popular spot on the University of California Irvine campus.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports the logistical planning for the rally got off to a bumpy start.

UCI police grew concerned about the safety of the event after they received intelligence that indicated suspicious activity could threaten campus safety.

Police shut down all traffic in the area surrounding the campus flagpoles — a popular location for public events at UCI — and evacuated the administration building. All events in the area were canceled.

While no specific threat was cited, police said the closure was merely a precautionary measure. Other campus activities were unaffected.

Tensions have remained high on the UCI campus after 11 Muslim students in September were convicted of misdemeanors for disrupting a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren in February of 2010.

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  1. mo says:

    now we do not have the right to express ourselves in our institutions because the muslims do not like it? this is censorship! the muslim faith cannot determine what is heard by students that are studing in the american public school system.
    the irony is that most students go to school to gain a greater understanding of different perspectives however uci has a group of thugs that want to prevent open honest discourse. they cannot insist that all students and persons visting or otherwise see it their way. they should appreciate having the right to worship and study, but to advocate that persons of different faiths, or that simply have different beliefs do not have the same right, hmmm just don’t add up. muslim students need to understand that american university system is not one of their mosque, it is public domain, and religious views are personal and private and cannot control the dialogue or be used to threaten others. hate crimes are seriuos. these students persons that made these threats need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. the university must remove the students that are the problem, and if they are on student visa’s send them back to their home land where people shared their beliefs. when someone resort to violence and the threat of violence to stop a person from “speaking”, they are attempting to undermine our nation, not just the one person, but all persons due that rigth.

    1. andifyoudontknow says:

      Touche, send them all back!!!!!

    2. Mario says:

      i agree 100%. everyone is entitled to there opinion. Atheists are able to put up billboards questioning the existence of God and Christians can not burn this billboards down. People have used the Christian bible to roll up weed and smoke it. yet i dont hear anyone going and threatening with murder. So why are muslims allowed to disrupt our freedom of speech ? regardless of the topic? i think something more is going on in the background that we are not allowed to know.

  2. Fishnmike says:

    If you do not threaten or complain then people think you are complacent. Islam’s goal is total world domination. When people call them on this they have no defense except to accuse people of religious persecution. Any religion that cannot stand critical examination is a bogus religion. Such is the case of Islam.

  3. Everyday Guy says:

    I relieve myself on the false prophet Mohammad’s portrait everyday.

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