SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Florida pastor who ignited a national debate over free speech after presiding over a torching of the Koran is set to hold a rally at the UC Irvine campus on Thursday.

UPDATE 1:18 p.m.: Campus police canceled the event and evacuated an administration building after citing “suspicious activity” around the area where Jones was scheduled to speak.

Pastor Terry Jones, author of the book “Islam Is Of The Devil”, said he was denied permission to hold a rally near the campus flagpoles, where public events are sometimes held.

Cathy Lawhorn of UCI said Jones was welcome on campus but that the flagpole area had been reserved by a
student group.

“We’re not denying him access to the campus, just that particular area because it was already spoken for,” she said.

In September, 11 Muslim students were convicted of misdemeanors for disrupting a Feb. 8, 2010, speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on the UCI campus.

The flagpole area near Aldrich Hall on Pereira Drive is popular in part because amplified sound is available, Lawhon said.

“That might be what he’s upset about,” she said.

While Jones, the senior pastor at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., has publicly stated that passages in the Koran promote violence, university officials say they have no objection to Jones’ message.

“Content is not a criteria for allowing people to speak” on campus, Lawhon said.

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  1. Wendy says:

    STFU you ignoramus.

  2. Jack says:

    I fully support anyone who is against those comment terrorists! Comment boxes are ruining our internet! Only stupid people comment (myself included)! That is why everyone with double digit IQs make comments. Because comment boxes are an outlet for violence and anger!!!!!!(lotsandlotsofexclamationpoints-soyoudontlosetheirony)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. John Holmes says:


    1. Karen says:

      John, you really should spend more time getting familiar with the English language than you do spreading your message of hate.

      1. bugman says:

        when I see red under what I wrote,I look at the dictionary to make sure to be correct (age).Hate to see what’s coming to the world we live in!!!!!

      2. stamp says:

        Go reapply at the postal office. Maybe they will hire you this time.

      3. stamp says:

        Go reapply at the postal office . Maybe they will hire you this time.

  4. Timothy McGarry says:

    This guy looks like all the chairs aren’t pulled up to the table.

    1. Karen says:

      He also looks a couple dozen tacos shy of a fiesta.

  5. Red Neck says:

    Lets Lynch some black people too while we are at it~!

  6. Larry B. says:

    This “pastor” is a fomentor of hatred and prejudice and most definitely of the same stripe as the most negative elements of Muslims. Those negative elements exist in ALL religions, including self-professed Christian groups such as this man’s “church”. It is truly sad when people like this man trade on the name of the Lord, Allah, Yahweh, or Whomever you believe in as a power greater than yourself and dupe others into following their message of hatred and narrow mindedness. Terry Jones is obviously an embittered, hateful, confused old man who preaches his personal gospel of hate and prejudice and not the Gospel of the Lord. The problem is that some take his claptrap to heart and the weak minded follow his beat like lemmings jumping off a cliff. That’s pretty self evident from the tenor of some of the comments left regarding this article. It would be poetic justice if he stood before the Almighty (Whomever you may believe that is) on Judgment Day and was returned to earth as a Muslim fully cognizant of the fact that he’d been a so-called Christian in his previous life. Think about that for awhile. And also please consider tempering the hatred many of you spew in your comments. It’s unnecessary and is indicative of vast ignorance. Remember – hatred begets hatred. It all ultimately will come back to you some day.

  7. Mustafa Sidiqi says:

    intro to Islam

    A Bedouin entering the Mosque of the Prophet and starting to urinate. The Muslims were furious and wanted to punish the Bedouin, but the Prophet stopped them. He asked them to take a bucket of water and pour it over the urine. He reminded them, ‘Your mission is to facilitate matters, not to complicate them.’ (Tirmidhi)

    Anas was walking with the Prophet when a Bedouin approached them and took hold of the Prophet . The Prophet was wearing a garment which had a thick edging. The Bedouin pulled the garment violently and the edges left marks on the Prophet’s body as a result of his pulling. The Bedouin demanded his portion of the Zakaat, shouting, ‘Muhammad! Give the command (to the Companions) to give me the money of Allaah which Allah placed in your care!’ Anas said the Prophetlooked at him and smiled. He instructed that the Bedouin be given from the money (in the community chest). (Tirmidhi)

    A man came to Rasulullah [Sallallahu álayhi wa sallam] and asked, “Who is most worthy of my cordial conduct?” He answered, “Your mother! Your mother! Your mother! Then your father, then the closest to you and then the closest to you.” [Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

    1. Larry B. says:

      Well put! Thank you so much for sharing these passages. I really mean it.

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