SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A pair of Southland street cart vendors who were forced to shut down their businesses after “Occupy” protesters vandalized their carts are hoping to get some help from local residents.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports a fundraiser in the Gas Lamp district in San Diego on Monday night is aimed at helping two vendors get back on their feet.

The coffee and hot dog carts were located in Civic Center Plaza, the same location as the Occupy San Diego protesters.

That group first settled in to the plaza Oct. 7 and set up a tent city which has since twice been taken down by police.

Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.

And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks.

“Both carts have had items stolen, have had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti, as well as one of the carts had urine and blood splattered on it,” said Councilman Carl DeMaio.

The damages will likely require at least a complete cleaning if not a replacement of the cart covers, DeMaio said.

In addition to the attacks, the vendors also said they recently received death threats.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to help the two business owners.

After a relatively peaceful start, the “Occupy” movement has sparked violent clashes with police in Oakland and recently saw protesters push an elderly woman down a flight of stairs in D.C.

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  • Julie

    Where is the police? Those “Occupiers” have too much free time and nothing to “occupy” themselved with, so they commit crimes and hurt the same “little peolpe” whose interests they claim to protect. Arrest them, make them pay for the damages plus punitive damages. They have to be stopped before they destroy the country!

    • Occupy This

      Were YOU there? You know this is a plant? Occupiers don’t need any one to make them look bad.

    • Mitch0215

      Of course you imply that the vendors themselves splattered blood and urine on their carts! I wasn’t there, I didn’t see it, but somehow I’d rather believe the article.

    • bob

      i say round them up and move them to Fullerton and let the cops there take care of them

    • Chris

      This is why people and business need to be able to have CCW permits to protect them selves..

      Start haveing people fight back see how brave these punks are

    • DJH

      The occupiers already look bad – this is wholly indicative of the whiny, entitlement cowards who don’t care who has to sacrifice for them so long as they get what they want.
      They’ve shown their true colors time and again – this is only the latest and most egregious!

    • Jcon

      I believe the story, I haven’t seen anything yet that makes the Occupy movement credible. In NYC they are defecating on the lawns of average citizens, raping, stealing, using drugs, and trashing city centers. This movement hardly garners respect.The fact that they offer no alternatives, Only protest, increasingly disgustingly and violently as of late. Can’t wait for the deep freeze to set in some of these more northern cities. Then it just leaves police in CA to deal with the rioting they’ve come to expect.

    • Kswede is an IDIOT

      STFU moron.

    • RMcGehee

      I’d like to see these commie protesters splattered with blood and urine, lots and lots of urine, and maybe some feces. That might improve their smell.

    • Peter Kneel

      Please… we participated in similar Occupy events in the East and ceased doing so once we watched the message further sink in to obscurity. These aren’t plants… there are jerks everywhere… As a nation, we have the right to protest- and we should be focussing this aim at the White House and lawmakers, not the banks and honest businesspeople trying to make a living.

      • Roze

        Agreed. Set something up then.

      • phhhhht

        But, at least the tea parties were organized and you didnt hear about the ‘jerks’ because they werent given all the rope to hang us with. We had a message and a plan, Occupy is like a 3 year old whining to get what he wants.

    • derty ernie

      the occupiers are nicely funded by your local and state unions who have tons of money to toss around. Money that you pay by buying there over priced products: autos, etc.
      Billionaires on the west coast who want socialisn are also paying for a lot of this.

      • TeaRunner

        Slave Girl, what do you mean the unions don’t have money? The Democrats are shoveling it to them directly from the taxpayers. They know the membership is broke so they’re taking it from the rest of us. That’s what the first round of stimulus was all about.

        If you changed the channel off MSNBC for a second you would have been let in on the story. Take this time off to finish high school.

      • SLAVE GIRL


      • Ilene

        I would boycott any movie of any star who supports this. Why did California put Brown in office????

      • Caligula

        HEY! these kids do so much for these vendors, and they don’t appreciate it. did they think they could live off of the hard earned…wait, what? they don’t work, don’t have any money and don’t pay for anything? they’ve been getting everything for free? oh…well…um…chit.

      • Caligula

        HEY! these kids do so much for these vendors, and they don’t appreciate it. did they think they could live off of the hard earned…wait, what? they don’t work, don’t have any money and don’t pay for anything? they’ve been getting everything for free? oh…well…um…chit…

      • Edward Boothe

        Obama has endorsed the bunch of trash. In my opinion that puts him in the same category as them.

      • LTCB

        Don’t forget the tons of money billionaire Soros throws their way through front organiszations. Put out an international arrest warrant for Soros dead or alive. The man is a menace to civil society and needs removed from it and his money. He is the one person most responsible for the erosion of society we see today.

      • Pamela

        Acorn, which now has a new name, is also sponsoring this debacle.

      • Marshall C. Stern

        Wow There are a lot of Fox News watchers posting here. As I suspected there is no there there. This guy DiMaio is running for Mayor and made the whole thing up or used the street vendor to do so. The facts is this vendor has been having trouble with vagrants for years and the occupiers are not even on the plaza till after closing. Here’s a video from a local businessman on his opinion about how the occupiers have behaved toward his business. Hey Tea Partiers, why don’t you put all the energy you do into hating into helping us cme up with actual solutions to the countries problems?

      • jmz

        funny I was thinking the same thing as a tea party member 2 yrs ago when 99% of these ows loons and commies were out protesting us. We in the tea party were trying to stop the bailouts in the beginning while these drugged up commies in OWS, the media and washington were out calling us racists because we oppsed the bailouts. There are NO tin foil hats in the TP buuddy..sorry, but there are definatly communists marxists, social basket cases, poser rich kids wanting to pretemnd to be poor and opressed, anti semites and wannabe terrorists in OWS. you may want to check your own group for nutcases before you start mouthing off to the people. We in the tea party HAVE THE SOLUTIONS…always did…but its not one you and OWS want because it involves personal responsibility and not redistributing others money for your own goals. Face it. OWS is commies and pathetic loosers crying over their own lifes failures. This hot dog cart thing is but one of many incidents that can be tracked DIRECTLY to OWS and their goals. We in the tea party are not framming you…we dont need to send infiltrators to your groups like you did us. we pointed out and promptly disavowed racists and nuts in our movement, while OWS celebrated its racists and nut jobs, gives them a mike and chants along proudly with the communist and antisemetic and hateful speaches OWS gives. you really want to go into detail over who supports who? you cry about the koch brothers, when you have union thugs george soros(nazi collaborator), Hammas, KKK, Communist party USA, SDS and many other lovely groups all directly supporting and activly helping OWS. you dont have a leg to stand on. America KNOWS what OWS is, they KNOW its roots based in hate and ignorance. and we KNOW that all you want is a handout and to be slaves. its not gonna happen.

      • Bohemond

        “Hey Tea Partiers, why don’t you put all the energy you do into hating into helping us cme up with actual solutions to the countries problems?”

        We are. Haven’t you been paying attention? In Indiana we advanced right-to-work- and barely fell short in New Hampshire; in Wisconsin and (tragically, temporarily) constrained thye rapacious public-employee unions which are robbing the country blind. In Washington, with only one house of Congress, we nonetheless have been able tom prevent Obama from doing additional damage to the economy. And we’re preparing to take the Senate and White House next year so that we can bring this nation back from the brink of the Greek abyss.

      • TomS

        This is pure BS. “No one” is working? So out of every 100 people, say the real rate of unemployment is 15%, then that means 85% ARE working. And you’re “disabled?” Back trouble? BS! Just lazy and stupid. F-cking commie beeyatch!
        And this is real rich, that the unions are broke. Lie!

    • David

      There was no police action, because the police are union. Right now, the unions still find use in turning a blind eye to the Occupiers actions. This is the danger of have any public service employees unionize. The union interest will all come before their duty to the public.


        “Whose Carts?”
        “OUR CARTS!!”

      • Edgar Friendly

        It’s not so much that the police are “union”, as it is that the fools who run these cities (Mayors, City Councils, etc.), have given the police a hands-off policy on these protestors. Trust me, most of the cops don’t like these groups, and want them gone, but they are not being allowed to do their jobs…if they were, it wouldn’t look good in the media…

      • Vinnie 118

        The police are not “union”, they have a bargaining unit that is part of their association. It is illegal for them to strike. They have only one concern and that is illegal activity. That, coupled with an order by the commanders (who are political) to take action.

    • DaveinSF

      If the police move or get near the Occupiers, they SCREAM “Oppression of free speech and police brutality!” In Oakland, I’ve seen occupiers purposely get into a cops face screaming and yelling in order to try and provoke reaction that can then be recorded and posted online. They have a right to protest and assemble but they will yell, kick and push you if you disagree with them. They are like spoiled children who throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Just look at the vandalism!

      • freecheese

        Yes, they are spoiled kids that don’t get their way. I wish they would all hold their breath for 45-minutes !

      • Caligula

        we need some skinheads or black panthers or hell’s angels or something to go in and just beat the ever living chit out of them. i pray it will happen. i’m not kidding nor being sarcastic by the way.

      • LTCB

        Break out the straight-jackets for ALL in this crowd and lock them up indefinitely. THey claim they need a home. Give them one. The county/state lockup. Make it for five years. THey’ll calm down after five years in a cell in a straight jacket.

      • Dirty Ol Sam

        Yes, Caligula! I’ve said the same thing. Tell the Hells Angels we’ll turn a blind eye, go in and have yourselves some fun.

      • Deniser55

        Caligula, the black panthers are already a part of the group.

      • Jim

        Take the masks off cowards.

    • teaisstronger


      The Democrats refuse to clear out the mobs and if the police do, the Democrats tell the mobs to return. The police will eventually join in with the Communist Mob that is what they did in Germany in the 1930s. Ask any real Jew what really happened in 1930s Germany.

      The TEA is your only hope now for freedom and liberty.



      • Cleareyes2012

        History repeats again – And lets not forget it was NATIONAL SOCIALISTS aka NAZI’s who pulled it off the first time. Be affraid, be very affraid of west coast socialist Mayors.

      • teaisstupid

        The Tea Party??? A bunch of geriatrics playing dress-up and loving jesus isn’t going to solve anything. Take off your tinfoil hat.. the Democrats aren’t causing this.

      • EmmaSue

        Teaisstupid, Libs are liars and hypocrites who think they can pick and choose who will and won’t be protected under the constitution. 2012 can’t get here fast enough so we can vote your BIGOTED LYING BUTTS out of office!

        BTW we’re not the ones pushing disabled people down stars, or using our BABIES as HUMAN SHIELDS YOU DESPICABLE EXCUSE for GARBAGE! STFUY

    • teaisstronger

      These people will soon be elected Democrat politicians, mayors, US Congressmen and US Senators. Many of that mob will one day be Democrat Presidents.

      Only the TEA can save you now.

    • eyearedan

      The OBAMA PEE PARTY strikes again.

      • KatieS

        I like to call them the flea party…hope they catch head lice from Portland OWS

      • Jim in Houston

        Sounds about right to me.

    • ken

      The vendors need to take the advice you see at zoos all over this country…


      • Jim

        You got that right.

    • eaglewingz08

      My belief is that these “occupy” poopstock thugoramas will turn into Occupy Polling Stations intimidation in the 2012 Presidential election.

      • Weasler

        That’s when we need to start massaging their faces – with baseball bats.

    • drunked munk

      Over a million protesters were participating in the occupy protest. No violence was to be seen. No press were to be seen. Everyone wanted to ignore the protest all together. They said it was too small and had no real gumption. Escalation of the protest is the only way to be heard. The people that hear are looters and predators. They hijack the protest. Big business jumps in… after all they are looters and predators.

      Moral of the story: Pay attention to the peaceful protesters. Help them fix the problem they are upset about. Unfortunately when you ignore them, the protest will become hijacked and out of hand. Hard to control. Because the original cause of the protest will not even be considered. This protest will happen again once the current hijacked protest subsides.

      • John Freiheit

        drunked munk –
        Over a million protesters were participating in the occupy protest. No violence was to be seen. No press were to be seen.
        A million ???? There is a few thousand in OWS, the rest of the country sites are small. 10,000 at mos totalt. And from the beginning they were virulent. It was the TEA PARTY (who I am NOT a member of) that had the million strong demonstrations. Moral of the story…. when corrupt rich democrats hire a anti-American Canadian marketing company to create a partisan movement to “rival the Tea Party”…. I guess its not as easy as just throwing money at it. LOL.

      • Ariel Bonzai

        I have my doubts about the veracity of this report, Mr. Munk. There is clearly a concerted effort to defame the occupy protest. Note the number of incoherent blurts here and the cryptic ature of the report itself. It’s a good sign. They are feeling the heat at last. Cheers!

      • jmz

        yeah a concerted effort to defame a movement based in communism and activly calls for violence. im sure oakland was a groups of evil racist tea party memvers, im sure the rapes, roberies, public defication and destruction was all conservatives dressed as OWS. im sure the lovely hammer and sickle flags and che shirts are photoshopped. this was all done by george bush and elvis to defame obama cause he is black. They did it with invisible planes provided by aliens from the the planet poopydooby with the help from princess toadstool who is a tea party member .

        yep you guys at OWS sure are peaceful

      • Bohemond

        “Over a million protesters were participating in the occupy protest. No violence was to be seen. No press were to be seen. Everyone wanted to ignore the protest all together”

        Give me a break. The MSM were giving this thing loving, soft-focus, golden backlight coverage from the start- and sloughing over the fact that right from the start it was organized by violent groups like the SEIU and Socialist Workers Party.

      • Weasler

        Go back to your Fine Farts class. Your beard and sandals professor misses you.

      • Max Entropy

        Down Twinkles to you.
        The moral of the story is that you have a bunch of entitled, naive man-children that want something for nothing and are demanding that someone else pay for their mistakes and to pay their way. In their naive worldview, they believe that because someone has more, they have less.
        The children that graduated with a degree in Aboriginal art and $80K in debt can’t figure out why they haven’t got that $100K job that the university implied they would be getting.
        The rest are just here for the party and to live out their fantasies that they had when they were 12 years old about a world with no grownups to tell them what to do.
        Time for a reality crack-down.

      • Uncle Jefe

        Hijacked protest? Oh, this sounds familiar…
        ‘Communism never worked because it was never properly implemented.’
        Yes, if only the ‘protest’ was allowed to show what it could REALLY do…
        Guess what, this is all they can REALLY do, just as you’ve mentioned- when they aren’t “heard” (in other words, when they don’t get their way) they get violent. So if it’s OK for them, it should be OK for us.
        But when we feel that things aren’t being done correctly, we create a movement that uses the ballot box to stop out of control government spending and to stop the unabated rise of taxes.
        And it was peaceful.
        And yet we were called Tea Party terrorists…
        These punks can go to hell.

      • John from NH

        Umm Drunked Munk,

        At what point did the peaceful TEA party protests get hijacked and turn to violence??? …. One example? ….

      • Pete0097

        The problem with what the protestors want is that very soon they will run out of other peoples money.

      • Tom M.

        Your “moral” is eerily similar to Herman Goehring’s explanation of the Nazi Brownshirt riots in the early thirties.

      • jason m zeidler

        really? so we are to give everyone free everything? thats what they are upset about, the fact they have to pay loans they took out for bs degrees they wanted. these are spoiled rich kids, commies and old hippies and union thugs looking to destroy. thats it…always was. there is nothing noble about ows and there never was. they were nt hijacked by radical anybody, they were radical from the beginning and now that they dont get their free bees no more their true colors are comming out. they need to be stopped by any means, if politicans and cops cant or wont, then tea party and real americans need to get out and force them out!

      • Mary Wright Pippert

        Just what are they protesting? that some people work hard and have money and others just want a handout?

      • HandsomeCowboy

        ….fella, you talk like a cretin that fell outta a well….!

      • David

        I do not want to pay attention to them because I do not agree with them.

        If they get out of hand, I say toss them in jail. Book em Danno

        Now what Sunshine? Burn my foodcart of I fail to agree with you and support your cause?

        Force me to comply?

        Reeducate me?

        Free will bro. Free speech goes both ways..

      • Jerry Stafford Jr.

        Drunked Munk,

        this has never been peaceful, all along it was started, and then guided by the unions and other thugs…..this was the end game from the start

      • Monkey_Poo_In_The_Zoo

        The moral is Pay Attention?! You mean like the never violent Tea Party? The press smeared them with ad hominem attacks, false claims of racism and tried their best to marginalize their valid concerns. These slackers and spoiled entitlement junkies are just throwing tantrums. All their lives, it’s worked with parents and teachers, so why wouldn’t they avoid mature behavior and personal responsibility?! Naive people and wannabe hippies are their hallmark. Sure, there are real problems with our system in 2011: the course of this administration, and people are upset with what is becoming the new status quo (i.e. pay-to-play winners / ‘outsiders’ smacked down by over-reaching gov’t.), but to quote a 1%’er “I’m doing my part. Are You?!”

      • p dirt

        No facts in your post. The first OWS protestors were hired via Craigslist ads to seed the movement @ $2200.00 per month (and up) then some people joined in who thought they were protesting corporate greed. Then the unions and Code Pink,, cpusa, and a bunch of other commie organizations joined in to reveal their support. Never a million people, never hijacked (sure some folks were fooled) The purpose was always to promote the “progressive (communist/marxist/socialist)agenda especially if it involves violence. The violence is designed to elicit more police action and eventually martial law. The protestors are pawns in a dirty game that they probably have no perception of. It is only fitting that since the agenda more closely resembles the language of the 1917 Russian Revolution that Lenin’s words describe the participants as “useful idiots”.

      • pitter43

        Maybe you should sober up and try to say something that sounds a little smart.

      • EmaaSue

        drunked munk you probably didn’t notice the thefts because you were DRUNK. Either that or YOU are a LIAR, and like so many other #OWS are telling women who were RAPED to SHUT UP!

        I do not BELIEVE YOU! And I have ‘interacted’ with #OWS so don’t say I don’t know what YOU THUGMEISTERS are really LIKE!!

    • binc

      They’re pigs.

    • binc

      They’re pigs.

    • tim

      My son paid off his student loans ($25000) in one year. It’s amazing what a petroleum engineering degree can do vs on in environmental studies.

    • william

      I graduated college in the early 80’s. There were few jobs, buying a house was completely out of reach with rates at 18%. I took the only minimum wage job I could find and worked my way up the ladder to an executive level position 20 years later after completing graduate school along the way.

      Problem: People today want everything “today”. They are lazy and expect never ending handouts. I did it, they can do it. Lazy violent bums. My family and I have also been victimized by union barbarism. I watched for nearly a year as these people burned down, shot, beat up, vandalized, assaulted, stalked, etc. I have absolutely no respect for anyone associated with unions. They are ignorant barbarians, inhuman at best.

    • Max Entropy

      So, THAT’s their reason for throwing urine on the vendor’s carts?
      The “ridiculous notion” that you mentioned came with a caveat: It’s not easy, you have to put some effort into it and there will be setbacks.
      The children need to learn this, not to throw a huge pity-party whenever things don’t follow their fantasies.

    • queen

      Nonsense! I was right out of high school in the late 70s in Connecticut. You couldn’t BUY a job. I’ve changed my career twice in my life so far. I make a decent living, but am certainly not rich. These protesters had never had a bad day before now.

    • Craig Brockman

      It’s not the police you should be asking for -it’s the politicians who order the police to take action. Keep that in mind next time you vote!

    • BillSmith70

      Arrest is to good for them. They should be shot on site.

      • SLAVE GIRL

        Maybe you should be shot, Bill.

      • pitter43

        I was thinking this morning, send a dozen or so crop spraying helicopters loaded with CS gas and tell them that when the gas clears, we’re coming in with dogs and guns and finish cleaning up.

      • debrarae

        Having had the ‘displeasure’ of being surrounding by the #OWS thugs, I dislike them intensely. But to ‘shoot’ them on site?

        I hate #OWS, especially after they surrounded me at a Albuquerque Wal Mart.

        But I will never condone shooting anyone on site, not even them.

        The difference between a Con and a LIb should be this. Whereas Libs are saying that Cons are unworthy of protections under the constitution; Cons should be for Constitutional freedoms for all law abiding citizens whether or not they ‘agree’ with them.

      • EmmaSue

        Slavegirl instead of spouting LIBERAL PROPEGANDA, you should be thinking for yourself. I hope when it’s your ‘little’ business that’s vandelized someone treats YOU precisely the way the #OWS treated those poor Venders!

        And if you support #OWS, then you should be condemning the Violence that YOUR PEOPLE are doing! The fact is if you STEAL, and destroy private property’ your a Criminal and deserve to be treated as such.

        BTW I don’t condone any shooting of ANYBODY.

        But your posts are so out there, I suggest the YELLOW PAGERS for you to find a good COUNSELOR!

    • Alex

      U believe everything the mainstream media tells u don’t cha

    • Chris Edgerton

      soooooooooooo unture you wanna give them jobs? call up your local Vector marketing, they treat you bad, but its work. or here’s an idea, actually swallow some pride and become underemployed. do like my parents did and work your ass off unil your 40 and you may make sonthing of yourself

      Remember that this is the land of Oppertunity

    • TKO

      Ok, so at 28 I’m not much older than most of these protesters. I graduated college in 2006. I held two minimum wage non-union jobs ($6.25/hr) during the recession of 2002-2003 in order to pay may way through community college and a state University without loans. I also got good grades in high school and got two small scholarships (as a white girl there wasn’t much opportunity for a full ride) to pay for books and some living expenses. I was financially independent of my parents by the age of 23. Somehow I’ve managed to graduate, get a job and keep it, pay for a wedding, and have a child without incurring any debt other than half a mortgage (yes we bought within our means in 2006 and put a ton of money down.) It’s called planning, self-reliance, and thinking ahead

      • John Freiheit

        I know according to this post you are not single and even have kids, but after reading this post I want to marry you.LOL. You represent the fruits of America. Capitalism = Freedom Divided By Responsibility. Capitalism crashes when people stop acting responsible, and abuse democracy to vote themselves entitlement. If everyone was like you we would not have problems. Please pass on to your children the amazing values and fortitude you have learned. I am your #1 fan !!!! LOL

    • jason m zeidler

      what? since when does that give you a right to destroy and rob? what notion, alot of these punks have jobs and or are going to high leven very expensiveschools funded by mommy and daddy, we dont know? we had to make our own lives and build our own futures…the farther bac you go the more true it becomes, we didnt have the safetynets and resources these ows punks have. if they want jobs thenthey need to get them…any job. but no, they want to spend 150k to get a useless lib arts degree in feminist studies and nose picking and then think that automatically entitles them to high level positions. they havent been sold on the American dream, they been brought up on themarxist dream of entitlements and nanystate. these ows punks are whinners sub human comies and drugged up loosers looking to destrroy freedom and capitialism because they are ignorant of reality

    • eduk8tr

      If you or I were to go there and pitch a tent during any other time, wouldn’t we be asked to leave or given a fine?? They should at least be charged a camping fee !!

    • mmichaels

      I like the “push the old lady down the stairs” in the article, did they steal candy from a baby too? Taken in totality, these comments are crazily one sided, you guys don’t need much to unload. Have fun.

      • jason m zeidler

        oh and no they didnt steal from lil babies they just use them as shields in traffic and to block people trying to leave…thats much better

      • jason m zeidler

        and you cant say they did otherwise either… heck lets take out the old lady…that still dosent remove the thousand and more arrests, the rapes, sexual assault, the roberies, the vandalism, and lots more including being supported monetarily and otherwise by the communists, nazi party, unions, hamas kkk and other lovely groups. you aholes have been out almost 2 months now ‘occupying’ chanting, with signs etc. you have had media coverage that has been so soft that its borderline fantasy and still you ows idiots cannot come up with 1 single coherant message that contains what the problem is what you want and what your solution is. OWS is nothing more than hippies and commies and whinny rich kids at a big commie sponsered drugged out rave destroying real american and real producers live all pretending to be V of vendetta. you are a joke OWS is a joke and 99% of the problem!! so i ask you what have we missed?

      • TeaRunner

        The old lady incident is on tape and been running across the broadcasts. Good luck getting anyone to believe you from now on.

    • dadae

      Like feeding wild animals. They get violent when they are cut off from the trough. They lose all ability to feed themselves.

    • awestruck

      the liberal democratic mayors of most of these cities have instructed the police to take a “hands off” disposition with the occupiers…..

      they congregate with no permit for a march or camping on public property with no consequences

    • Gretchen

      First of all, I am an “Occupier.” I’m from San Diego. I’m not saying this is right because obviously there are bad apples in any situation. But we’re not “destroying” this country, we’re trying to save it from those who are actually destroying it. Maybe if you took some time to talk to us or get to know us, you’d know we aren’t a bunch of stoned hippies who don’t want to work and looking for a handout. I am a college graduate. I have a job. I pay my taxes. I vote. I pay attention to what’s happening in my country. And I’m fed up with government corruption and greed and a bunch of sheep like yourself just following what authority figures tell you is right. This kind of patriotism is what this country was FOUNDED ON and if you say that us expressing our first amendment rights is destroying the country, then you don’t actually know what America stands for. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I am fed up with people like YOU who just roll over on their backs and let the fat cats walk all over us. This is no longer a Democracy. This is a Capitalist Country and we over at OWS are trying to bring back democracy and voice our opinions and displeasure. If that’s a bad thing, then America really is dead.

      • Julie

        Gretchen, you are wrong on so many accounts. First and foremost, this is and always have been a Capitalist Country, that’s how the founding fathers designed it to be, and as far as I know that is what makes this country so great. I am very fortunate to have been able to come here from a communist country where the re-distribution of income was an everyday reality. In my 20 plus years being here I never regretted the move. I am far from being wealthy, but I here at least I have the opportunity to become what I want to become and earn as much as I can. This is a great country and if you don’t agree you just don’t have an experience living in other parts of the world. Socialism has proven to be a failure, and I hope we here don’t repeat the mistakes of others. And secondly, i am not “just following what authority figures tell you is right”. I like to think for myself and make my own decisions. And i hate people like you who mindlessly follow Occupy movement organizers looking for somebody to blame for their own troubles.

      • Bohemond

        “This is a Capitalist Country and we over at OWS are trying to bring back democracy and voice our opinions and displeasure”

        Which is why you’re marching with those Che posters and “Workers of the World Unite” slogans?

        If you hate crony capitalism and rent-seeking, as you should, then you ought to be #occupying the White House lawn.

      • FLO

        Gretchen,this country is NOT democracy — it is a REPUBLIC.
        And IF you want to help, get off the street and start visiting your local politicians, then county, state and federal.This type of “protest” is not the way to change things.
        Did you put yourself through school or did Mom and Dad pay for it? Do you pay your own bills, balance your budget? If you are self sufficient then you are like the majority of hard working Americans that see what our REPUBLIC is becoming and really do want to see it become what it once was. But living on public property and “protesting” the OWS way is the wrong way to go about it.
        Take your time and use it Constructively not Destructively!!!!

    • Marshall C. Stern

      This sounds like BS folks. The occupy movement is 100% dedicated to non-violence. If this happened would look for provocateurs and possibly right wing sources or Koch Brothers Tea party groups who have been desperate to discredit this wonderful actual grass roots movement. I find this very hard to believe. I have been with occupiers in Chicago, DC and New York. I do not know about San Diego but if they did indeed do this, they are not part of what the movement is about. After all those street vendors are the very people we are fighting for. I smell a Tea Bag Rat.

      • Bohemond

        “The occupy movement is 100% dedicated to non-violence. If this happened would look for provocateurs and possibly right wing sources or Koch Brothers Tea party groups”

        You are a frickin’ loony. Many of those arrested in the Oakland riots are veteran hard-left activists with many priors from assorted G-8 and IMF riots- and and you can’t tell me that those were thousands of Tea Party plants loudly cheering Bill the Bomber Ayers’ call for revolution in Chicago. Are you seriously going to claim that it was a mob of Breitbart provocateurs who attacked the CAP conference in DC?

        100% dedicated to non-violence? Then explain the speaker in New York from the IWW denouncing Ghandi and King’s non-violence as weak an ineffectual; explain the prominent presence of such groups as Bolshevik Tendency, the Revolutionary Socialist Party and Communist Action?

        Violence is as left-wing as apple pie is American- we have all seen the smashing and burning at leftist protests over everything from illegal immigration to student tuition.

    • Marshall C. Stern

      This story sounds like BS to me. I understand the Corporately owned Tea Party is slavering and drooling over ways to delegitimize the occupy movement but I have been involved with Occupy Chicago and DC and New York and I can sate categorically that this sort of behavior is directly opposed to what the movement is all about. There is a 100% commitment to non-violence as well as a strong concern for the 99% of which these vendors are a part. Those of you who allow your anger to blind you to excesses of the corporations who have bought our government are doing yourselves no favors by making yourselves dupes and saps for their nefarious schemes. I can not say with 100% certainty that this was not the work of the San Diego occupiers and if it was I personally would disown anyone who did such a thing, but you should know that from the beginning there have been provocateurs who are not part of the movement who have tried to insight violence. I think this needs to be investigated thoroughly before you pass judgement.

      • Bohemond

        “the Corporately owned Tea Party”

        Man, what an ignorant fool. But then that goes without saying, given your delusional bleat that the Occupy rioters are “nonviolent”

    • debrarae

      The police in CA are like the police in DC, they do not CARE that innocent people are being hurt. They do not care that hard working Americans who created their own jobs via buying Franchises, are in danger of losing their businesses.

  • Robert :Lee

    It is the same with “Occupy LA” group. They forced the permit paying, revenue generating Farmers Market out of the lawns of City Hall. Did any city leaders say anything to defend those who actually work hard for a living? No! LA City leaders are a bunch of useless cowards.

    • mirted

      The voters of LA vote and retain these politicians in office. Do you think there’s a chance enough voters will remember this for the next election? I don’t.

    • Sherri C

      Hey, we’ll trade our Oakland “city leaders” for yours. No, wait, they are ALL useless. Let’s recall ALL of them. It is SO past time for these pseudo-activists to go away! They do NOT speak for me.

  • BArry Harrison

    I’ve come to the conclusion the ‘occupiers’ are noting more than thugs.

    • alex

      Just wait until people realize simply protester has never and will never change anything and they become desperate for results.

      Human nature is to continually up the ante until one side has no more stomach for it. On wall streets side they don’t even have to fight there own battle they order the cops to do it for them.

      The cops feel vindicated by “the law” and they have guns and tear gas grenades that they use just like Egypt who our president called unconscionable.

      • Kane Ridd

        what’s your point? do you mean there will be riots and/or civil war if their demands are not met? Elect a new president in 2012 and that will be a peaceful solution to most problems.

      • jasmine

        Here we go again, an attempt to compare the OWS protest to Taghir Square. THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

      • disapointedvet

        that’s because they enforce “the law” idiot.

        amazing, this is the liberal version of the Tea Party huh? Way to show absolutely no class and riot when the handouts stop. Tea Party is trying to get government out of our lives, these idiots want the government more involved; because they can’t or won’t step up and make their own lives better.

      • JS

        Sooner or later the citizenry will address this if law enforcement doesnt. It won’t be pretty for the protesters if it comes to that.

    • ed

      I’ve thought about it and I have determined that they are indeed thugs!

    • Raul

      Yes, they are drug addicted, STD carrying, old lady bashing, i-Pod wearing, Ray-Ban wearing, corporation supporting, living off mommy and daddy punks.

    • David Thomas


    • Keith

      I’ve thought about it as well, they are actually worthless liberal trash like the Obama village idiot, Pelosi and so on.

    • disapointedvet

      This is what happens when folks come to expect handouts; stop the handouts and they riot becuase they don’t know how to work or earn what they get; they think they are owed something just because they want it.

    • Rebecca Iffinger

      I think of them more as mangy, rabid mongrel animals

    • versionthirteen



    • Silhouette

      Somewhere, some village is missing an idiot. Please call home Kswede

    • Lilly05

      You’re absolutely right Barry. I’m sorry that you and many others had to come to conclude what others already knew from the start.

    • cntrlfrk

      They are worse than thugs.

      They are Obama brown-shirts who will stop at nothing to do his bidding and get him re-elected.

      He will push them into more violence.


      • HansJurgen

        And then Obummer will instate Martial Law so that he can stay in power as long as the civil unrest and violence continues. And you know Obummer’s “army” will make sure that we stay in civil war for a long time.

      • TheRealKingMax

        No -.

        I think these are Obowel-movements mujideen….

        Hit them with a water cannon.

      • coalisking

        Hans, November 9th is the first national test of the Emergency Broadcast System, coast to coast, all at once. What could possibly happen that we would all need to be told en mass? Everything happens for a reason. Gives me great pause.

    • 10th Crusade

      “Better think again Mr BArry”

      Or WHAT, comrade Kswede? Bring on your “revolution” – those trustafarians not sent home to your mommies with toe tags will wind up in Gitmo on Jan 22, 2013.

      GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY you jihadi-loving communist swine!

    • John Potts

      A whiff of grape should calm them down a bit. The Constitution says “peacebly assemble”. Well they are not peaceful and should be delt with as such. I am wondering how the hell thry get time off from work? What’s that you say? They don’t have a job? Bull… there are jobs. O looked in the paper and there they were. I looked on the internet and there are thousands of jobs. You say they dropped out of school? No sympathy here. I am a former high school drop out who went on to aquire two degrees. What… they’re doing it for Obama? Now that’s an answer I can believe in. Obama’s future Stormtroopers.

    • urstrange

      Octopi Wall Street and Beyond ARE thugs and they have O.thugo’s Union goon tentacles encircling them as a seal of approval. This is the “change” the Alinsky inspired capo di tutti capi faux POTUS promised as he transforms America into Amerika. The Octopi’ protest is right out of the pages of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, which is O.commie’s bible and resides by his Koran on his bedside table.

    • Mikey

      Every single day these people prove again and again that they are nothing more than entitlement sucking liberals that think they are owed everything in life.

      Calling them thugs is being kind….

    • Aaron

      Thugs work harder for their living than these idiot children do.

    • Sara

      ^ Reading your comments, I see that you guys are extremely uneducated about the Occupy Movement. I’ve been to the Occupy LA grounds and all I see is love and support for their fellow Americans. People of ALL AGES, all races, and all religions come together to have discussions about the future and various political topics revolving around the movement. It is not just whiny kids out of college and hippies. Our country is in a bad place. All occupiers believe so. The Occupy Movement is trying to do is to raise awareness of the problems in our country and present some solutions.

      The actions of a few occupiers do not represent us as a whole.

  • Al Right

    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

    • Mehiilanheles!

      They’re pushing a million in cash donations and I’m sure their going to start hiding money as it grows or shifting it around into non-profit organizations as tax-sheltered panhandled money.

      • Matteau Blythe

        Occupy wall street’s money is in a community bank in New york. Do your research before you write some ignorant garbage. This is a news article on where the organizations money is.

      • Liberty Jane

        @matteau That’s just the public face of the donations. If you believe that the Marxist organizations running and supporting the protests are not hiding and/or laundering much, much more money you’re delusional. That’s a bit redundant, though. Your delusion begins at your support of the Occupy Wherevers.

    • Matteau Blythe

      What five star chef meals?? I’m an occupier of San Diego and we fed the homeless. Stop spreading misinformation and lies.

      • fed up with the stipidity of the OWS

        Go home you moron. You occupiers need to be removed. Bring on the police dogs and rid our cities of these lazy, mooching imbeciles!

      • MamaBear
      • SD conservative

        GET A JOB YOU LEECH!!!

      • wog67

        Matteau Blythe

        “Occupy wall street’s money is in a community bank in New york. Do your research before you write some ignorant garbage. This is a news article on where the organizations money is.

        MATTEAU, How can I believe this article you refer to? Aren’t reporters just writing things without interviewing anyone? If the article about the food carts is false, how do I know the link you posted is?

      • jasmine

        Matteau – do you get your talking points from the Obama people? I seem to recall that any time something is said about Obama or his policies, they always claim that people are “spreading misinformation and lies”.

        You obviously avoid reading about what is happening at the other OWS protest sites. For instance, in NYC, the OWS folks are complaining about the “professional” homeless people who are joining the protest to eat the free food. (And, yes, it was gourmet food cooked by a 5-star chef). They want to ban the homeless from “their” protest, yet they claim that they represent 99% of the population. I guarantee that the homeless in NYC are NOT a part of other 1%. And, btw, there are PLENTY of interviews of OWS protesters that are on the web, and the majority of those interviewed come off as radical and hate-filled.

      • Jim

        Get a job

    • Joseph

      That’s because some people are more equal than others.

  • Julie

    This is not the first incident of criminal conduct on your part. Even if you people have good intentions, your actions speak louder than words. The movement attrats criminal element and does a lot of damage to small business and personal and state property that you choose to occupy. It’s time to stop and do something productive with your lives.

    • Matteau Blythe

      The occupation attracts the homeless because we feed them. Crime is an economic problem. This lady has complained for months before the protest, about problems with homeless people. This is a political -ploy to get occupy out of the civic center. We cannot control the actions of the homeless. We have done nothing but be supportive of these two businesses. As i stated below, the tip jar was replaced by another one with more money in it. This was done out of respect for the lady not out of guilt. We did not steal the tip jar. A homeless man did. That’s why we need to provide more help to the homeless and stop sweeping the issue under the rug or scapegoating peaceful protestors.

      • Bob

        A group of people being kind to another person is one thing. That’s basic human kindness. Demanding (as a whole) that society collapse in order to have life handed to you on a silver platter is something else entirely. The occupy movements obviously have some good people within, but so does every group. Want to see a large group of people doing good? Go attend a Bible-believing church. When the love of Christ is shown, human kindness is the rule instead of the exception.

      • for shame!

        So now you’re blaming the homeless for theft…do you have a name? Did you see said person stealing it? You feed them, then blame them for your troubles…LOL! Gee, can I be your friend?

      • JWS

        “…stop sweeping the issue under the rug or scapegoating peaceful protestors.”

        …that splatter blood and urine on things when they don’t get their way.

      • SlimeyBritches

        Yeah!! It was that homeless guy over there – he did it! It was George Bush he did it! It was congress fault – they did it! Not my fault, Wasn’t me, wasn’t us foolish little twits in occupy! The buck NEVER stops here!

        Their fault – THEM!

      • Nonyabisnass Patrick

        Oh Matteau…this group protest has opened the eyes of the American people. They see through your lies and hypocrisy and the nation is turning more conservative everyday because of you and your lib friends.
        I think it’s disgusting that you want others to pay your way in life. You are takers and that is the truth…ah but you can’t see the truth because you have been brainwashed by liberal educators.

    • Mr. Kelly

      When are you going to realize that intentions are all that matters? It doesn’t matter who they hurt as long as their intentions are good. Isn’t that the lefty motto?

  • Mike

    With the onset of winter, these group of slackers wont last the first couple of storms before being flooded out in defeat !! Go find another cause to bit-ch about. I matter of fact like the banks. They gave me a loan to purchase a house, my cars and a vacation now and then. I can afford this because I work instead of looking for my handout. And for those who got over their heads with mortgages, etc… To freaking bad..Next time use a bit more wisdom before you take on that loan…..

    • Tony F

      Well stated there Mike; too bad that the whiners are too stupid to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own lives…………

    • Robert Lee

      How true it is. People tend to forget about being responsible and sensible. All they want is to blame others for their own failures and stupidity. Bunch of crybabies.

      • wog67

        Don’t you just hate when unfounded comments invade your movement or cause. Again, I say, “The TEA Party has been labeled negatively by all who don’t subscribe to their beliefs.”
        Get over it and quit defending your cause. You DO NOT know what goes on at every OWS location, nor do you know if some one is sabotaging it.
        I don’t agree with wealth redistribution or calling the rich to give me their money, but that does not mean OWS people can’t protest it. Don’t get so defensive. If you believe in your cause, press on!!
        PS-graduate, earn lots of money, then give it to the poor. That will prove your stance of equity in this matter.

    • Matteau Blythe

      Most of the people at occupy have jobs, school or both…personally I’m a full time student at SDSU. That’s why the numbers are few during the day and grow at night and on the weekends. You have no idea who we are. I’d like to invite you to come down and talk to some of the people at the civic center and see for yourself. We have General assembly meetings at 7:00 every day.

      • Bohemond

        “personally I’m a full time student at SDSU”

        In other words, a superannuated adolescent. One wonders what you’re studying…

      • Mehiilanheles!

        Uh. No thank you.

        I have BETTER things to do with my time.

        You talk smart, but you’re just naive. When you come out to the real world, you’ll change your tune.

        What is it with you inviting anyway, come off like religious wacko’s that invite you down to really see what its like. As if its an attempt to convert you.

      • Jack Ryan

        No..MOST do not have jobs. Some do. And they are likely to lose them unless they get back to work. The majority of the ones I’ve talked to are living off mommy and daddy and refuse to take responsibility. They want something for nothing. Just like they’ve had handed to them all their lives.

      • fed up with the stupidity of the OWS

        No one cares about your stupid get together. Take your acorn funded communist movement and shove it.

      • evw

        Gee, I’d like to but I’m too busy working to support my family while taking home $0.64 on the dollar. I applaud you for going to college and hopefully earning a degree that will actually land you a job. In the mean time, don’t go blaming me, her, or anyone else because you don’t have what you want. Go out and earn what you want. Food tastes a whole lot better when you pay for it with your own money.

      • Allan

        I may not know you, but I know who you associate with and that tells me a whole lot about who you are and that is no compliment.

      • wog67

        I would go but seeing the interviews by news media shows your group to be pretty fractured on what exactly your main point is. I dare you to ask random people there what a corporation is. What’s the difference in a large business versus a small one (other than size).
        I’ll take you seriously when you attack ALL Fortune 500 companies equally, as well as those mean union bosses who get paid huge salaries too.
        You guys are just jealous of the ones who have more than they could possibly ever spend. Have you thought about occupying Hollywood?
        Go attack Ted Turner!!

      • jasmine

        A full time student. You don’t have a job? So, who pays your bills? Who paid for your laptop? Who buys your clothes, pays for your food? Who is paying your tuition? Are you there on a scholarship? If so, that would be interesting. Corporations fund a lot of scholarships.

      • Kevin Pearson

        Someone could make a lot of money if they used facial recognition software to compile a “NO HIRE” list that they can provide access to for potential employers.

        Anyone involved with any of these protests demonstrate such a complete lack of judgment that they would have no value whatsoever as an employee.

      • TomS

        “General Assembly,” huh? Sounds a lot like the soviets in Russia. What happens is that a few leaders with nicknames like “Peace” or whatever,the alpha personalities take it upon themselves to “lead” the sheep. It’s all about control. If someone were to dissent, and support free markets, real freedom of speech WITHIN THE “MOVEMENT,” they will be shouted down. Their ideology is similar to Bolshevikism. Democracy? Rule by the leaders, cloaked in “democratic” methods. Truth is, these people are left wing statists, and believe me, they don’t want freedom. they want an economy run by, guess who? THEIR angry, scowling, parasitic leaders.

      • Raggs

        Why is it that all you “Highly Educated” students can’t understand that your own campuses are turning you into liberal drones. If you had any real brains, these protests would be at the administration building of every college in the country. $20,000 – $40,000 yearly tuition for what? I know some university instructors who are paid over $100,000 per year for 6 to 8 hours of teaching per week. That’s why your student loans are so high. But you don’t want to upset your own cushy surroundings. Grow up!

    • David Thomas

      Well said.

    • LikeISeeIt

      Mike, You have unfortunately not been paying attention. The reason you need a loan for all of those things is because of the fraudulent banking system and the absurd debt-based inflationary marketplace it has created for its own benefit. When you finally awaken to this fact, you will be on your way to understanding why you are a debt slave to “people” who create money out of thin air without lifting a finger in labor.
      With that said, these OWS pawns are playing right into the set up. They need to be a few blocks over in each of these cities at the Federal Reserve temples.

      • Kevin Pearson

        Debt-based inflationary market place? Have you ever heard of “student loans”? There’s your inflation. BIG EDUCATION. There’s your crooks.

    • elizabethrc

      As a realtor, I have seen these mortgages being given to people who could not afford them. I saw 103% mortgages!!! You can thank Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Dodd and Frank for this mess. The result was inevitable!

      One thing I learned long ago, if you don’t have the money, don’t buy it!!!

      • JR

        How ‘educated’ do you have to be to figure out that having the abilty to get a lot of credit doesn’t matter, but the ability to pay any loan that you take out, does?

        I have a LOT of credit available if I wanted it. I’m just not stupid enough to borrow more money than I can afford to pay back.

        These people blow my mind. This isn’t rocket science, it’s grade school math.

      • Charley Nash

        Exactly! But you won;t see any of the millionaire-TV-talking-head-leftist-clowns bring this up.

    • CEC2

      You are right. When we bought our house, we knew what we were comfortable paying. We were actually preapproved for 3x (three times) what we knew we coudl afford. We stuck to our budget and have a beautiful home that we live in, we don’t live for it.

      I have a job, I pay my bills, I put $$ in my retirement acct. I take responsibility for myself…past, present and future. THAT is what these occupiers need to do.

  • Phil More

    I say, if they break the law, arrest them, put them in jail, and most iimportantly, stop their governmet assistance checks. That’ll cool them down.

  • Timothy Noble

    Some of these occupiers are spoiled brats who have never worked a day in their lives.

  • moral_threat

    The key part of this story is:

    “Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.”

    Once the freebies stopped… Just shows what the “Occupy” groups are all about, freebies.

    • Akela

      See what “touchy-feely” gets you? Bet the vendors don’t “feeeeellll” so righteous now, but they want someone ELSE to fix their carts.

      • rip300rog

        I have to agree, the vendors foolishly supported the movement, now they reap what they sow.

      • Cindy

        “they want someone ELSE to fix their carts”

        Yeah-the idiots who are destroying property should be jailed and should pay to fix the carts. This is vandalism-where is enforcement? I forgot, they are busy groping paying customers at the airport. Hey Hey, ho ho, OWS has go to go

    • jasmine

      In New York, an OWS protesters attacked workers at a McDonalds. Why? Because they refused to give him free food. There seems to be a pattern here with OWS protesters.

    • cntrlfrk

      Ironically, it is the same result that happens in society when you get people used to government ‘freebies’ then recessions and wasteful spending causes cutbacks and austerity measures.

      It’s happening in Greece, and all over Europe. Obama is trying to make it happen here.


    • Scooby

      Exactly. The REAL greedy ones are the people with their hands out. They expect the rest of us to work and give our hard-earned money to them.

      I am sick and tired of these lying, greedy, self-absorbed pigs. They are nothing more than tics sucking the life out of our democracy.

  • Mehiilanheles!

    “…initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.”

    What? Oh yeah, peaceful and descent people… you know dodo’s, you join any “anti-capitalist” movement, by its nature, it will be anarchist.

    You’re naive to think that it will and is a peaceful movement. You are now PART of, in association with anti-capitalist anarchist movements. You have to accept that, and realistically, you CAN NOT change that fact or change THEM.

  • RJ

    These occupy a-holes belong in jail

    • Anita P.

      I totally and completely agree.

  • FFL

    Occupy Los Angeles/San Diego etc., alleges that they represent 99 percent of the population. Do they ever stop and wonder if any of the 99 percent were invited to President Obumbler’s fund raisers? The answer: (TA DA) NOT a single one! Only big money participates! Do the OWS nut jobs ever wonder where Yoko Lennon banks her 500 million dollar fortune? Yep, the same banks that OWS and their STUPID minions want to see fail! OWS leaders (and that is a stretch too) are as hypocritical as they were in 1968 in Detroit! They strive for power but are simply pawns in the process…They can whine, snivel, shout, destroy and commit anarchy but nothing will change.. unless they can find a viable alternative to capitalism!

  • bRaD

    As the sigh says. ‘Do not feed the wild animals”.

  • Matteau Blythe

    This is a BS story. Notice how there are no occupiers who were interviewed for it. This lady as been complaining to the city about vandalism and death threats for months. Well before the occupiers were there. Do your research people.

  • Matteau Blythe

    I am an occupier. When the tip jar was stolen, the occupiers passed around a jar and filed it with money to replace the stolen one. The money was more than was originally in the jar. This article fails to mention that because the writer did not interview anyone.who actually occupies the civic center.

    • John J.

      You’re a pawn of George Soros. You didn’t decide to show up and break the law on your own. Someone suggested it. Admit it, you’re a useful idiot, to ‘someone’

    • David Thomas

      Go home and stop this madness.

    • Brigid

      Was it enough money to replace and or fix what they viciously damaged and destroyed?
      Do you think that replacing a tip jar makes it all okay now? That we are going to think you are really nice folks? Yeah, you spatter blood and urine on on innocent people and businesses who won’t give you free stuff, but you are really okay because you replaced the tip jar. That simply doesn’t add up and we see through it. Oh yes, and the death threats to those innocent business owners, do you think that is peaceful? No. even If you aren’t personally involved in this you have still embraced violent people into your protest. Either get rid of them or disband. If OWS doesn’t do this then it simply states that it approves of random violence against innocent people.

    • jasmine

      Matteau – you said “The money was more than was originally in the jar.” How would you know that?

      If, indeed, the OWS people collected money to replace what was stolen, then it was probably in an attempt to keep the cart owners from reporting the theft – you guys will do ANYTHING to avoid negative publicity. Even going so far as to discourage female protesters from reporting rapes and assaults. Yes, rapes and assaults of women (and one man) have been reported at several of the OWS protest sites. There have actually been INTERVIEWS of some of the women claiming to have been assaulted. And, before you claim that it is just more “lies from Fox News”, here is a report from a site that you probably will believe – Daily KOS:

    • Tweety58

      You are a thug.You are part of a vicious mob and are complicit in its collective crimes.You people are going to KILL someone.You are THUGS who will hurt someone unless they will do what you say.You all deserve to get your wigs split.
      But in a strange way -THANKS,for crawling out from under your rocks-this pigfest will ensure the complete and utter route of Maobama and the DemocraNazis.You really ARE useful idiots.

  • b da truth

    Obama-OWS Such a lovely bunch just, like Tea Party we are told.

  • stevie weevie

    Just pay off the student loans for the babies, and they’ll all go away. That’s what they really want. Their democrat party led them down the garden path of taking on too much debt for over-priced colleges, and degrees in fields that have no relevant jobs.


    If you feed the animals, don’t be surprised when
    they turn on you.

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  • L-Dave

    The college students who are about to face the marketplace for the first time are worried about their own abilities. They want to keep freeloading.

  • Norm Balog

    Corporations aren’t people? What a lie. Might as well say unions aren’t people. You know, like the SEIU thugs who beat defenseless black men in wheelchairs at TEA party events? Or the people who will defecate on cars or shopping carts at “Occupy” events. These are people? I’ll take corporations any day.

  • MassJim

    The movement will get more and more confrontational and violent as the working public gets bored with these clowns and the press, realizing that the movement will work against their beloved Obama, moves the story of the Obamob further and further back in the daily paper. This movement thrives on publicity.

  • John J.

    Bull. The occupiers are breaking the law by definition. So what if you push a few folks down the stairs… the end justifies the means (in your world).

  • Cromulent

    These are just the wages of Obamanomics.

  • RHO

    Bull. You are a bunch of lazy morons who want it handed to you. Your idea of ecomomic equality is somebody else supporting you.

    • Tom Cook

      Agreed. The occupiers attract the politically naive, the economically ignorant, the indolent, the entitlement class, the victim class. The concepts of private property and profit broke the back of feudal society and these morons want to return us to those good old times. The problem with having your hand out is, eventually, your elbow gets locked in that position and you’re a beggar for life

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