‘Occupy LA’ Protesters Defiant Despite Mass Arrests In Oakland

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The lawn outside City Hall in downtown Los Angeles may be trampled, but protesters said Wednesday they refuse to let the same happen to their constitutional rights after the crackdown against the ‘Occupy’ movement in Northern California.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports patience is beginning to wear thin with the nearly two-month-old movement that has swept across dozens of U.S. cities.

Over 300 tents remain erected around the north and south sides of City Hall, where protesters are starting to feel the political pressure after tear gas was fired at their fellow demonstrators in Oakland on Tuesday.

But one protester dismissed any comparison with the “occupiers” up north.

“It’s a different environment, we have a communication with our police officers,” said one man. “They seem to be of a high-minded breed where they can kind of get the fact that this is public space.”

And while there have yet to be any major clashes between officers and protesters here in L.A., some city officials are worried that may soon change.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa — who previously issued rain ponchos to the demonstrators during a recent rain storm — said the city has to balance the rights of free speech with public health and public safety.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl also believes the protesters have said their peace and should consider moving — a suggestion at least one protester quickly shot down.

“We have not made our point because nothing’s changed yet,” she said.

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  • rk

    I pass by these organized bums everyday to work. I fail to see what exactly they are waiting to happen before they’re satisfied. The other day one them held a sign demanding “Arrested development” be put back on the air. This disorganization mixed with lack of leadership makes me wonder, would people really care if LA removed them from city hall? More than likely not.

    I dont see a solution that would satisify their demands other than “give me lots of money for something I dont deserve.” I’d never hire any of these bums, based on how uninformed and stupid they appear when they speak on television. I sympathize with their message, but I sympathize for the Wall Street protestors, not these fair weather vegan liberal a-holes.

    • Christina39

      MORON: You probably haven’t noticed, but Wall Street corruption hasn’t stopped yet. Slumlords are flourishing, the economy of this country tanks more each day and foreclosures grow greater each day. Unemployement grows each day. Just to name a very few. I could go on for pages. I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HAPPY. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS, YOU SOCIOPATH. But they are going to keep going and have our support until things change. GET IT NOW!!!! Nobody wants to work for you. people want jobs with normal people. You want to get this thing going, GIVE US A REASON!!!!!! If you meet me I won’t be sitting on a lawn.

      • Fluidizer

        The corruption is at the top, and lives in OUR White House having opulent parties with movie, sport, and music stars, or going on around the world shopping and eating vacations with all of it paid for by our tax dollar.
        Meanwhile, the corruption is constantly threatening business with higher taxes and demonizing them in the press. While such things were common in 1930’s Germany, no American government has ever taken over a major US Corporation and fired it’s CEO. Once it had GM, it hired it’s own CEO and now pays him nearly twice what the other made. Further, it ordered the company to produce a “environmentally friendly” or “Green” automobile that Americans would love and would be entirely with “New Technology”. Car and Driver reviewed the thing, and found it “illogical”, which means it doesn’t work. The batteries spend more time recharging then driving. Now, after millions of taxpayer”Stimulus” dollars have been spent engineering this “environmental miracle”, that absurd car called the “Volt” is now going to be made in China for Chinamen to drive, and Americans are out of work. Meanwhile, GM has shut down all of it’s Cadillac plants in this country, and moved them to China also. Further, the Obama Regime has just given over half a billion (!) to yet another “Green” car maker, that upon receipt of our cash, packed up and took his plant to FINLAND. Know why? because Finland is friendly towards business, and does not try to tax them out of business.
        You see, Corporations are made out of People, like you and me, who are business to make money, feed their families, and provide them the highest standard of living they can to them. What right do you, the idiot losers defecating in our parks, or anyone else have to take their hard earned profits away from them?

    • Joshua Groenke

      I agree and Christina39 needs to just STFU.

  • D.w. Zatara

    They will say they need to fix the lawn. they will say its a health and public safety hazard. they will say anything to justify their use of force to shut down and silence the voice against oppressions because the ones sitting in those city hall lazy boy chairs are being funded by the ones OCCUPY are voicing against.

    • Christina39


      • Moustafa

        October 20, 2011 I do like to scterth after I workout. I’m not a runner so no tips here. Sorry!Ashley @ Good Taste Healthy Me recently posted..

      • A.F

        So Christian, you don’t believe in being RESPONSIBLE for oneself? Do you think its the Governments job to make sure we have shelter & food? If its “yes” that doesnt surprise me, you sound like a liberal……how sad!

      • Humberto

        October 28, 2011 i’ve never heard of this book but wow..i will pbbraoly add it to my ever growing list of things that I need to read…it sounds really interesting!I’ve been making my way through the girl with the dragon tattoo triology..i’m almost done with the second book, its REALLY a good read, but can get violent at times. i read the hunger games trilogy before this so suffice to say..i think i need some uplifting reading after these Theresa recently posted..

    • Fluidizer

      Of course you would host these vile people on YOUR front lawn as long as they need it. You would allow them to “OCCUPY” your home in a second, right?
      Your comment makes for one long , nearly incomprehensible statement, but allow me; Who, exactly, using “force to shut down and silence the voice against oppressions because the ones sitting in those city hall lazy boy chairs are being funded by the ones OCCUPY are voicing against”? Who are the people “sitting in those lazy boy chairs” ? Please provide names and titles so we can investigate them.
      The last time I checked, the (armed) American Nazi Party, the American Communist Party, The Black Panthers, that obese America hating slug George Soros, and the Obama regime were supporting and/or financing these ignorant spoiled punks and winos.

  • Pat

    Well, Christina if you dont like it why don’t you pack up your bags and move to another country !! The rule of law still trumps is a civilized society.. These people especially the ones in Oakland were anything but civil and thats why they got their as-ses handed to them…You sound like your from the same mold…

    • Murdock

      Looks like Christina needs to go back on her meds. Anger management Christina, anger management…

    • Ray

      Get a life

    • A.F

      Christina, why the crude language? “RK” made some vaid points in his earlier post. These protestors demand change but can’t or won’t give a solution. This formula translates to plice officers + tear gas= numerous arrest.

    • Jeff
    • Christina39

      TO A.F. You are correct. I didn’t want this to escalate to crude language and certainly not to violence. But our economy is getting worse each day and the Wall Street protesters are just being mocked. I will FIGHT for my country, but I see it coming to violence if changes are not made. You would think that Wall Street would get the peaceful message being sent by the protesters sitting on a lawn, but THEY DON’T. One day they will say, “One day everything was OK and the next day I was the enemy”. We have heard that before. But the message is out there and being ignored. I speak to older people each day who are NOT BUMS, BUT WHO WORKED EVERY DAY OF THEIR ADULT LIVES AND LOST PENSIONS DUE TO CORPORATE TAKEOVERS. I SPOKE TO A WOMAN YESTERDAY WHO IS 68 AND IS WORKING TWO JOBS, ONE FULL TIME AND A MAN 77 WHO WORKS THE NIGHT SHIFT AT ****** DESPITE HAVING WORKED HIS ENTIRE LIFE, LOST PENSIONS AND IS A CANCER SURVIVOR. I AM SO TIRED OF THE IDIOTS WHO POST SAYING “STUDY FINANCE” OR BECOME A PROFESSIONAL. Who do these narcissitic idiots think serve their food, cashier at their stores, serve as secretaries, do service work. Just because they don’t have a higher degree, they are held in contempt and nothing is TOO bad for them. How narcissistic can you be if think EVERYBODY is going to be a Investment Banker or has to be. Medical school is expensive and some people couldn’t cut it if they went. This doesn’t automatically doom them to livng on the street. This is going to stop. The people on the 1,078 social security cannot live especially with the growing slumlords moving throughout America. This I know for a fact. You and I know that if our BARK DOESN’T WORK THEN OUR BITE WILL. It makes by blood boil, everytime I hear, “Bums get a job’. The people I work with are old, worked their entire lives, lived an honest life, lost pensions to corporate takeovers and now work two jobs to supplment their social security and get to live in a slum. HOW LONG CAN SOME OF THEM WORK. THEY ARE UP IN THEIR 70s. When will they no longer even be able to afford the slum the slumlords are creating? Ten years ago, I would not have posted this, but the problem is just escalating by the day.

    • Christina39

      Actually I DON’T LIKE OAKLAND, BUT AM SURPRISED THAT YOU DON’T. As for moving. I and many others in my city and state are doing just that. Ecuador, Thailand, Costa Rico. Panama, so so many choices. This time, we will leave because America really doesn’t belong to any one group. It is a country of immigrants. But thanks for the advice. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T FOLLOW US

      • Fluidizer

        Take as many of your friends with you as you can, PLEASE.

        Very Sincerely

    • Pat

      Quote from Christina “I left him because exploiting people wasn’t a turn on or my thing”

      Dam ! I almost choked with laughter when I read that one..That’s not something your hear everyday on why people divorce. Now I know your real an idiot and full of BS !!! Time to get back to your worthless protest you looser !! It will all done when the next rain storm arrives…LOL !!!

      • Christina39

        Why don’t yo go get cancer or something.

    • Murdock

      Too funny on the picture Jeff.

    • Christina39

      Jeff I didn’t look at the picture. Stay on target. This isn’t grammar school. Soon we will be having a flickr presentation to get away from the facts.

      • Christina39

        I was married to a crook, who now owns part of Pasadena, CA and I left him because exploiting people wasn’t a turn on or my thing.

      • Christina39

        Jeff. In your dreams You want to go down that road. believe me I could have had it alll, but had a conscience. Would rather be honest than rich.

      • Christina39

        Jeff: You would be very shocked to know what I really look like. You assume that people like me must be horribly ugly because we have a conscience. It’s actually the other way around. I HAVE A CONSCIENCE AND DON’T ENJOY SEEING PEOPLE ABUSED. Ever consider that the fates rewarded us for not being crooks. That one doesn’t hold up. Try again!

      • Jeff

        Why would you? You already know what you look like :)

  • Ray

    This is what happens when our city leaders like Tony V. gives shelter to these Morons I hope we get more rain maybe a good long cold front that will do the trick.

    • A.F

      Isnt Los Angeles a sanctuary city?? How pathetic is that?

    • Christina39

      You will be praying for a cold front.

      • marita

        November 9, 2010 hi KCat! Yeah. i read it yresetday! Thankssss sooo much! Add kita sa blogroll ko ha, Ok lang?

  • Ray

    Just a bunch of lazy people that want more of a nanny state they are too lazy to look for a job.

    • A.F

      Great point ther Ray. We have become a generation of “GIVE IT TO ME” How pathetic is that?

  • c-man

    So these people were throwing rocks and bottles at the police. Those can kill. The police should be authorized to shoot to kill or bring in the national gaurd. There is no need to throw potentially lethal objects at the police.

    • Christina39

      You’re talking about Oakland, not the average Wall Street protester.

    • Kelly

      me October 29, 2011 So Kate do you dare to date long dnaistce? Oh, and one more question are there a lot of depressed people in Seattle? I’ve heard that it is depressing living in Seattle, but really don’t know. I’m asking to get the shape of things there in Seattle as I would like to move to Washington.

    • tnjrpfahkl

      HhonpR icootcdwagpn

  • A.F

    Yup, I love to listen to these LOSERS make thgeir demand on TV. “stop the greed” “Student loans are too high!” When these LOSERS are asked for solutions, their response is nothing more than babble and lunacy. Perhaps Christana39 can become their leader and offer ideas????? lol

    • Christina39

      Keep up the laughing at people losing their homes, old people on SS working till they drop, , Wall Street getting away with every imaginable corruption. Ownership of world banks destroying the lives of everyone. Unemployment growing daily while inflation is so bad, you have to carry your money in a wheelbarrel. But don’t surprised when people like me become their leaders.

    • Christina39

      No A.F. I am just sitting back waiting for the revolution. Then I will get into the act. A lot of people are doing just fine WITHOUT ME. You should read more.

  • Ray

    You sound like a liberal that thinks that you deserve something we don’t need any more community organizers we have one in the WHITE HOUSE how is that working unemployment at an all time high and more companies leaving our shores. It is the over regulations that are killing jobs in this Country. Look at California these liberals have almost killed our economy and wait til the rest of the regulations take effect. And the air will not get any cleaner when you have companies going to China And Mexico to build business and you will be breathing their dirtier air.thanks to the tree huggers.

  • A.F

    Liberals love to spread their twisted viewpoints however they fail to recognize the obvious example of fialure and that is CALIFORNIA.

  • ANGRY!

    Send in the National Guard and off with the smelly winey hippies.

    • Christina39

      Why don’t YOU be th first to “Give us a Reason”.

      • Jeff

        Gee, I wonder what reason they had in Oakland? Perhaps the working people are sick and tired of smelling the chitt & urine while they GO TO WORK???? Failure to disperse?????????

      • Christina39

        Touché. Since the economy is tanking faster each day, I guess we wait until the majority of us are living on the street. Then there is nothing to lose. We will have our reason.

      • Jeff

        Well I doubt that the majority will be living on the streets there Christina. The majority make wise choices that result in comfortable living.

  • Christina39


    • Christina39

      TO A.F. Seriously good for you to educate yourself and look into things. But these crooks work by frauding the people who don’t. Ignorance is no excuse to be destroyed. And I, I lost two pensions in Los Angeles by corporate takeovers. I made the plans. I had no control over the thieves who did the corporate takovers. NONE. I lost everything including the amount I put into the pension fund. I never got that back either, but (blank) Jacobs did. We all went to attorneys, but they were all juiced in and did nothing for us.

    • mike

      @Christina39 are you saying the liberals caused this greed trend.there are more liberals protesters then conservatives protesters. Poll: 43 percen tof liberals agree with views of “Occupy Wall Street”

    • Christina39

      TO MIKE: Glad you asked. I am not young. I was raised in Los Angeles. In the early 70s and 80s, liberals were using their guilt trips and ‘politically correct’ philosophies to take over much of the status quo and also morally bankrupt the young people.. Liberal is a broad word. Am I a bigot, NO. The status quo was not stealing pension. The new group did. So when liberalism is used to “take over” something and destroy, I don’t subscribe to it. In my life I have seen it used both constructively and destructively. Certain groups use it to both divide and conquer. Do I believe in the nonsence of many Republicans, NO. Do I doubt liberalism, YES. Personally I am fed up with both groups. Signed: Been Around the Block

  • A.F

    I have a question! How are these protestors supporting themselves? I dont know about the most of you, but I couldnt camp out for weeks without some type of income! I have bills to pay! I have to RESPONSIBLE!

  • A.F

    Christana, im sorry but I have very little sympathy for those who lost their homes because they took out loans that they knew they could not afford. At some point we have to take responsibility for our actions and inactions……

    • Christina39

      Now let’s hear your excuse for the growing number of slumlords. People were dupped into taking our loans for that “American Dream”. That is what Occupy Wall Street is about. Fraud, selling false dreams for a buck. THEY knew these people would default. How can you blame someone who wants a home for their kids. EDUCATION AND SAVY does not give anyone the right to defraud or steal from those less informed or educated which is what the present ruling regime is doing and always does. I worked for corrupt HUD attorneys. I know their game. You want people to stay one step ahead of these crooks. Not possible working 40 hr plus jobs and raising a family with no higher education

    • A.F

      Again I will repeat what I posted earlier. People need to take responsiblity for THEMSELVES! Several years ago a morgage company called my home and wanted to know if I wanted to re-finance my home loan. The numbers he gave would of initially saved me quite a bit, however that balloon payment scrared the hell out of me. So I said, Thanks but no thanks! Its called making an adult decision. Your quote of “How can you blame someone who wants a home for their kids”. This is the reason people lost the homes they NEVER should of owned! Yes I will say it poeple were too STUPID to understand how loans work. Shame of them!

      • Mileidi

        October 19, 2011 Ahh pipmkun pie smoothies rock my tastebuds this time of year, can’t get enough! Alexandra recently posted..

  • Christina39

    To Jeff: Really what are you smoking? Where do you live? I WILL MAKE A PREDICTION JEFF, JUST WAIT AND SEE HOW WELL THE ECONOMY IS DOING AND WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. The people I work with are all people who spent their entire lives working, didn’t collect a dime of welfare, raised a family and now cannot make ends meet, some are taking in their grown kids who cannot find work and it isn’t just a handful of people. I wish it were. That would be easy to fix. There are people from Iowa, New York, California, etc. some relunctantly planning to leave US to live where they can get teeth. I don’t know why people like you think that people like us want to sit around all day chewing tobacco and widdling and therefore that makes us easy prey because you are chosen and we are not.

  • jeff

    Christana, Ive read all of the messages that have been posted and it seems like you just make predictions and excuses. Its obvious that you were not raised to take responsibility for your life’s decisions. You will however point the finger and blame someone else, thats the easy part. Its that philosophy that makes most laugh at the “Occupy” movement.

    • Christina39

      I, like many many out there were raised to work hard and rely on a pension or 401K and social security. The pensions were stolen from MOST of us and the 401K were used as a safety net. With the rising inflation, social security does not cut it. I made every decision for my future as did many, but s*** happened in the way of crooks in Wall Street. If the economy does not get better and !% has 99% of all the wealth. I will continue making predictions and THEY WILL COME TRUE. Lack of health care insurance took a lot of people’s 401Ks. Yeh GOOD BLESS AMERICA. I HOPE IT FALLS

      • Fluidizer

        And I hope you and your ilk leave. Now.

        Promises, Promises.

  • JS

    If you want to see activist sticktoitiveness evaporate like noon day fog, simply move city hall to compton or inglewood.

  • moral_threat

    According to an article on cbsnews.com, there are orchards in Washington state that need people to help pick the apples before they lose the crop to frost. They are paying $150.00 per day and need several thousand workers. You want a job? There you go. That is $18.75/hr.

    If you really want to work, you will make it happen.

    • Christina39

      Thank you seriously. I will pass that information on. Sometimes because of the fact that we are United States, it is hard for information to pass from one state to another. I know of many young men here who will jump for the opportunity. We have young men doing partime janitorial work for minimum wage with college educations so that will be a big plus.

  • Martin J

    The OWS crowd purport to represent the 99%. But I ask you, 99% of what? Read more at

  • Mr. Wally

    re A.F. ” How are these protestors supporting themselves? I dont know about the most of you, but I couldnt camp out for weeks without some type of income! I have bills to pay! ” That is exactly WHY we are protesting. People looking for work for so long they no longer register as “unemployed”. I am sure the majority of OWS protestors would like a job with a living wage. I made $35/hr in 1986. Now, doing the same job and having 25 years more experience, I can only make $12. My expenses have increased, even though my standard of living has decreased dramatically. Why is this so hard for you to comprehend? This is no longer the “land of opportunity” for most of us.

    • Christina39

      Mr. Wally: Don’t waste your time. A.F. has no compassion for anyone who isn’t lucky or won the lottery. A. F. thinks people should be responsible. I guess he/she doesn’t think working hard is being responsible and people shouldn’t buy houses, and on and on. Don’t waste your time on A.F.

      A. F. lives on Orion I think.

    • Fluidizer

      How do they support themselves? Well, here is a partial list of supporters and endorsers:
      The Obama Regime
      The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
      The America hating George Soros
      The America hating Michael Moore (no $ from this slob however. He needs it for his Twinkys.)
      Most National Labor Unions.
      The former vice president Al Gore. He has taken a stand against Wall Street and the excesses of capitalism– for everyone, that is, but himself.
      Former impeached President of the USA Bill Clinton.

      Yoko Ono Net Worth – $500 million
      Probably most ironic of all, is that Ono is a descendant of the prestigious Yasuda banking family, as well as a 9th century Emperor of Japan. She also attended Gakushuin, one of Japan’s most exclusive schools.
      Ono stated “I love ‘Occupy Wall Street’! John is sending his smile to ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ I am sending my love to ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ We are all working together. ”

      Roseanne Barr Net Worth – $80 million
      Barr, who thinks that bankers earning over $100 million should be beheaded, obviously thinks she escaped the guillotine by earning a meager $80 million.

      Deepak Chopra Net Worth – $80 million
      Chopra is another on our list who was born into privilege. His father, Krishan Chopra, was a prominent Indian cardiologist and head of the department of medicine and cardiology at Mool Chand Khairati Ram Hospital in New Delhi. Chopra’s father was also a lieutenant in the British army.
      Chopra, who said OWS is “turning anger into awareness” has amassed quite the fortune from his numerous best-selling self-help books, as well as from the services offered at his luxurious Chopra Center spa and treatment center — where workshops, seminars and the “Journey into Healing” — meant to help anyone, are priced out of reach for just about everyone.

      Kanye West Net Worth – $70 million
      West, who grew up in a quaint, middle class suburb of Chicago, has an entrepreneurial side. While not completely successful, his company, KW Foods LLC, bought the rights to the Fatburger hamburger chain in Chicago with plans to open up ten locations. Additionally, West launched his own fashion line in addition to collaborating with Nike on the release of his own shoe, Air Yeezys. Is West “selling out” with his ever-growing commercial empire?

      Alec Baldwin Net Worth – $65 million
      Perhaps best of all is that in February 2009, Baldwin actually called on lawmakers to extend New York’s tax break for the film and television industry, stating that if the “…tax breaks are not reinstated into the budget, film production in this town is going to collapse and television production is going to collapse and it’s all going to go to California.”
      So tax breaks are O.K. then?

      Susan Sarandon Net Worth – $50 million

      Sarandon popped by OWS en route to Italy.
      ‘”I’m just here to be educated and offer my support. There’s a lot of different kinds of people here who want to shift the paradigm to something that’s addressing the huge gap between the rich and the poor.”
      That gap is made abundantly clear when one peruses Sarandon’s $1.75 million Manhattan penthouse.

      Michael Moore Net Worth – $50 million
      An extensive interview with The Guardian in 2004 revealed that, not only has Moore sent his daughter to private school, but that he often travels with body guards and lives in million-plus-dollar residences in NYC’s Upper West Side (at the time of interview) and in Michigan.
      The Guardian noted that, although Moore consistently refers to himself as “working-class,” he in fact grew up in a middle-class suburb of Flint, in a two-car family where his father golfed, retired in his fifties, and was financially comfortable enough to send his three children to college.
      Perhaps most damning of all, however, was the following passage where Moore’s former manager called the “Fahrenheit 911” maker “money-obsessed”:
      Moore’s employers were confronted with ever more regal demands. He insisted that Channel 4 house him at the Ritz when he worked in England on The Awful Truth, a fact he now portrays as the revenge of the working class against corporate might. Meanwhile employees grumbled. ‘He’s a jerk and a hypocrite and didn’t treat us right and he was false in all of his dealings,’ said one former worker. His former manager, Douglas Urbanski, has said that Moore ‘was the most difficult man I’ve ever met… he’s money-obsessed’.

      Tim Robbins Net Worth – $50 million
      According to public records uncovered in The Daily Beast, the UCLA film school graduate shockingly contributed some $5,000 to Republican candidates in 2006 including Tea Party icon Michele Bachmann.

      Nancy Pelosi Net Worth – $35.5 million
      Pelosi, whose father was a U.S. congressman and former mayor of Baltimore, is one of the wealthiest members of Congress. Ironically, her husband, Paul Pelosi, is a successful investment banker and owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions and the United Football League.

      There are man more, but you geet the idea. They all have one thing in common: They are Blitherring Idiots.

      Much thanks to : http://www.disclose.tv

      • Christina39

        Being rich doesn’t make you a crook. Doing crooked things makes you a crook.

  • Fluidizer

    History repeats. Take a wild guess when the last time was that a political party or movement targeted the bankers and corporations. At least, that is how the movement started out, but as it evolved, it came to target a particular type, or “Race” of people. These unfortunate Jewish people soon became the targets of hate filled, envious mobs, spurred on by the government and it’s rabble rousing leader. The mob pressurized with irrational rage at the “Rich” as it festered and emitted a noxious gas throughout what was once a civilized and respected society. The Regime in power effectively blamed all of the woes of the country upon that sad group and the government before it, to a point where the citizens began beating their former neighbors and friends on sight.
    Check it out for yourself. Research Germany from 1927 through 1945, and if you cannot discern the parallels between that society and that Regime with our own you are already incapable of rational thought.
    America is being played like a fiddle, and it ain’t the “Rich” folk or the “Evil” Corporations doing it.
    The OWS “Protestors” have been endorsed by the (armed) American Nazi Party, the American Communist Party, the Black Panthers, the NAACP, and the Obama Regime. They are being financed by the National Unions, the America hating George Soros, and thousands of useful idiots.

    Inform yourself and don’t be played for a sucker.

  • cntrlfrk

    These clowns need to get a life and an education.

    They are nothing more than Obama Astro-turf being used by this president to create violent protests all over the country.

    Sad that a sitting president would stoop so low.

  • lu sui

    looks like a homeless camp …. this whole economy crash started way back in 1999 under CLINTON ,http://articles.latimes.com/1999/may/31/news/mn-42807

  • lon gefr

    there at wrong place ,, welfare office is down the street ,,,, clintons are the ones who started our economy crash ,,http://articles.latimes.com/1999/may/31/news/mn-42807

  • Aaron

    Christina – not only are you dim-witted and misinformed, but you are anti-Semite too. Somehow you manage to bring in your bigoted anti-Israel vitriol here, even though it has nothing to do with the issue…you’re finding a convenient thread to make it so. Your comments are nothing more than the usual frothing-at-the-mouth leftist lunatic ravings of someone who is a LOSER in life and wants what she hasn’t earned, by taking it from people who have OUT-SMARTED you. Well, LOSER, I support Wall Street, I hope they continue to squash useless parasites like you and I can absolutely ASSURE you that the Occupy LOSERS will get bored/hungry/tired and fade away into nothingness soon enough. The world will move on. Six months from now, it will be a feint memory..and you and your ilk will still be wringing your hands out of frustration due to still being LOSERS, while the rest of us drive past you in our nice cars and move on with our productive, value-adding, self-responsible, Have a nice life, LOSER

  • http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2011/11/07/socal-street-cart-vendors-hurting-after-occupy-group-splatters-blood-urine/ SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine « CBS Los Angeles

    […] a relatively peaceful start, the “Occupy” movement has caused violent clashes with police in Oakland and recently saw protesters push an elderly woman down a flight of stairs in D.C. Share this […]

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