LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has issued a written pledge to address problems at the county’s jails, where reports of deputy misconduct have led to complaints from civil rights groups and an FBI investigation.

Baca said in the statement Sunday he believes in dignity for the incarcerated and he takes allegations of excessive force very seriously.

The sheriff outlined the role of two new task forces that have already been chosen and begun working. One will meet with inmates and jail staff looking to improve conditions, the other will investigate 78 allegations of misconduct in the system.

The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding Baca’s resignation, claiming his jail system is full of fear, corruption and deputy brutality.

Baca said he welcomes the scrutiny and will not resign.

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Comments (6)
  1. uhoh says:

    LOL. Is this ploy to save his job? You are corrupt, you will never get that jail under control. Feds need to step in to do your job. Just like they did in the OC jail.

  2. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    TWIN skinheads Brown/IBaca gota go!

  3. bugman says:

    One question,He hated the idea of an FBI Informant,now,he pick’s his own team to investigate!and,cops like to shoot the head,if they survive,they can’t say what happened,brain gone,learned this in the80’s,nothing has changed except ,closed doors,and kissing xxx and cover up!!!!!

  4. the way i see it says:

    i recently was in the towers, got tossed in there for a fight with my soon to be ex and her dimwit brother got 3 months for kickin his teeth down his throat. my view of the place is this NO ONE IS BEING ABUSED those getting pounded are getting it because they are trouble makers. they start hassles with other inmates start fights cause all sorts of mess. then when the guards try to control them they act stupid with them to. if you dont like the cops and dont want to get hassled DONT COMMIT A CRIME trust me im the reason i went in there. im the one who beat the day lights out her brother im sure 99% of the people in there did it to them selfs no one forced them or me to do what we did. so dont mess up and you wont go to jail it really is that simple

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