As Prisoner Exchange Begins, LA County Officials Predict Doom

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles County’s top prosecutor is predicting doom and gloom with a prospect of thousands of convicted felons being diverted to the county’s jail system rather than state prisons.

And amid such a move, Sheriff Lee Baca told us in an exclusive interview late Friday that he plans to launch his own personal investigation into an increased controversy about the use-of-force by sheriff’s deputies in the jails.

Starting Saturday, Baca says he plans to talk directly with county jail inmates about the alleged beatings.

“I want to hear what the inmates have to say for themselves,” he said.

Baca’s urgent action highlights not only use-of-force issue, but the magnitude of the problem facing law enforcement in LA County.

District Attorney Steve Cooley says with thousands of new, convicted felons coming into the jail system and 8,000 or more nonviolent felons being released early on parole; it’s a prescription for disaster.

“I’m also predicting in connection with that population, we’re going to experience the greatest spike in crime of the last several decades,” Cooley said.

Only Deputy Chief Probation Officer Reaver Bingham, whose department will have to keep track of the thousands of new parolees, is hopeful that with increased funding and smaller caseloads, things might not turn out as bad as predicted.

“If we do supervision correctly, we have seen the positive outcomes that we are projecting,” Bingham said.

On Saturday, the first group of 45 nonviolent felony inmates already serving time will gain early release and will be allowed to head home to LA.

They’ll be the first of nearly 9,000 inmates who will also be released over the next nine months.

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  • Fred Brown

    Soon there will be more criminals than Law abiding citizens. Murders and rapists should be executed immediately to free up room for drug dealers etc. No criminal should be released early. All citizens should obtain concealed-carry permits.

    • Leonidas

      Support the Youth for Western Civilization! – Taking the Truth to College Campuses!

      Join today!

    • Rick Parry


      (R) party platform, p2, “Domestic Policy”

      • Obama's mama

        Rick, you aren’t very bright are you?

    • Tamerlane

      Lisa, when I read your rant I can’t stop visualizing a spastic hamster in a bubble ball.; do you ever arrive at your intended destination, or do you just confidently (dizzily) accept the dusty corner, where your erratic, incomplete thoughts land you?

    • Neal Avery

      Execute Drug Dealers First!

      • WonderWoman

        Hey Neal Avery,

        I hope you are including all Pharmaceutical executives in your quote.

      • Johny Chingas

        The WonderWoman sounds like she is MAD at the Pharmaceutical executives….. I am wonder if is because she won’t be getting her daily dose for free anymore????? LOL!

    • Tampa Girl

      In my opinion, drug dealers shouldn’t be jailed at all because at least marijuana should be legal nationwide. I’m not even a user but I can plainly see the war on drugs is a farce.

    • WonderWoman

      Hey Fred Brown & Tamerlane

      Just for your information, over Sixty-five million Americans—or roughly one in four adults—have a criminal record. AMERIKA has the HIGHEST incarceration rate in the world. Locking up America citizens in Prison is BIG BUSINESS. With one of the most powerful lobbyist in DC, Business is a booming, and rest assured they are looking for new customers. Soon the AMERIKAS will have over ½ of the American population with either be in jail or will have a criminal record, will you cry for your own execution when you are the last one left?

      And just for your information, AMERIKA is now the number 1prison incarcerator of children in the industrialized world. That number is growing rapidly every year and soon AMERIKA will be # 1 in the world at child imprisonment.

      You two should probably stick to what you know best, and I would bet to say that is sitting on your sofa eating Cheetos and voting for your favorite circus freak on “Dancing with the Stars”.

      • WonderWoman


        In case you haven’t heard, you NO LONGER live in America; you live in the “HOMELAND”. Your American Sovereignty was purchased and sold right before your very eyes. Your country is being LOOTED beyond all comprehension, like nothing seen before by the eyes of mankind. With the Patriot Act and endless Presidential Executive Orders your Constitution is being dismantled.

        Just so you know Shannon, history has taught us that when a country has been looted, they don’t leave with the landmark Constitution intact.

        Velcome to za Homeland, velcome to Amerika. Now please show your papers and provide a blood sample so that we can data file your DNA. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for any resistance or non-compliance resistance will be met with full force.

        Enjoy your Stasi Policed State Shannon.

      • WonderWoman

        Meme, You’re an idiot; the 65 million are those Americans with Criminal Records. It’s no secret that AMERIKA has the highest incarceration rate per capital than any nation on earth. Keep in mind that this 64 Million with Criminal Records are unable to participate and contribute to your already failed and doomed economy. Also, just a bit of other bad news for you Meme, the construction of new prisons and detention facilities in this country now exceeds the construction of educational facilities.

        You poor fool, endless wars and greedy arms corporations have sucked you dry, it’s like the sucking and slithering sound from silence of the lambs. Dollar printing, dollar depreciation, pathetic and doomed economy, who’s going to buy your worthless and useless debts, what will you do if China backs out? You don’t produce anything now except prisons, war machines, missiles, bombs, and stupid AMERIKANS like you who continue to believe the lies and illusions.

        I always find it hilarious at the number of people in this country who actually think that the Policed State is not going to have any effect on them at all as they themselves participate and contribute to the destruction of their own Constitution.

      • Johny Chingas

        You “BrainlessWoman”: Please do a favor to yourself…Stop smoking that weed…. Get your facts straight before opening your “smelly” mouth….
        Really… NONE of your stupid comments make sense at all…..
        Educate yourself.. by the way… It is free for welfare recipients…..
        You really are a CRAZY Girl…….

      • Meme

        Complete and utter nonsense. Where did you get the 65 million figure? It’s more like 2 1/2 million.

        According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) 2,292,133 adults were incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons, and county jails at year-end 2009 —

      • shannon

        it is America! not amerika

    • jimonthebeach

      Fred, you live in California, an asylum run by the inmates. In California, only the criminals and the cops get to carry guns and the cops are afraid to use them. Hell, the West Hollywood city council who have been actively recruiting the fashion industry just shot them in the head by banning the sale of furs. California would rather destroy an entire industry than offend the environmentalists. Why do you think corporations and wealthy tax payers are fleeing the state in droves. Have you not heard about the brain drain? The smart people are following the rich. How’s that hope and change working now?

    • freecheese

      Non violent felons shouldn’t be in PRISON to begin with. Many are very nice people who made bad mistakes, ie” DUI arrests or cultivating pot in their homes. Stupid laws.
      Those people should be under house arrest, and have to pay a monthly fee for their monitoring by the court.

      • T

        @ free cheese – now that really isnt a bad idea – we shouldnt have to pay for monitoring to begin with – however if its the 2cd or 3rd DUI – I think they should be in Jail – at least to protect them from killing themselves or some one else…..obviously – they didnt learn anything the first time ….

      • freecheese

        How long do you want to keep them in jail? Where I live, felohy DUIs get 1-year house arrest. They have to pay $300. per month monitoring fees. After house arrest, they have to attend one year of AA meetings and 100 hours of community service, plus while serving supervised probation for three years , and during those 3-years, they have to pay $95.00 per month to the Department of Corrections for “supervision fees.”
        That’s a lot better than the taxpeyers paying for their food, board and unlimited free health care !
        If they don’t cut it after that, yea, throw them in the can for a long time.

      • T

        that doesnt sound bad at all, what state are u in ? That sounds like a great way to get things done IF the city you live in COLLECTS those fees -we seem to have a problem with that here –

    • Southern Libertarian

      Fred, Your comments reflect your lack of compassion and a hate for you fellow man. What happened to “Thou Shall Not Kill”? And to the drug issue, our own war on drugs is the 21st century version of Prohibition with even worse results. The truth is you can not legislate human behavior or morality. I am a gun carring Libertarian, but I understand the sanctity of human life. Our problems our mostly of our own creation, and they will not go away until we change our philosophy about how we deal with each other in a rational and logical way.

      • Alan Funkle

        everyone supporting violence is an idiot in any form, even in the name of justice. a law is something you practice, not something you enforce through fear or terror. secondly thiers a hidden law about the evolution of technology wich makes weaponry + evolving technology + using weaponry a very bad thing for all. not very big picture thinking. the problem is voilence simply escalates and technology keeps evolving. we really dont need a situation here like in isreal with moralistic uses of violence. people laughed at the atom bomb idea, with technology evolving every day it seems saner to be a pacifist and hug a tree. dont expect other people to behave in a way you are willing not to for those that support punishment and the law of hypocricy means people who support punishment will always find a way to bend rules and pervert the system. the highest example of a moral code is one that is encourage through self practice. anything else is hypocritical nonsense.

      • MDWhite

        Typical intellectual psycho-babble blah.blah.

        FYI: It’s “Thou Shalt Not Murder,” not “Thgu Shall Not Kill.” There’s a big difference. And as for legislating morality, it’s done every day…cannibalism is illegal, so is slavery in some other cultures. Genuinely civilized peoples have to “legislate morality” and have standards because the alternative is total chaos.

        And I have no desire to turn our society to people who deal in moral equivalence and absolutely no sense of social responsibility.

      • starvinmarvin

        Thou shalt not kill. This verse is among those most twisted and misused.
        The actual Hebrew language in which the commandments were written used the word for “murder,” not “kill.” Thou shalt not murder.
        As far as the bible is concerned, there are right reasons to kill someone. Jesus even ministered to and performed a miracle on behalf of a Roman centurian. And of course, God has killed very often himself, and he does not sin.
        Murder is the taking of innocent blood, like abortion.

      • jimonthebeach

        S. L.: Thou shalt not kill never stopped the criminals who the courts are turning loose. And if you lived in California, you’d be a criminal for carrying your gun-you don’t get to carry in California unless you’re criminal or a cop. You can’t even possess some common types of guns in California. Before you criticize Fred, who lives in that cesspool, you might want to take a reality check. I lived in California for more than ten years and I don’t even recognize it any more. I wouldn’t go back there even to visit. I live in Florida where law-abiding citizens have the right to carry concealed weapons, inmates must do 85% of their sentence and the rate of violent crime is falling like a stone.

      • The Bobster

        What’s irrational about snuffing criminals and brown squat monster invaders?

      • Prepper Preacher

        unfortunately, humans are neither rational nor logical so i’m for using capital punishment as a deterent to crime…

      • Tara ImdoinMe Cox

        Well said

      • freecheese

        Huh? I’m not Fred and I never posted what you are talking about. You are responding to the wrong post.
        Put away your weed bag and get a grip !

      • Freeman72

        Southern Libertarian, have you tried to deal with a drug addict who needs anither hit that has broken into your home. Rational and logic are not going to protect you. That gun, the prison system and or execution will. Maybe you should use some rational and logic when making comment about something you know nothing about.

    • Chief 49

      There has never been a repeat offender when the death penalty is enforced.



      • Qyangcllu

        October 20, 2011 Those calf secetrhts do wonders. I struggle with bouts of plantar fasciitis doing those two calf secetrhts really helps prevent it!Tracy @ Tracy’s Treats recently posted..

      • Wimer

        agrualcetsicn on August 30, 2011 I like that I can bounce back (maybe not quickly, but definitely in a short time) from bad situations. My bf and I broke up after 7.5 years, and while i was so devastated, my mindset now has been more about taking this opportunity for new beginnings – and that excites me and usually gets me out of my funk.

  • Elmo/Anechoic Room

    I think it was Marvin Gaye who said it best ….

    • Off Duty

      Elmo…..Thanks for that tune. It brought back a lot of good memories.

  • Elmo/Anechoic Room

    Or maybe it was Curtis Mayfield :-)

  • Buddy Boy

    Can Hollywood turn this into a “reality show” ?

  • bondmen

    Maybe the good people of Lost Angeles will choose to exercise their G_D given right to self-defense and purchase a piece of protection to keep family and self safe from the hellish herd of marauding malcontents. Now’s the time to take charge of your safety and insure your surroundings are healthy for life and limb. Don’t wait until it’s too late, the cake is in the oven folks!

  • Jim Osborn

    Could not happen to a nicer group of calxfornicators. Let all those xillegals go so they can prey on good Demonrat party progressive socialists like yourself. Wallow in the crookedness and corruption you allowed by voting Democrat.

    • ljm

      Jim, the best part is this state can afford to give all of the prison guards huge pensions and benefits, they probably will be giving illigal aliens free college (second half of the “dream act”) give the environmentalists everything they ask for costing REAL jobs, yet they can’t afford to keep prisoners in jail.

  • Kenny

    Just like crime in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Desperate people do desperate things. Thanks you, big government, for this hopeless mess.

    • lass

      Mobsters, bootleggers were a problem during the 30s, but the general popoulation was amazingly law-abiding and generous even in the cities.

  • Doug

    Shoot every illegal invader gang member. Crime will go down dramatically.

    • SAR2012

      Take DNA samples, fingerprint & deport all illegals who are not already a burden on the penitentiary system, also. If found here illegally after this, 115 grains in the back of the head & a pauper’s grave. Immediate reduction in infrastructure costs as well as huge drop in crime rates.



      • jj

        Do y’all call yourselves Christians or just conservatives? What do you think Jesus would say to your rhetoric?

      • SAR2012

        @ DIVERSITY etc.: Diversity under a common set of goals & values, pal. The Founding Fathers debated which language to adopt as the official one for the new country and -thankfully – chose English over German by one vote. Take my word for it – you won’t find this information in Spanish language cartoon shows. You want to use something besides English for regular communications – move where that language is spoken & bother me no more, ‘K? And take all your homies & their tats with ya, ‘K? We generate enough trash here; we have no need of two legged maggots.

        @ jj: I’m an American *nationalist.* Conservative, yes, but an atheist and frankly I could not possibly care less WWJD. If he told me to turn my beloved Republic into a slum shelter for diseased illiterate criminal aliens, I’d deport him, too.

  • Ritts

    It’s too bad that concealed carry permits are nearly impossible to get in LA. Sure, you can carry a registered firearm in a holster, but only unloaded, and only if you think getting hassled by cops at every turn is worth it.

    • mrunpc

      Proof that taking guns away from law abiding citizens only leaves the criminals with them. It’s been proven over and over to be the case and yet, LIBERALS (aka:Communists) are of the (insanity) mindset that you CAN keep doing the same thing over and over to get a different result.*
      ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  • pdulea

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Elections have consequences.

  • GregBuls

    You may think you have a right to defend your life and property with deadly force, but your leaders do not think you have such a right. They will gladly make an example of your and your family to prove that you are in fact naked and helpless before the state. That’s where they want you, and CA has made great progress toward that end. They see the writing on the wall, and they know that when the system collapses there, chaos will ensue and average people will be the victims. They will plead with the same government who disarmed them to ‘do something’ about the raping and pillaging. At that point, the roundups will commence; armed gangs offer a perfect pretext for prison camps. The ultimate goal is to exterminate much of the lower class and the criminal class, while simultaneously disarming the productive class. Then the uber criminals in government will control everything and you’ll gladly lick their boots as they ‘protect’ you from the chaos they generated, on purpose. No one is this stupid and short-sighted: this is all intentional.

  • Mike Alright

    Welfare loving Americans are losing access to the Internet. Once that transition is complete, useless Americans will have nothing to do. And the baby-boomers will be crying while they are hiding in the corners of the basements of the house they think they actually own (which this over-powered government will soon take from you).

  • Waspy

    Now, all you good unarmed urban liberals get to realy live your politics by being tolerant and celebrating diversity…the diversity of having tens of thousands of tatted-up Mexican prison convicts released into your communities.

    • Patrick Henry

      Yes indeed! Celebrate that diversity you communist idiots!

  • amplitude jones

    every problem the nation has comes from tolerating criminals- either the new criminal invaders, or democrats.

    • Shine

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    • Billy

      October 8, 2011 I’m so happy you weren’t hurt! That looks like rough dagame (and completely LOL’d at your license plate blackout with sad faces!! Too funny!). I was hit by a drunk driver TWICE! Once time my car flipped three times and was clearly totaled and the other time it wasn’t as bad but my car was totaled then too… when a DD hits you (I have found) insurance companies are quick to get you off their back and cut you a check! Hopefully you will get your car looking brand stinkin’ new in no time! Keeping my fingers crossed!AND I AM LOVING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS! Have a very great and relaxing weekend!XOXOStephanie @ Blonde Highlights recently posted..

  • Waspy

    Caleeefornia = well on its way to becoming the next Detroit under 100% Progressive Liberal gov’t.

    Enjoy the “change”.

    • NonInsect

      @ the Stinger Wasp: California is much worse than Detroit. At least they aren’t living in tents.
      BTW – if any of you conservatives actually knew how to read, you would have read that the prisoners that are being released are NON-violent offenders – not the “killers’ that you describe.

      • SAR2012

        @ NonInsect: “Non-violent” parties whose crimes are bad enough to warrant incarceration may well: (a) be beneficiaries of plea bargains for more heinous crimes or (b) have committed crimes to which they cannot be linked sufficiently to satisfy “beyond a reasonable doubt” (look at the % of “unsolved” violent crimes – and the total only covers those which are reported!). Repeated DUI / DWI offenses include incarceration. Perhaps the perps are “non-violent” but they sure as Hell cause plenty of death & mayhem . . . especially the illegal aliens in the group.

        Appreciate the demonstrated proof liberals have less capacity for reason than the insects and thanks for playing.

  • xyzzy

    Henry, while sympathetic to your position, I think you’re going a bit over the top. You feel bad because of the current idiot in the WH, and the current criminal pretending to be AG … vote in 2012 for a return to constitutional principles … then you’ll feel better. Stop obsessing over conspiracy theory, you’re being sucked in by a self-serving ‘industry’ that you would do better to ignore. This country simply needs to vote for better representation, and stop drinking the ‘statist’ cruel-aid.


      • SAR2012

        Now that is what I call a target-rich environment. If ICE can’t handle it, the militia can . . . and gladly. So, just hSow fast can you run, amigo?

    • borntobepolitical

      xyzzy, you are voicing reason. We need more reasonable people in this world. Unfortunately Henry is voicing what appears to be a breakdown in society. It seems that there is no news other than apocalyptic news.

      I wish I could say that Henry is a crack pot but he is not.

  • ronb

    send all early parolees to live in DC…cal’s prob solved

    • mrunpc

      Problem is that DC’s already overflowing with them.

      I say about 10 million Americans with chain saws gather at the eastern border of that dreaded state and start sawing. Then we can float it into the Pacific and watch it sail into the sunset forever. Wouldn’t that be a beeautiful site?*
      ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  • Revolution Ireland 1916

    The tenuous civil society in as it currently exists in Southern California is entirely dependent of the continuation of state and federal welfare payments. If these stop, and they will, it will be mere days before a major breakdown and all out race and class warfare begins. Do not buy property in S. California. Do not invest in a business there – you will lose everything, possibly including your life. The smart ones left long ago. It will be worse than Rwanda.

  • The Cryptojournalist

    I guess this is supposed to be a kindly reminder how fubar our correctional system has become?

  • TheKenyanRuninedUSA

    More Hope & Change – Woo-Hoo!!!!

  • Smashicus

    Thank Mexico for exporting all it’s criminals to the U.S.

    • Rod Anders

      Thank the stupid US politicians for allowing it. It is THEIR fault … they are traitors.

  • snappperman

    How about checking immigration status on these prisoners?

  • Smash the TSA

    Bankrupt California wants to focus on teaching sexual perversion to children and finding new ways to advantage illegals who don’t want to speak English or follow any laws; indeed, who openly hate America and white people. The world will be watching the break down of California on TV and laughing.

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