LA Schools To Teach LGBT Curriculum In Anti-Bullying Effort

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Students in the Los Angeles Unified school district may soon be taught “age-appropriate” curriculum promoting positive images of homosexuals and their contributions to society.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports the district approved an anti-bullying program aimed at reducing harassment at school for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students.

The resolution approved on Tuesday directs officials to come up with an implementation plan within 90 days, the Associated Press reported.

One mom present at the school board meeting recalled the reaction her son Elliot received at school when he openly declared himself to be homosexual at age 13 in front of hundreds of classmates.

“Students called him names, hit him, kicked him, and one student threatened to kill him,” she said.

The resolution comes on the heels of the California Legislature approving a law requiring school districts to include the contributions of LGBT Americans in their social studies curriculum.

In addition to curriculum changes, the plan also calls for LGBT sensitivity in education and training for students, parents and staff members.

District officials said the program would teach middle school students studying history about San Francisco gay rights leader Harvey Milk, while elementary school students with same-sex parents could be allowed to make two Mother’s or Father’s Day cards.

Despite the bullying, Elliot, who is now 16, said he feels relieved that he no longer has to hide being a homosexual.

“Remember, you are who you are,” he said. “No one can take that away from you.”

  • rich

    this is crazy kids get teased or messed with for all sorts of reasons. maybe because they are fat or thin tall or short for their age. maybe because they are of a faith that requires them to dress or behave in a manner diffrent then their peers case in point i grew up with a kid that was from egypt well his parents were anyhow and his religion required him to kneel on this lil rug at various times of the day and pray that was very odd to the rest of us and some kids messed with him they would take his lil rug and play keep away with it im sure there were other kids of his faith or simular faiths in our school but did the school have to add a new course to address his diffrence NO THEY DID NOT. then there is this idea WHY IS SEXUALITY OF A CHILD IN SCHOOL EVEN AN ISSUE i mean is it not against the rules in every school to engage in any sexual activitys? i know when i was in school if you hit on the girls in class you could get in trouble so why cant gays as well as straights just keep the sexual matters out of school and concentrate on what they are there for, that being getting an education. kids when i was in school never announced to the other kids what that were gay or straight so i see no reason for kids today to do it. and besides that sexual matters comes up under MORAL ISSUES and those issues should be taught at home by the parents not at school by the history or social studies teacher. why cant the schools teach what they need to like READING WRITING AND MATH and leave the moral issues to the parents

    • Peace

      Thank you, Anthony! Dominic, kids do not have a natural aversion to LGBT people. That needs to be taught or learned through observation. If a child is adopted by a gay couple at a young age, there will almost certainly be no aversion. If the only reactions a kid sees to LGBT people are ones of aversion, that is how their reactions will develop. I can assure you that kids in Berkeley, Provicetown, and Amherst have a far lower aversion to what you call perversion than kids in a small rural Bible-belt town who never get a chance to observe LGBT people being treated normally. Think about how the way you were raised made you think like you do. You don’t need to stay that way, though!

    • Dominic Carabello

      Kids have a natural AVERSION toward PERVERSION…

    • Billy Collins


    • OverTheCoastline

      Here, here!

      • Guess Who

        Where, where?

      • j0nx

        I think the term is Hear! Hear! and yes I agree with your sentiment.

    • John Sheridan


    • Matt

      I don’t know the though of gay sex is pretty frightening to me, on so many different levels. I don’t want my child exposed to it in school. It is morally wrong after all.

    • J

      Gays are less than 3% of the population they are within the statistical margin of error by most surveys, etc. They are therefore statistically insignificant, so why is so much of our time and money dedicated to cramming their agenda down the rest of our throats?

    • JDB

      Remember, you’re talking about California here.

      • rufus levin

        Pray for the rapid instant expansion of the surfacing of the St. Andres Fault line.

    • Chuck

      I agree

    • edknowsall


    • Geosophus

      That is called parenting. Not a school issue. Schools are not churches or moral instructors. Children go to school for their basic education, not for prayer or moralizing.

      • verheek

        Sorry but it’s impossible to teach and raise kids without teaching morals. I think the issue here is more specifically teaching sexual morals to kids.

    • usefulidiots

      Spoken like a true believer in the “Gay Mafia” a disciple of the metro sexualization of our youth giving them complete confusion as to roles even stable gay couples find in a monogamous relationship. Boys are born bullies to some degree testosterone makes a small boy or bull calf want to but you when they are only years old and effeminate boys are strange to them so blame Darwin and quit trying to socialize our population that gay genes are better social markers than straight ones. This is a political move to further a gay agenda by very sad people who have duped us into thinking they are “special” and deserve special treatment and language used when speaking to them. I say we all claim “Gay” and then there is no issue as to which gay’s are sissy and which are Macho’s thus it makes no difference. I am made of rubber and you are glue what you say….

    • Nelson Franks

      The nation’s status as leader in quality education began declining when different social agendas were pushed by the governing agencies. Integration through busing is a prime example. The goal may have been noble, but its implementation caused stress and anger from all sides. Parents of all races complained about the long rides, hardships with transportation for extracurricular activities, and the separation of siblings. A consequence of busing was an increase in so-called “White Flight,” and to this day there is a gaping disparity in racial and economic makeup between urban and suburban communities. In short, the government’s efforts to address a social issue caused as many, if not more, problems than it sought to solve.
      Certainly, I think teachers and schools should do whatever they can to control bullying and curb harassment, but experience has shown that the state’s arm twisting on an issue doesn’t always produce the desired result.
      Public education in this country has become a laughing stock. Emphasis and enhance the fundamentals and leave social issues out.

    • debgal

      Right On!

    • Kathy F

      AGREE I am so over the issue of sexual orientation being the first on the list to be taught in schools these days that I just want to VOMIT. I am soooo glad our son is out of the school age that I have to deal with such stupidity coming from those we think are supposed to be teaching the READING,WRITING,MATH,AND SCIENCE. One thing to add, writing is really not taught anymore, have you seen these kids’ writing? They don’t even learn how to sign their name legibly. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • Guess Who

      Get back in the closet, fruit!

    • Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

      You sound like a damnable Gestapo or KGB goon. “You have violated the People’s Rights. TO THE GULAG WITH YOU, AN ENEMY OF THE STATE!”

    • rufus levin

      perverts exist, preditors exisst, wife beaters exist, cannibals exist, starving children exist, murderers exist, dictators exist, terrorists exist… why not have ALL of these demonstrated and taught to the little kids in the light of making them AWARE…why should a terrorist get bullied, or a cannibal…they EXIST don’t they?

    • Pensieve

      Oh, I’m all for talking about gays and historical reality. So, in the interests of full disclosure, are they going to talk about how gays brought us AIDS and irresponsible gays kept it going? In particular, will the texts mentione the current devestation to Africa by this plague, spread primarily by gays who don’t use safe sex? Will it tell them how this gay-driven plague has killed thousands of women married to men having gay relationships, has killed so many little African children, and has left so many African children orphan? Just asking.

    • Gregg

      The reason that it is something brought to light is not to teach kids about the sexual nature of the issue. But keep in mind that children in these age groups are learning about their own sexuality and to have a curriculum that says, “its ok to be gay” is needed. Keep in mind that many of these kids don’t have a support system at home like those of a religious group or other groups that may be singled out by kids. There aren’t kids killing themselves because someone made fun of their religion at the same rate as kids killing themselves because they are learning about their own sexual identity and being shunned and bullied for it. Tolerance is needed all around and that is a HUGE part of any child (or adult’s) education and has its place in schools just the same as reading writing and arithmetic.

    • douglas

      so u r saying it okay to be bullied to the point of a physical attack on someone
      like the teenage up north who got shot and killed bcuz he was out and gay
      words hurt peoplke too some kids have commited suicide for being verbally
      bullied whos real fault is the bullying parents and then the parents will say oh my kids a good kid just like when parents say my kids not in a gand when they really in my day parents were involved with sitting in class and observing everything everyone does and then report to the principal

    • sachi

      Absolutely right! I don’t want schhols teaching my children about moral issues. ZOur kids can’t read or do math .

  • Amere Shadow

    If you can show us in the bible where it says it is acceptable to sleep man with man or woman with woman. Then judgment is not yours. The laws have been spoken and written. If you choose to have your ears tickled then dont be suprised in the end.
    The word is in black and white. There is no gray.

    • LTG


    • Will Yablome


    • John Fox

      Umm…the laws of this country aren’t based on your personal interpretation of the bible. That is black and white. Move on….

      • Verheek

        No they are based on the majority or the opinions of the strong. What’s here today is gone tomorrow. Look at Rome and how tolerant they were of pederasty? What happened in between that swung the pendulum the other way for some many years?

      • richhenk

        Why you gotta bring race into it?

      • Jeremy Brown, MA

        Interpretation of Scripture must follow principles of hermenuetics. Context, word study, the original languages, background, word comparison throughout the book and Bible, grammar, figurative language and application. If these principles are applied than whether it’s black and white is a moot point.

    • Alex

      Spoken like a true brainwashed blockhead!

      • Alex

        Sorry, my comment was directed at Amere Shadow.

  • Darrell Karrfalt

    There is gray as the Bible is simply an interpretation. If your interpretation is self denial then so be it just please don’t teach hate.

    • Verheek

      Define “teaching hate”. See now you’re back to teaching morality again. Trouble is, people can’t agree to a common standard anymore so we have a relativistic mess. The Bible brought this standard but as the Bible shows, people always think they know better in their little snapshot of time. Forget history repeating itself. We know better and we’ll do it our way thank-you. We don’t need you God because you are a fairy-tale and we know better anyway. I don’t promote bullying anyone but the gay lifestyle is not and will never be normal. The idea that a 13 year old can know he’s gay is right out of fiction. Sorry but if he has GID than he needs counselling and good male role models not the brainwashing of just go with it and don’t fight it.

      • greg

        hildymac we christians do not want this taught to our kids. the sexual choices of any notable person is not important. we do not say to abuse the gays but we also do not want our kids taught in school that its acceptable when we teach them at home that it is not acceptable. moral issues belong at home not in the class. let the teacher teach math and let me teach my kids the morals i belive in. yes Jesus delt with the FRINGE in socity but he NEVER condoned their sins. you make mention of mary and how he forgave her, and that he surely did he told the people that wanted to stone her that it was not for them to judge and i agree with that i do not care what life style a gay person lives IN HIS/HER HOME but when what they do is taught to my child then their life style is not comming to my home and thats unacceptable. i can not judge them but i also do not have to condone their ways JESUS LOVES THE SINNER BUT HATES THE SIN

      • cgs

        Hildymac, I get what you are saying, but please have the facts. No where in the Bible does it say Mary Magdelene was a prostitute, ever. The other thing about invoking Jesus is that though He did hang out with sinners, He told them to STOP sinning over and over. 1 Corinthians 15:34 flat out tells us to STOP SINNING. That said I don’t believe in bullying for any reason. But I also believe this is a Parental issue because as someone adeptly pointed out kids are bullied for so many reasons, but we don’t form a cirriculum for each of those things. How about we just treat each other nicely without singling out a particular group for a special cirriculum.

    • EverydayGuy

      Don’t you teach your own narrow minded hate filled agenda by forcing this onto people who do not want it.

      • Dominic Carabello


        You see Jesus Christ as some sort of gay rights activist, which is just self-serving nonsense. Read Romans 1:24-27 & try to fit that into your RADICAL LGBT agenda,,,

      • hildymac

        As a Christian, I find it comical how other Christians are jumping on someone for saying “just please don’t teach hate.” I thought that loving each other and accepting each other as who we are was part of our faith.

        I have a funny feeling that the company Christ kept would probably be mocked by you if they existed today. Oh wait – they do, and they are. Fair enough.

      • Marmaduke

        They are all about “tolerance” as long as they are the one being “tolerated” put a Bible in front of them and try to share the Good News and you will be attacked most viciously!
        Philippians 2:10-11

      • Karen

        I am with you Juanita Valdez. They need to tolerate heterosexuals. And while they are teaching “sensitivity,” I hope they also teach them that it takes male sperm and female eggs to make a baby – not two sperms or two eggs. Some people, even grownups, are super confused.

      • ny9solyndra

        It’s ironic how those who preach tolerance and respect for diversity of opinion the most (i.e., Liberals), rarely practice the traits themselves.

      • hildymac

        So, Jesus didn’t spend his time with people on the fringes of society? The poor? The destitute? The people that no one had a use for? What was Mary Magdalene, a scullery maid? She was a prostitute, but one who Jesus forgave – and the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection.

        I counter your quote from Romans with 1 John 3:23:

        And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.

        You can love someone without necessarily agreeing with it. Jesus loved all of us, and He told us to love one another. How is it that the central message of the Bible is completely overlooked? Jesus’ Word supersedes all others. That’s the point.

      • juanita valdez

        when are they going to have tolerance training for those who know that biologically-correct relationships are normal should not be mocked (in other words, when are liberal sexually-deviant perverts going to have training on promoting normal people or religious people or those who have a conservative world view????)

    • irishsmile

      Why teach anything on this in tax payer funded schools. Let the parents handel the moral code and let public schools try and actually teach these kids to read and write. Record low SAT English scores this year!!!

    • Believer in Christ

      @hildymac, We as Christians do follow the commandment of “Love one another” We as Christians hate sin, not the sinners

      • Laura Astorian

        Then why the hate directed at people, and not the sin? I never said that I agreed with this being taught in schools – I don’t. I think that honestly all that needs to be taught is tolerance (and to quote Mr. Garrison from South Park of all things, tolerating someone doesn’t mean that you agree with it) and how the ability to get along with people eliminates problems that don’t need to exist.

        Jesus told people to stop sinning and to repent, but He still loved everyone regardless. He also knew that God gave us all free will, and that people make mistakes, hense His amazing ability to forgive. All I ever see thrown out by people on message boards is hate directed at the individual, not the behavior. Oh well, squeaky wheel needs the grease, I guess.

  • Miss Rita

    I don’t want to know what anyone else does in bed with anyone else. This is sick.

    • Peace

      Then why are you so interested in this article? The issue is not at all about what anybody does in bed; it’s about teaching people not to view anyone as wierd enough to justify harmful speech and actions. The beatings and suicides of the last few years are a testament to the need for teaching people to speak and act with skill, not ignorance. Name calling, tormenting and assault should of course be condemned. If you don’t prefer the way certain people live, then don’t live that way! Just don’t turn a blind eye to the harassment and violence going on around you.

      • Karen

        Right on Mark. You said it best. In fact, I think this class will backfire and there will be more intolerance.

      • MARK

        peace HURTFUL WORDS have been said to just about everyone for any number of reasons maybe your fat or thin tall or short and someone made fun of you. maybe you have an odd name and they made fun of that. maybe you were less then well off and your parents could not buy you the IN STYLE cloths and they made fun of that. point is people can be hurtful to you on any given front so is it best to create a course load to cover each possible variable? or is it best to create a course load that simply teaches that it is UNKIND AND WRONG AND UNACCEPTABLE TO MAKE FUN OF OR HARM ANOTHER PERSON BASED OF ANY THING YOU FIND ODD OR DIFFRENT?

    • Discusted

      That’s what I thought… So, for every reference to a glbt person will there be equal time given to a heterosexual !!!???

    • Infowarrior

      Thank You, It’s crazy we need to know the sexual oreintation of historical figures, why, for what? Next there going to force feed us all the wonderful contributions drug addicts gave us in history.

  • EverydayGuy

    Chinese Student: “I know Calculus, Physics, and astronomy.”
    Los Angeles Student: “I know about LGBT and Harvey Milk.”
    Chinese Student: That’s nice, could you ad fries to my order?”

    • Hugo Avila

      That’s exactly what I said. This is a waste in a time when money is tight in schools. I’m not conservative by any measure, but even I can see how stupid this is

      • EverydayGuy

        Hugo, thanks for the support. Maybe you should be conservative as the other side is all feeling based and devoid of intellect. Has anyone for this program considered any consequences? No. They want what they want and that’s all they see.

    • ny9solyndra

      Actually, the Chinese student will say:


      …because if the way Democrats are taking the economy, we’ll all be needing to learn Chinese before too long.

      • In over his head

        Isn’t the fact that GE’s Jeffrey Immelt and our jobs czar, whose had special seating at Obama’s jobs, has recently sent high wage x-ray machine manufacturing to China. This act is indefensible by Immelt and the administration.

      • James Payne

        Come on yourself, Alpha Kenny Juan,

        YOU know as well as everyone ELSE that while Bush gave Obama a bad economy, Obama made it into a catastrophic economy.

        One simple question for you…are you better off NOW than you were 2 1/2 years ago?

      • bubbles

        Everyone’s missing the point. It’s long past time to do away with public schools and the DOE.
        And actually, the Chinese student wouldn’t say that. google translate gave you darn near nonsense. I guess your point is noted either way.

      • Alpha Kenny Juan

        Come on, ny9solyndra, how are you going to blame Democrats when Bush was the president who borrowed so much money from China to fight two unfunded wars? How are you going to blame Democrats for the fact that businesses (whose owners and corporate boards are more often Republican) have outsourced their manufacturing operations to China? Speaking of which, didn’t Solyndra get implicated in some sort of scandal recently?

      • Karen

        Good job. Which translation program did you use?

  • EverydayGuy

    Darrell, if you are truly open minded and believe in diversity as in diverse points of view then you will be in favor of an opt out for those who don’t bully. I wish the LGBT community did not bully parents into subjecting their kids to this.

    • ny9solyndra

      Resistance is futile, per the libunatics.

    • Alex

      As a woman born intersex, I agree with you! Parents should not allow children to be exposed to this topic until they are mature enough to understand it. Schools should teach subjects that will improve the life of children as they mature into young adults, not subject them to often complex issues they need not understand at an early age. It is not necessary.

      • Guess Who

        Intersex??!! Does that mean you can do yourself? I bet you never leave the house.

  • Hugo Avila

    They’re wasting money on this when CA schools are behind in Science, Math, and Reading?

    By the way, the bible is NOT the word of God. It is the word of man’s interpretation of God. I don’t care for the LGBT cause, but the bible people are pretty stupid to cite it in their vindications against it

    • David Griffin

      Your opinion is that the bible is not the word of God, but quite plainly, if you believe what the bible says, then you believe it when the bible says it is the Word of God. You are pretty much saying that if you don;t believe the bible then you shouldn’t believe the bible, which is nonsense…

    • Big Jim

      2 Timothy 3:16
      All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

      • Verheek

        The Bible is *not* man’s interpretation. The point is that God used people to write stuff. Just like he inspires people to do all kinds of things. If you practice the Bible you’ll see what I mean. It would never be sought after by so many people at pain of death in closed countries if it was just “some book”.

      • JustAGuy


      • richhenk

        well yeah, but again, that scripture is man’s interpretation. you can’t just put a line in the book that says ‘this is the true word of God’ and suddenly it becomes the true word of God. Until this God comes down and writes it him(her)self it is mans interpretation.

      • Peace

        Including Leviticus and Deuteronomy? Or the scriptures in which God is said to be perfect, while in the Old Testament he describes himself as jealous and is prone to support violence of any kind to meet his ends, including killing nearly every person and land animal on earth? Then, a pause, as God changes into a better “perfect” in the New Testament, one who required a blood ransom of his own son in order to forgive humans their sins? Why couldn’t he just forgive them? Why, if he’s all powerful, could he not simply teach and forgive? Why, if he intervenes for every common person’s prayers, did he allow his son to have a ministry for only THREE YEARS? And why, after the disciples died, have we been left hanging, waiting, generation after suffering generation, for his son to return? That scripture is full of gaping holes.

  • ceevee


    • Jeff P.

      I would agree with you teaching children about alternative lifestyles is not really needed. Teaching acceptance of other people should be encouraged but the specifics of that difference has nothing to do with tolerance.

      It should be “respect everyone” not “respect everyone who is gay”

      What is needed is teaching children how to balance a check book and how to use credit responsibly.

      The Bible should be left out of schools; the Bible shows little or no tolerance of an individual who does not live up to “the code”.

      “With love for mankind and hatred of sins.” ~ St. Augustine.

      • Verheek

        The Bible shows the law before Jesus came and the new law after he came. Before the Jewish people were under law and had to perform all the rituals. After Jesus came and died for our sins, we were freed from the law and entered the era of grace.
        “the Bible shows little or no tolerance of an individual who does not live up to “the code”.” Exactly. That’s who God is. The Bible is His standard by which we don’t measure up. That’s why Jesus came to earth to live and die and remove our sins which we all had after Adam and Eve ate the Apple in the Garden of Eden.
        However, the New Testament half of the Bible brings new teachings are reaffirms old ones but we no longer half to sacrifice and perform all these rituals through a priest to pay for our sins. We can ask Jesus to do that for us and take charge of our lives. That doesn’t mean all our problems vanish but it does give us a relationship with him and Guide through life. It does give us grace when we fall short of the law. The Bible teaches love and acceptance but Jesus doesn’t just want to leave us there. This is where people are often twisting the Bible saying just love and accept and that’s all there is. But it isn’t. We need to move forward and deal with things in our lives through counselling, prayer, relationships, education and so on but based on the Biblical standard.

  • Silly Me

    Hugo Avila- The bible is the WORD OF GOD, I also don’t care for the LGBT. However, I have to need to offend anyone the way you do. Oh, and the “Bible People” are believers….just to clarify your ignorance.

    • richhenk

      um, ‘i have no need to offend anyone…’…’…just to clarify your ignorance’ – Seems kind of hypocritical. How does that saying go? let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

      • David Griffin

        Ignorance simply means being unaware or uneducated in a certain area. If you demonstrate e lack of knowledge or understanding of a subject then you are, by definition, ignorant.
        Not like he was calling you stupid.
        But I am considering it…

      • James Payne

        Indeed richhenk,

        HOWEVER the Bible also says we are not to tolerate sin. For example in John 8:7 verse 7 when Jesus saved Mary from stoning he told her to “go and sin no more”.

        Therefore while we are to give forgiveness we are still not to tolerate sin.

  • John Smith

    Are the school administrators going to be impartial and include John wayne Gacy’s gay history, Jeffrey Dahmer? J. Edgar Hoover and his non-policy of going after organized crime, and his association to the Kennedy’s assasination? or try to say you have to be gay to be a true and balanced American?

  • SW Wu

    Gotta love opinions from people who purposely and conveniently leave out other parts of the same Bible that finds slavery acceptable, etc. Not that I would ever encourage that type of thinking.

    If you want to follow the Bible, fine. Just don’t be a hypocrite and follow only bits and pieces as you choose fit. That was how the South justified slavery.

    • DD

      From a Catholic point of view being a Slave Owner is a lessor offense than teaching children that what is actually an evil should be embraced as good and acceptable. We Catholics love codifying everything after all.

    • JD

      You should probably read the Bible first before making such statements. Nowhere in the Bible does it advocate slavery; quite the contrary, as evidenced in Exodus and Philemon. Read first, then respond.

      • Steve Golac

        actually, if you had any contextual knowledge whatsoever, and didn’t get your opinion from Bill Maher, you’d understand that firstly, the master & slave relationship in the ancient world is not different from an employer/employee relationship.There are specific guidelines for how to treat slaves. Also, levitical laws are directed solely to one specific nation. That of Israel. At one specific time in history. It also talks of how a king is to be appointed. Do you think anyone argues that the Bible specifically endorses monarchism for all time in all cultures? So weak. If you read Exodus and stop watching Bill Maher, you’d know that the entire book is about freedom from Egyptian slavery. The Bible clearly obviates class distinctions. (Galatians 3:28)
        You are attempting to use a modern understanding of slavery and transfer it to 3000 years ago. Freedom in the ancient Near East was a relative, not an absolute state, as the ambiguity of the term for “slave” in all the region’s languages illustrates. “Slave” could be used to refer to a subordinate in the social ladder. Thus the subjects of a king were called his “slaves,” even though they were free citizens.And in most cases, the transaction of slavery was voluntary, much like maid or butler. And you negate to mention that the party that abolished American slavery (the GOP), which was far different than ancient slavery, did so on a biblical basis of equality as being created in the image of God. The fact that there are passages in the OT describing how to treat the poor is not an approval of poverty. It is a reality. The fact is, you who are condemning slavery probably wear clothing made by slaves in third-world countries, living in conditions far worse than those of Israel’s slaves. And again, where did you get the moral high ground?

      • Y-not

        Actually, Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine
        claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

    • Peter Lim

      Gotta love opinions from people that read the Bible but don’t understand it.

  • Find Virtue

    They are given to selfish lusts and desires which are against nature and procreation.

    • SW Wu

      Selfish lusts and desires are responsible for you being on this earth too. One has to sin to procreate.

      • rich

        there is no SIN involved in procreation if it is a married couple sex is intended for married people not for man on man or woman on woman plain and sinple fact the parts fit perfectly for the act man on woman. they do not fit in either of the other options this is not a religious argument just a pure biolgy one

      • Peace

        Rich, procreation existed long before Christianity and Judaism and marriage. Tell me I’m wrong! All life forms engage in procreation. Ours is the only one with members arguing with each other that their various books of rules about it are absolute. And harming each other. And allowing others to be harmed.

  • nat57

    California sucks! Damn you people are so flippin lame!

    • Jeff

      I had lived in Ca. my whole and have witnessed it’s demise. You are spot on.

      • James Payne

        Frankly I find it AMAZING that ANYONE who is SANE would still choose to live there!

      • mark

        PEACE marriage has ALWAYS existed God joined adam and eve it may not have always required the ceramony and papers we put on it now but the act of marriage or JOINING OF ONE MAN TO ONE WOMAN has always existed and i know someone will bring up the fact that people in the bible had COCUBINES and ill admit that but they still called only one woman the WIFE and the others were called CONCUBINE. as for the rest of creation yes they all PROCREATE at will but show me one other life form that engages in a sexual act that engages in it with a member of its own gender? you do not see a male dog, cat, horse, cow or any other male animal trying to put it to another male and if some odd one did im fairly sure the animal on the reciving end would protest greatly lol. so this whole course plan is about teaching about a life style that no other species on this earth engages in except man kind so that should be a clue that it is not as it was intended to be

  • magnus

    How about you let the school districts decide what should be taught to the kids. Legislators know siht about an effective curriculum. How much are we going to keep allowing these garbage politicians to dictate our lives for us?

    • Verheek

      Why keep waiting for the politicians to do something. Why don’t people join the PTA and other parts of the school system and speak out against this stuff. That’s why it continues because seemingly people aren’t opposing it.

  • Hank Warren

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    • NotCrazed

      You must be a marketer?

      The US does not ban books. Ever. You are allowed to write just about anything and most vendors will sell it. (Note they did not ban the book the pedophile wrote on amazon either.)

      Amazon sells this book and the first one. They also sell the second one on kindle, so I can get it within 60 seconds. So do MANY other book sellers.

      Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Get a life

    If you want to institute a bullying policy, then do so unilaterally. Why does everything in the mind of liberal politicians have to have a demographic attached to it (other than the obvious pandering to fundraisers)? Honestly, this is why liberal districts suffer so much hate and ignorance. You are teaching kids to see the world through demographic optics rather than through the words of MLK.

  • terranovas

    The anti-bullying program doesn’t have to be sexual in nature. The curriculum doesn’t have to be base from the bible. It should just teach children to accept diversity and that every individual has a choice and that we have to answer to the consequences it would bring.

    • Karen

      That is too logical for Californians to understand terranovas. Unless we are kow-towing and bowing to the GLBT community, we are not tolerant. I am glad I do not have kids in school because I would be forced to home-school them. Kids need to learn how to read and write, and I also suggest math and science, so they can get a damn job. Further, it is ludicrous to believe that anyone contributed anything to society because they were gay. Their sexual orientation had nothing to do with any contributions. This whole idea makes me want to vomit like Kathy.

  • JD

    How do you expect our failing teachers to teach our children about these sensitive issues? They can’t teach them math or english now want them to learn how to be respectful and mature.

    This really should start at home or at the very least qualified individuals.

  • Dion

    Soooo very sick of Gays trying to ram their agenda in my ass.

    • Alex

      I certainly hope not!

    • gphx

      Allowing gay historical figures to simply be mentioned is hardly ramming an agenda. This whole thing reminds me of the 1960s Civil Rights thing all over again. Some of the people here sound like our grandfathers did talking about black people. No one requires your permission to have dignity and respect. Get over yourself.

  • Nehamiah Flubber

    Ho ho ho….gees….look at the movie IDiOCRACY and tell me these people shouldn’t be starring in it. Rather than solve bullying….rather than bring parent(s) in to work on the problem, let’s talk about private parts being in strange places and now we all understand each other better. Folks…’s not going to work that way. This is a program that will require another program to undo the damage that his one does. You better agree with me or I just might beat you up and take your lunch money….wait….there is no lunch money…lunch is free and on me…because I work……darn.

  • Nehamiah Flubber

    This is just sick stuff…..”Hey, Dad, how come I’m making two mother’s day cards when I don’t have a mom in the first place? Where’s Harry? He said he was going to show me his muscles today.”

  • Harvey

    Hey, if not a school where else are our children going to learn about receptive anal intercourse?

    • ny9solyndra

      There’s always prime time television.

  • bagocheese

    I’m beginning to think this country is doomed

    • nobody

      It has been doomed since Fed gained control of our fake dollar and somewhere along the way a commitment to globalization was mandated. All that’s left is wars, famine, disease and a boot stomping on your face forever, as Orwell put it.

      • Verheek

        No it’s been doomed since a majority of people turned from God’s ways and started worshipping material things and the god of tolerance. Tolerance and sensitivity are needed but as with many of these terms they are on one end of a scale which measures a person’s behaviour. One end is Tolerance and the intolerance. Now, where *do* you place any specific behaviour and where *should* you place any specific behaviour? If I compare my scale to yours and they don’t line up, I can call you intolerant. So who is right and who is wrong?

  • Scott

    Liberal politicians do this so they can build a power base that depends on their liargesse and world view to remain viable.

    The insanity continues–completely bankrupt and ineffectual schools are worried about LBTG rights? Incredible.

  • jaline

    ‘ve always lamented that I have no grandchildren, as my children have chosen not to have any kids. Now I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about what they would have been taught in today’s school system. I say this after having worked 26 years at schools.

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