Gov. Brown Signs Landmark Law To Teach Gay History In Calif. Classrooms

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a landmark bill adding lessons about gay history to social studies classes in California’s public schools.

Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill Thursday, making California the first state in the nation to require public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum.

The Democratic-majority Legislature passed the bill last week on a largely party-line vote.

The bill has drawn criticism from some churches and conservative groups that argue such instruction would expose students to a subject that some parents find objectionable.

Democratic state Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, the bill’s author, has said that teaching gay history in public schools will teach students to be more accepting of gays and lesbians.

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  • Phiilip


    • Stryker 21

      How about teaching them to read and write. Once we have that mastered, then you can introduce the history makers of pole smokers and carpet munchers.

  • LJ

    Disgusting. Glad I don’t have kids in the public school system.

  • drum

    cole porter, franklin pangborn, leo g carroll.etc etc.

    will the sexual orientation of deceased persons now become a hot topic for the purposes of discussions on gay history.

    this can open up a potential can of worms was he or wasn’t he??

  • Hmm

    I’m not sure I understand this law. Is it a law that enables teachers to teach ABOUT h0m0sexuality? Or is it a law that enables teachers to teach about how some g@ys and lesbi@ns have positively contributed to society/the world? If it is the latter, then I’m all for it. If it’s not, then I will raise he// at my kids’ schools. That is MY job and decision whether they know intimate details about h0m0sexuals and their lifestyle, and NO ONE has the right to take that away from me!

    • Tha 1

      Exactly. Soo many parents will pull their children from schools. This is not acceptable.

  • rick

    if someone made a positive impact on the world why is their sexual stuff even important do we discuss weather some inventor was doing the man/woman next door NO all that matters is what they invented

  • PeteM

    Me too Rick. They’d be out of there in a heartbeat!

  • Stubby

    All our kids and grandchildren are in private schools where we don’t have to put up with this garbage. How about PUblic Schools footing field trips to the Folsom Street Fair to actually get a full view of the Gay lifestyle and history in the making? Brown is such a jerk.

    • david sanders

      I agree!

  • PeteM

    This stuff should NEVER be taught in a SCHOOL!

  • rick

    hmm it is both they will teach how the person was gay and yet made this positive impact and as such being gay is a good thing

    • Hmm

      OMG, I guess the schools better brace themselves for the fury that is sure to come from some parents… including me.

      • Karen

        Give em hell Harry. It’s time we Californians fought back against this liberal panzy.

      • Tha 1

        Yup! there not going to want to deal with me! this will be a huge epidemic in the schools sytem. Too many parents will remove their children the schools will be forced to remove it from the text books.


    Another reason to leave the state of California.

  • tj

    Shouldn’t history just be history without regard to sexual orientation? Or age, race, national origin, gender…. anything? This is stupid legislation. I’m pretty sure California actually is hell.

    • Tha1

      pretty dam close! almost there. So sad– CAli used to be the best!

  • Einstein

    Boy! Once again Mr. pandering let the people vote on it, no way had any intentions on letting the people vote on it. And the lunatics of California out of their jealous hatred for the rich vote this ignoramus loony tune back into office. Now it’s “required” to force the excepting of a sick and perverted life style to our children in public schools? What is this world coming to!!! Sure didn’t see this one coming for the second time around with this liberal nut case! Not only does it make Meg Whitman look like a genius, but maybe not a bad choice after all. SICK AND PATHETIC!

    • Tha1


  • Einstein

    Oops, Should be ! and ???.

  • Einstein

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Meg Whitman!

    • Karen


      Brown does what he wants.

      1. He refused to honor our vote on Prop 8 and even supported the gay people at the CA Supreme Court while he was attorney general.

      2. As attorney general, Jerry Brown let all the lethal injections expire ON PURPOSE so that CA could not carry out death penalty sentences.

      3. For the longest time, HE WANTED CALIFORNIANS TO AGREE TO PAY MORE TAX so that he could fund the pensions for state employees who retire at age 50 and 90% of their salary. You never know, this ugly beast may soon raise its ugly head again because the budget we passed includes revenue from sales tax from the internet that many experts says does not exist.

      Now he has passed a stupid, discriminatory law. Why is it discriminatory? Does a person’s sexual behavior cause them to contribute to society? I always thought it was the content of one’s character.

  • Ron

    What in the world is Moonbeam thinking?Of all the problems we have in California why waste time on this?

    • Diane

      I totally agree.

  • bigjim

    Another reason top VOTE NO on tax increases for public schools. Maybe they should stick to teaching english, math, and science since they cannot even do that right.

    • Voted for Meg!


  • Malcolm

    That’s right. We’re gonna teach your children our ways. Hopefully we can turn some straight kids into g@y kids. Thank you Mr.Brown, for endorsing male on male s o d o m y.

  • Jason

    Are the schools going to teach our kids about the statistics of g@us and HIV? Or would that not be politically correct?

  • Jacob G.

    This state has been making me sick for the past 10 years. I think it is time for many families including my own, to move on to greener pastures. Somewhere where our votes will make a difference.

  • Robinton

    Who cares about the gays.Let’s exterminate those brown stone age apes.

  • JC

    Thanks, Governor, for getting our children to think and talk about gay sex while they’re still interested in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I’m sure NAMBLA will love you for this one.

  • Everyday Guy

    Support private schools and home schooling. Kids will learn more and can freely laugh at the freaks. And just what gay history is there besides the glory hole?

  • Doug

    Great. Our kids can’t read or do anything above basic math. When I meet college students (which I do a lot) I like to ask a few questions on history. I have yet to find a single college student who could tell me anything about WWI, other than it must have come before WWII. A friend of mine told me she couldn’t find a high school kid who could correctly identify George Washinton as our first president. We are raising a generation of idiots.

    • Gidzmo

      I suspect that more parents will seek out other alternatives for education: private schools, homeschool, or simply leaving the state. The schools, IMVHO, should stick to the basic curriculum.

    • Bill

      Slight correction, California CONTINUES raising generations of idiots and p..v..ts.
      And they continue to elect them to lead California to glory.

  • Hollywood Reporter

    Yup , California sure is the Land of Fruits and Nuts.
    No wonder we are broke with these morons in Sacramento.

    Adult Toys 101

  • Voted for Meg!

    Wheres the petition to overturn this. If they can do it with Prop 8 so can we!

    • Karen

      Prop 8 WILL ULTIMATELY PREVAIL. Don’t you worry. Support attorney Andrew Pugno and his team. This will go to the US Supreme Court.

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