Villaraigosa Ignores Outcry, Will Build 6-Foot Wall Around Mansion

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Despite the objections of his neighbors, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has ordered city officials to proceed with a plan to erect a six-foot wall around the mayor’s mansion.

The wall — which would flank the sides of Getty House in Hancock Park — recently drew the ire of local residents in February when Villaraigosa filed a request for a local variance that prohibits any fencing that exceeds 42 inches in height.

A proposed design for the wall includes “embedded” security features that the mayor’s office said will save trim the costs of security staffing.

Villaraigosa has deflected much of the public criticism aimed at the structure towards federal officials.

The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly proposed the idea after the Department of Homeland Security found that the home could be breached.

  • Frost Fence

    Fences don’t mean anything to illegal alien supporters, like Tony Viagra.

    • Sickofthis

      He just want a 6 foot wall to block people from seeing all the seedy things he does. And why should my tax $ pay for this? He should got live with his reporter girl friend. He’s a resident of LA, why should he have a mansion to live in. Governor Brown doesn’t have a governor mansion to live in, so why should this joke of a mayor have such nice accommodation?

      • Catherine Girod

        the original governor’s mansion is a state historic park. a second one was built at the end of the reagan era but brown didn’t want to live in it so it was sold off. brown is now living in an apartment in sacramento, paid for by some donors.

      • Maria

        You are sooooo right with your comment. How do we get this clown out of office? I am so embarrassed to have him as mayor of our great city.

    • Kenneth Howell

      Villaraigosa’s citizenship is probably falsified, as well as his history as an american living in America. Let’s deport him back to Tijuana!

      • Cass

        then i guess we should deport all the white people to England? or Germany? or where ever their ancestors are from?

    • moe

      Tony Viagra. lol, like we’re going to take you seriously commenting like a middle-schooler.

    • Jeremiah

      Just like in Mexico… Those with property are fenced in from the others

    • Jeezus

      Fony Villalagrossa.

    • Really


  • OMIK

    RIGHT??????????????? These morons are costing us OUR lives…but who are we to say? He’s a fricken mexican and is worried? JOKE!

  • Mike

    Deport him.

    • J. Adams

      You could try, but he’ll probably just produce a fake Hawaii birth certificate

    • char

      to where????????? you may not like him, but he was born here.

    • Phil

      Hold a grudge much?

      I’m not sure Mr. Villaraigosa considers himself a real American either, or particularly interested in what white people think of him. So, for the sake of argument, let’s say “he started it.”

    • Frank

      This is a gross generalization.

    • Carol Hadenough

      Please. Race has nothing to do with it. Illegal immigration isn’t a race, it’s a crime. I don’t like MEChA Boy because he’s a former President of MEChA. He supports ILLEGAL immigration into our country. Besides… do you really think we’ll give up the sovereignty of our country just to avoid being called a name? HA! Don’t hold your breath!

    • pj

      What is wrong with you Everytime someone doesn’t agree you shout recist or some other nasty comment. What is the matter are you sick?

    • neopatetic

      If you say, “IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIM YOU ARE A RACIST!!!!”, you are a racist.

    • Walter

      Then I’m a racist…and proud of it

      • Sherylynne

        You have now proven yourself to be a MORON, as well. Proud of that, too??

    • Rachel

      We saw our non-white “citizens” waving the Mexican flag during the soccer match between Mexico and America, not AMERICAN FLAGS. They BOOED the Americans. Clearly it is THEY won’t don’t consider themselves real Americans. So by their own loyalty, they AREN’T real Americans! You can’t have it both says, moron. Where is your loyalty? If it’s not with America, then you aren’t an America just because you take up space here. Or are you too stupid to understand this?

    • Wenz

      Rachel… Think geography, where is Mexico located? Continent of…. that’s right North America. Good job… by default, people that are born in Mexico, Canada or United States are Americans. Unfortunately, ethnocentric people like yourself wave your “American flags” (made in China), while you wear clothes (manufactured in Taiwan), and drink coffee (grown in Colombia), drive cars (built in Mexico) and believe your “culture” is for some reason at a higher status than anyone outside your consumer-driven society.
      The simple fact that you allow a soccer team to validate your allegiance to USA makes you the stereotypical fanatic moron that the world generalizes as “Americans”. Quit speaking for “True Americans”, and you’ll do OUR country a BIG FAVOR!

      • Bobby Dias

        Not a latino-latinos are decended from Italy. Mexicans are a combination of “native” indians and french. The french ruled Mexico for about 200 years. Spain never ruled or mixed in with the indians or mexicans.

      • char

        oh yes it does, if you dislike a person BECAUSE of his race, creed, etc……and what does this have to do with building a fence?

      • char

        What??????????? You never heard of Hernan Cortes?

      • char

        Really???????? Then I guess Hernan Cortes must not have been Spanish………

    • Wild Palms

      Wenz: bullet proof logic. So, since we engage in international trade- we should have no Nationalism?
      It’s folks like you that frustrate the American people.

    • Alx1775

      Insisting that anyone born on the continent of North America is legally or culturally an American (i.e., a citizen of the United States) is ridiculous. You’re playing on an ambiguity and not contributing to the discussion.

      • Wenz

        by contributing to this discussion… do you mean, I should add to the continuous xenophobia rants that go on in this thread. Guatemala is in CENTRAL AMERICA… this thread speaks VOLUMES on the ignorance taught at our school systems.

      • Farmer Bob

        “… this thread speaks VOLUMES on the ignorance taught at our school systems.”

        It does when you speak for yourself. Guatemalans have much more in common with Mexicans linguistically, culturally genetically and historically than Mexicans have with Americans. Guatemala is as much “the country next door” to Mexico as the USA is, more so if you consider that most of the Mexican population has historically been concentrated in the direction of Guatemala. That some geographer decreed that Guatemala, right next to Mexico, is in central America by and Mexico runs from there to the north doesn’t change it’s affinities or proclivities one bit. Even *they* all know the difference even if Wenz doesn’t. To say that Mexicans are Americans because the countries are next to each other is simply a fooling fooling himself. The more meaningful proximity is indeed that of Mexico to Guatemala. There is no such thing as a “Mexican-American” unless he assimilates Until then, there are only Mexicans in America, and half of those illegally, as criminal invaders..

      • Bobby Dias

        What Guatemalans have in common with Mexico is that Guatemala was formed by ex-slaves of Mexican indians,runaways. About Mexico and the USA- when the USA started asking Mexico-born people here to sign a loyality oath(like the USA did with the Japanese and the Italians and the Germans and other nationalities) 7,000,000 Mexiico-born people ran back to Mexico for World War II. The 7,000,000 number was given to me by then-president of Mexico Adolfo Ruiz Cortines in 1957 during a phone call to me. Those 7,000,000 Mexico-born people did not want to give up their loyality to Mexico.

    • Farmer Bob

      Actually, by Wenz’s logic, Mexicans are only North Americans, not Americans. You might more accurately call them North Guatemalans. They illegally cross our borders in order to elevate themselves to Americans but it doesn’t seem to help much. In their hearts and in their heads, they’re still Mexicans no matter where they are. Mayor Villaraigosa. just proved it. And since half the Mexicans in this country get in here by violating our laws, they are, next to being Mexicans, *anti*-Americans to boot — too boot out of our country.

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  • Shirley

    Typical politician …..arrogant!! He believes his own press….and thinks the citizens of LA are stupid. The only danger he faces is the anger of the voters – and his own incompetence!!

    • Autoamerican

      Uh, you’re a little late, Shirley. He’s a lame duck. He won’t be up for re-election. And as far as “anger of the voters”, only 13% of voters bothered to vote in the last mayoral election. Since most of them were Hispanic Democrats, AnVil was elected for a second term.

      I’d say the citizens of Los Angles ARE stupid.

      • pj

        I’m afraid Los Angelenos must get ahold of themselves. You have allowed lala town to become real.. Internet tax crazy celebrities drunks druggies….Beautiful city and beautiful state,. You’re etting it go to ruin

      • Katie

        But Autoamerican, AnVil could try to run for statewide office…. Think people will pay attention then?

        And next mayoral election isn’t till 2013. Who’s to say there won’t be some sort of way ‘found’ for him to run for a third term?

  • Regg

    You think politicians care about how other people feel…….maybe when its time to vote… but that’s it.

    • Really

      This is what the city gets for voting for the slick, smiling liar.

  • jack reacher

    your own fault “Anglinos”, you voted him in…you voted in someone who “graduated” from a 4th rate unaccredited law school who couldn’t pass the bar after multiple tries… who is only interested in getting money and influence and staying in power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY…

    you voted him in…deal with it

    • Catherine Girod

      i didn’t vote for him.

    • char

      If you want to call us names, at least spell correctly – We are Angelenos!

    • Cass

      yeah we voted for him like you probably voted for George W. Bush.

  • william

    Funny homeland security would be concerned about protecting a Mayor who allows illegal immigrants to live and work in LA without fear of deportation. The Mayor himself breaches the security of this country and facilitates the further deterioration of Los Angeles with his illegal immigration policies.

    • manman

      yep.. chicken azz chicken zhit…..

  • mitzi

    I want a 100 feet tall electric fence with razor wire and video cameras at the Mexican border

    • iheartubuntu

      Mitzi for prez!

    • John

      How do you know that WE won’t be trying to cross into Mexico if Obama gets reelected

    • Frost Fence

      I am with Mitzi

  • RBG

    Villaraigosa is an arrogant elitist and a terrible mayor. Why do we keep electing him?

    • pj

      Good? He’s good? You just validated the prior comment

    • Astonished

      For what? He sure isn’t any good as a politican and he’s a gross failure as a married man. So tell me, what is he good for?

    • Edd

      Because it would be ‘racist’ not to vote for him, no mater how incompetent, mendacious, and worthless he is. At least, that’s what those who know what’s good for us believe.

    • Grumpy

      WE? I didn’t vote for this fool.

    • LetUsSee

      Because most of the residents of L.A. are apathetic, lazy, ignorant and uneducated. That’s why.

  • alan hart

    Who cares if the house is breached. It already has been breached when the city let this guy live there.

  • DAX

    I can’t wait to see what he thinks when one of “His People ie Latino” Tags it ..LOL or maybe he will tag it first “Squeeaky”

    • ha

      Ha ha ha haaaaa

  • ES

    “Villaraigosa filed a request for a local variance that prohibits any fencing that exceeds 42 inches in height”. Except for him of course.

  • Dave Shaffer

    I wonder how many teachers will have to be fired to pay for this?

    Once again, California leads the way.

  • James Atkinson

    Don’t you mean tax payers are going to build that wall? It would be worth every peney if we could keep him inside.

    • Katie

      Yes, taxpayers will be paying for that fence. Getty House is the official residence for the Mayor–which means that the taxpayer maintains it.

  • BigBoa

    Perhaps he’s getting ready for the coming revolution,,,,,

  • Btruth

    They are preparing for civil war and the collapse of the fiat currency.

    • LW

      A 6ft wall isn’t going to stop “The People”. He’s fooling himself.

  • radii

    He is a joke of a Mayor – with no taste – sure, ruin the charm of the most elegant and oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles when you’re out of office in what – just over a year? Villagrossa has done nothing except get on the news from time-to-time and let the developers run wild on the City of L.A. just like his Republican predecessors did.

    • Always Independent

      Can’t wait to see the grafiti the wall will get.

  • swis

    I agree, but lets let God reward him for his ways. Nothing more said or done could be true justice

    • Ray

      I give him credit for showing leadership.

      We should build a 6 foot wall around every Mexican.

    • neopatetic

      Throw the bum out.

    • RLA Bruce

      He is what he is. That is punishment enough.

    • no

      Oooh, oooh. Can you let your imaginary “god” punish me for things? I would love to get away with all sorts of stuff right now for a supposed magical punishment from Mr. Skyman some day.

    • DG

      That was a good one Ray

    • Archimedes Rhubarb

      “no,” you’ve got some growing up to do.

    • Huxley

      Rhubarb believes in the all-knowing invisible man in the sky. Its a common trait for small minds that can’t think for themselves. Weakness of the mind. So frustrating but at the same time comical. If I’m wrong may lightning strike rhubarb right in the patch.

    • Huxley

      Ayn Rand would have laughed at Rhubarb. She once told Aldous Huxley that he was much far too intelligent to believe in god. So we all know where the conservatives’ hero stands on bible bangers. Cognitive Dissonance, you have a call on line 1…. (full disclosure- I’m an athiest)

    • bman

      My Cloud daddy is better then your Cloud Daddy!

    • armenia4ever


      The fact that you have to insult someone’s beliefs at the slightest mention of the word “God”, indicates that you have a strong lack of tolerance for others. Insults will only further alienate those you wish to “save” from their “small minded ignorance”.

    • Mikey

      Ahhhh, the sweet words from the “tolerant, enlightened atheists”.

    • The Clintidote

      God will get his turn; this turd answers to us first.

    • Godot

      Oh lookee. The atheists have popped up again to belittle everyone else’s beliefs. How smart and superior of them. Frankly, I just don’t understand how anyone can believe in something more intelligent than an atheist. I mean, they are constantly expounding on their superior intellect. They pretty much never shut up about it. Atheists have absolutely 100% consensused beyond all doubt that there is no God. The debate is over and now they want it outlawed.

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  • You made your bed...

    A politician is a reflection of those who voted for him.

  • CJ

    Don’t worry! The mayor will use illegals to build it so it won’t cost too much.

  • James A Johnson

    LA and CA deserve the government they elect. I just hope all the libs go there and leave the rest of the US to normals.

  • Orchardgal

    What have any of you complainers done to change the tide of liberal thinking in your state? If you all had paid attention to what was going on in your state instead of sitting on your butts your state would not be turning into another Mexico.

    • char

      Our state has a name: it’s California…..and btw, it was Mexico before we got there.

  • The coming reign of terror

    I dont blame him.America is building a race of rapists, anti-white racists, murderers, all trained from an early age to hate the white man and all things Godly and traditional.I think its an experiment never tried before in history,that is, to turn the minorities into animals that do nothing for their food and housing.I think what is coming to America is worse than the Terror of the French Revolution.We do nothing small in America, this is going to be historic.

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