Villaraigosa Fights For Taller Walls Around Mayor’s Mansion

LOS ANGELES (CBS) —Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has asked for approval for a six-foot-wall around the Getty House, the mayor’s official residence in Windsor Square, according to city documents.

But at least one planning official was “caught off guard” by Villaraigosa’s request for increased security around the taxpayer-owned property.

The mayor’s office filed its request on Feb. 2 for a variance to city bylaws with plans to erect a security wall around the property at 605 S. Irving Blvd.

Officials say the wall’s design includes “embedded” security features that will save taxpayer money by cutting costs for security staffing.

Initially, the mayor proposed an eight-and-a-half-foot wall, which was quickly rejected by the Windsor Square Association.

Villaraigosa has scaled down his plans, but the new proposal still exceeds the permitted 42-inch height.

92637845 Villaraigosa Fights For Taller Walls Around Mayors Mansion

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa introduces Charlie Beck as the new LAPD Chief at the Getty House in Nov. 2009. (Getty Images)

While zoning decisions can often take months, a public hearing will likely come soon after a deadline of April 18 has been set for the ruling.

However, Department of City Planning officials are wary of pledging any final decision before that date, saying the office is already backed up.

After Tom Bradley, Villaraigosa is only the second mayor to reside at Getty House upon his election to office in 2005.

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  • I want a Berlin Wall for my house

    He’s obviously afraid people might border jump his current wall.

    • Not newsworthy

      He is afraid his ol friends from 18th st might pay him a visit

    • robert cochrane

      hasnt the mayor done enough damage, is he afraid some of our citizens are going to harm for his mistakes, and I dont mean in our city hall ares, he needs to get out of the mansion and live like he grew up. its toomuch a house for him anyway, we are all tired of him and his ways, adios

  • John Andrews

    WHat was it he said about the border fence.. They will just dig under it or build a longer ladder. It won’t stop anyone…. No taller wall for you…

  • c-man

    Villaraigosa is a total dirtbag.

  • Shut up!

    I’m disgusted by mayor villaraigosa–
    why doesn’t he worry about fixing the problems in LA, versus aesthetics for a house that is not his, and will have to give up once he leaves office!
    Let’s do something more useful with his time, like firing those “commisioners” he appointed!

    I’m so sick and tired from all these career politicians who have done nothing for our city or state! No wonder people outside CA hate us!

    • Hahahaha

      Why don’y ya’ll keep voting democrat. Oh wait sorry.

  • ES

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the Nunez case?

  • Shut up!

    Oh and since it’s tax payer-owned, as a taxpayer–and part “owner,” I say: I don’t need a higher wall, I’m content with the one that’s there now!
    Get real villaraigosa!

  • Bet U Can't Jump My Fence Now!!

    He’s obviously ready to make plans to throw some wild and kinky parties at his house since he divorced from his wife a few years ago. Probably some really hot chicks coming his way..

    Since Antonio is the broker of the new NFL Stadium being built & has a key part in it, he’s trying to figure ways to stash his new found Fortunes. He will take a cut from the new NFL team & AEG live if the stadium and the NFL team is approve to move to LA.

    Antonio is a Mexican but also a sly business man at best, he will rake in a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for himself once they approve the NFL stadium project & the new NFL team. He will get a huge payday for it.

  • Wall Me Up!!

    AEG & NFL team will pay him big bucks if the proposal is approve. He is getting ready to protect his Cash Stash from Gangs & Extortionists.

    He will also have some Super hot chicks coming in so he doesn’t want Paparazzi to take Pics of who he is Mingling with..

    Huge Payday.

  • diana

    This is not your home forever….

  • Tax Payer

    Not his home and he won’t be Mayor for long he is on his way out, just wish it was tar and feathers.

  • Mike

    Good idea! Villaraigosa needs to be fenced in!

  • david

    So no wall for Southern California but a tax payer funded private wall for himself. Cute. P.O.S.

    • Dz Nuts

      Villaraigosa is a hypocrite! Can’t have it for the state, but gotta have it for the house. I guess he’s trying to keep out relatives…I’m just sayin’…

  • Cesar

    Maybe Lu wants to walk around in the buff and not have to worry about nosey neighbors.

  • B1G W1LLY!!


    • B1G W1LLY!!


  • Brad Norwood

    An injunction against his ex-wife and ex-bedbuddies would be much cheaper than a new wall.

    is he on something?

    Do mayors get random drug tests?

    Clearly, they do not have to take IQ tests before running for office.

  • Roger Wallace

    The arrogance of this man never fails to surprise me. Hey, Mr. Mayor, why don’t you start worrying more about getting the streets fixed in this train wreck of a city instead of building higher walls around your little fiefdom?

  • alan hart

    I don’t think a 6′ wall is a good idea. He will still be able to get out!

  • dee

    Maybe the next Mayor will want the wall, how much longer will he be there?

  • Ed

    The little Mexican has a plan any Illegal that makes it over the well in under 20 second’s is granted Amnesty, and for those who don’t make will still get the consolation prize of Welfare, Education, Medical, and if you purchase a car you do not need a driver’s license or Insurance the contest is to begin on May, 5 2011.Viva California!!!!

  • Ed

    The WALL NOT THE well but you can drink out of the taxpayer’s WELL as long as Little Tony Is in Office…..

  • Concerned_Californian

    Is it not strange this man fights a wall or fence at our border yet supports one at his front door…… liberal hypocrisy at work again. So sad California. Look at your city. Look at your institutions. Look at your budget. Check your wallet. Now look at your leaders…, or lack of.

  • LibsAreCommies

    We should sell California to Mexico while it’s still worth something and be done with it.

    • Tracy Henderson Clayton

      dont do that, I dont need 2 border fences, we cant even get one.

  • socalmal

    Jerry Brown says we all need to cut back, so mayor V needs to follow suit.

  • ContraryMary

    Sheesh! This mayor is too much! More messycan than American, defending illegals at the cost of his city and his state, doesn’t want protection at the border but sure does want it around HIS HOUSE. Dump this loser before Cahleeforneeea is completely gone. Is he afraid some of those illegals he professes to love (so they’ll vote illegally for him, of course) will come after him? lol

    What a nasty (and I DO mean nasty) loser he is. DUMP THIS LOSER, L.A. The rest of the world is laughing at the USA and the rest of the USA is laughing at California. You used to be the state everyone wanted to visit or move to…now you’re the state everyone is running from and it’s because of traitors like this one selling your city, and therefore, your state down the river.

  • Former Californian

    Mayor’s mansion?! Where did this vato live before he was mayor? Why doesn’t he live in the same house? Why do the Angelenos continue to elect worms like this and then complain about his lifestyle? It’s hard to fathom how a guy like this is still mayor of LA when the condition of the community is continually deteriorating.

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