Crews to fill thousands this weekend

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If your commute to work was bumpy enough to loosen your fillings — and your suspension — you can likely blame the city’s growing pothole problem.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports on a major fill-in effort planned for this weekend in the wake of a series of storms that have pounded roads around the Southland.

Up to fifty street services crews will work throughout the weekend long to tackle approximately 10,000 of the worst road ruts, hoping to reduce the growing backlog complaints in the process.

City Council president Eric Garcetti has been fighting the pothole battle for some time, and says the effort is long overdue.

Click here for more info on how to report a pothole.

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Comments (14)
  1. P_ripe says:

    Thank God!! Hopefully they fix the giant hole and wavy concrete at Wilshire and Harvard (or wherever it is around there)

  2. Ann says:

    What Eric Garcetti doesn’t mention about the City Clerk’s promise of fixing damaged tired is the process takes a year or more unfortunately.

    1. Holly Wolcott says:

      The City Clerk is the filing location for all claims against the City. Once a claim is filed, the Clerk enters information into the City Attorney’s database and transmits the claims to the City Attorney. The City Attorney reviews the claims and sends it to the operating Department responsible for the service. In this case, it would most likely be Street Services. However, the City Clerk is not provided any information relative to the status of the request and cannot promise to fix or give any estimated dates of setling claims. If informatiion was provided by Office, it was in error and I apoologize.

      Holly Wolcott
      Executive Officer
      Office of the City Clerk

  3. lala63 says:

    Riverton Street in North Hollywood (the blocks between Camarillo & Hesby) are WORSE than a backwoods, caliche dirt road in rural Texas. We had better roads on our ranch. I think they had started to do something when the rains came. Has not been touched since. You need a raised pickup truck or some kind of freakin dune buggy to use this road right now. What is going on???

  4. geeM says:

    Where is the Mayor with his “million pothole” repair ability ?

  5. Peter Parker says:

    I’ve read that there’s a gang of thugs who make the potholes. They go around late at night and destroy roads. If you see graffiti saying “WestSide Potholers”, then drive carefully because potholes will be around.

  6. Eric Garcetti says:

    lala63–I don’t know if those are potholes (which we can repair quickly) or a street that might need complete repaving (which takes quite a bit longer to re-engineer and allocate the funds for), but either way, I’ll be sure to report the street to the Bureau of Street Services. Ann, I know that the process for reimbursement takes too long–I have worked to advocate on behalf of many of my constituents with this process. Know that I am working on that, though long-term, fixing our streets can help prevent these claims from happening. In the meantime, we’ll keep helping folks navigate the city bureaucracy. Thanks, all! Eric Garcetti

    1. Prantha says:

      Eric – I am so happy to see our potholes on YOUR list, It gives me hope that I shall never see another bicycle accident there again,

      Thank you so much for getting this started. Since this endeavor would ultimately possess an elegant way to limit the city’s potential liability for injury, to old people, the disabled, AND THE careless, it’s simply got to be good.

  7. Eric Garcetti says:

    By the way, thanks to everyone for your potholes. I have set up a page for folks to be able to track all the pothole locations we received (from city workers and the public). Visit it at: for .csv file and for .pdf

    Lala63–the deadline for this weekend’s repairs was noon, but we have crews out all next week…

    1. agartheterrible says:

      Just destroyed my tire / got a bent rim on Venice merging into San Vicente tonight (2/22/2011) at around 7:45pm. Worst part is, there is no safe, well-lit area to pull over for over a mile. Thank god for AAA, but now I have a $200+ bill for a new tire and rim. I’ve seen these particular potholes since mid august when I first moved here, my mother even made a comment about them when she was here helping me move. Im a broke grad student, that money could be going to more important things like rent and tuition and food and gas so I can get to school, but now it’s going to car repairs caused by city roads. Tell me, does the city have ‘prior knowledge’ of this list of potholes? Because if they do, I’m filing a claim.

  8. Big Lou says:

    If they had used concrete instead of asphalt, there would be no pot holes. Concrete is more expensive than asphalt, but it rarely needs repair and will never have potholes.

  9. Lori says:

    Hmm, saw this on the news but for some strange reason, not one mention of the recent heavy rains that could possibly contribute to these potholes????? Really? The rain is one of the MAIN reasons for potholes. Anyone who has paid any attention to the streets after heavy rains and seen the difference can tell you that !!!! Kind of surprised that was not mentioned.

  10. Helene Bizar says:

    Addition to pothole story. October 2009 I blew a tire after going over a pothole on a major street, Nordhoff, in the San Fernando Valley. I filed a complaint as Mr. Garcetti said could be done. No response for 6 months despite follow up. About a year later I was informed my claim was denied because there was no record of a reported pothole at the location. I contacted my local councilman’s office who advised I could go to small claims court to contest, but historically the court rules against the plaintiff.
    There is no way for a victim to prove whether or not a pothole has been reported so we are at the mercy of the system. Very frustrating as I even saw a bus swerve to avoid the pothole a few days later. Shortly thereafter it was filled. I’m hard pressed to believe it was never reported prior to my incident.

  11. savemytire says:

    – – Report potholes using GPS – –

    My program can email pothole reports to specific cities or specific counties.
    Available on iPhone and Android.

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