LOS ANGELES (CBS) — To report a pothole in Los Angeles County, call 311 and follow the prompts or fill out an online request form.

If the direct link above does not work:

  • On the top right of the site, click the Contact Public Works link in the box titled I Want To…
  • Scroll down to Report A Problem and click on the Potholes link


1. Get a claim form

  • Call (213) 978-1133..they will send you one
  • Pick up a form at City Hall – Room 395

2. Fill out the form

Include photos of the damage and photos of the pothole

3. Return the form via US Mail, or in person within 6 months

Make sure you keep a copy for yourself

Comments (13)
  1. SaveMyTire says:


    An easier way to report a pothole.

  2. JD says:

    This may be how to report a pothole in the UNINCORPORATED areas of Los Angeles County, but there are roughly a gazillion cities within Los Angeles County that respond to potholes (or any other street, tree, etc. maintenance issues) within their jurisdiction.

    Also Los Angeles CITY and Los Angeles COUNTY are two entirely different entities. Please advertise correct information (i.e 311) and stop sending people on a wild goose chase…

    1. patricia mathis says:

      my car was severly damaged in a pothole i called 311 and reported it i went back to take pictures and the hole was covered a year later my claim was denied, i feel that the city i wrong thery know i wouldn’t take the time do call if my car wasn;t damaged. wronge by the city and all the hols in the road,they advised me to get a lawyer…

  3. Lisa Sergy says:

    I live in the city of LA yet my zip code 90046 is not being serviced by this city service. I pay my taxes. I am a homeowner. This is an injustice!

    1. Jacob Chung says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m doing a story about potholes becoming an expensive issue in Los Angeles. Do you have time to chat? Is so, please let me know at jacobyschung[at]gmail[dot]com.



  4. bullies says:

    carefull, county will claim not responsible if they are not aware of the pothole and given suffuicient amount of time to repair as they have a government code that so called protects them. happened to me in san bernardino. cal trans, over $1K in damages and because of their government code, they are not held responsible. that’s b.s. they should have been taking care of the roads that they are paid to do. watch out, will cost you.. they also do not tell you this like you had a chance.

    1. Patricia Sweetnecey Mathis says:

      wow…that just what happened

  5. sharon says:

    Just paid out $1000 deductible for pothole damage to my car. My insurance company (Farmers) paid the rest of the $5000 damage, raised my rates $100 a month and is calling it an accident that is my fault. Now, I just hit another crack in the highway going to work, and fear more damage! This is ridiculous! I need a 4-wheel drive combat vehicle to just get to work!

  6. Natasha Johnson says:

    I ran over a pot hole on Magnolia in NOHO, the street was so bad it knocked out my rear shock. I had my top down the shock hit the glass and broke my windsihield. Now I am out of $900.

  7. Patricia Mathis says:

    jason i have several pictures now of recent potholes my car have hit i’m reluctant to da a report because the city doesn’t pay for the damages anyway…help me the city said they had no prior knowledge of the pothole, but they repaired it…. pdenisemathis@yahoo.com

  8. Patricia Sweetnecey Mathis says:

    the potholes have made me have additonal charges which have caused my car note payments to be extened…..cause i had the work done when my money was no around …….

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